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  1. just in need a top
  2. well, today was the day I removed the hardtop for the first time...( since I bought the car a month ago) and lookyhere....tha backwindow is gooooone... anyone has one in store ? ( damn, I had one from my old black softtop that I sold 2 years ago....)
  3. 90-91 5253566-7 R/L DOOR OPENING & A PILLAR W/STRIP
  4. have my notifications on - as soon as a TC hits the yard, I am there!
  5. well.....I guess its stays the way it is.......
  6. hello fellas!.... any idea where I could get the rubber seal for the driver side ? ( see pic) and the trunk rubber seal that goes all around the trunk...
  7. you got a point there...thats why I never even thought about painting a tc....guess I will stay with the oem yellow, fix it up and enjoy it! thanks for the input!
  8. does not look too bad without the moldings.....
  9. first of all: happy new year, TC fellas! never even thought of getting a TC painted...but...just in case....( I get a yellow TC) I want it black... I assume, that the molded pieces on doors and fenders do come off but will never look as good when reinstalled...cant think of anything else that might be tough to paint... ( does anyone have a pic of a door without it? ) because if it looks "ok", I might as well take them off and leave em off.... Any suggestions of a good body shop in the LA area? that does the job for a decent price and acceptable quality?
  10. merry xmas hemi!..thanks for your input..(.I did not buy it yet...they will sell if for 5k, not a cent less) would you say that the price is fair for a TC in this condition?
  11. another offer...91 yellow/black 69kmiles, 1 owner. codes: 35 Cooling fan relay circuit open or shorted 22 Coolant sensor signal out of range 17 Engine stays cool too long (bad thermostat or coolant sensor?) 62 EMR mileage cannot be stored in EEPROM not selling under 5k.. everything works, perfect condition, always! garaged... should I pull the trigger?
  12. got an eye on a 1990 white/black....and wondering, if this leather issue can be fixed.... any idea? or switch out the dashboard ? Seller says condition is between stiff and still soft...whatever that dont see myself trying to stretch of the car looks ok to me...if I'd buy it, I would need a new dash...
  13. black/black 90 TC with 10 kmiles for 9k? too much?
  14. I went to look at it...too many issues...runs on 5 cyl., true milage unknown since 2007...stuck at 88. too much of a stretch
  15. Hemi! I know...but they are either out of my budget or 2000 miles away from LA....:)
  16. not signed up for that newsletter......
  17. Hey Hemi!....because of the unknown milage?
  18. "found" a white beige 1991 with an odometer stuck at 88k...a little rust underneath the fuel door. ...driver side door pins came loose, driver side door chrome loose and bend 4 inches, rear reflector chrome on right side loose and bend.....otherwise straight. has been sitting for a while...a little hesitant...because true milage is unknown...starts right smoke so far..(might be a 91 with a fixed valve guide issue) price is way lower than average...4 owners...needs new shocks&struts....paint looks good....I just wish it was black my old one....
  19. ok....any other offers in the LA area?
  20. thanks for all the info! very helpful information!
  21. another question.....just in case I will find a TC out of CA.....( TX,KS,AZ or whereever) ..... how difficult is it really to get it registered in CA? anyone?
  22. Hi fellas! I am looking for A BLACK OR WHITE TC in California! Who is offering what? ( I miss my 1990 so I need a replacement - but it has to be in decent shape!) Offers Please....( real world offers of course...)