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  1. I really want to get rid of my trunk lid and sell it as is.( excluding the rear reflector of course.) or maybe someone has a perfect white one and we just switch them out..... ( there is zero rust or damage)
  2. great...that's what you get when gently prying.... does anyone have one of these?
  3. I do not have that many TC's....LOL.I only need 3
  4. thanks, Reaper! I will try to locate that damn relay and maybe implement a custom switch...look here : https://www.concordaerospace.com/?fbclid=IwAR2_q6OiVvtXQhOH_-COUn-h2SGI4wRIYUMMJbvfXZFEoHEDkVXb4qdCv9w
  5. do you have a link to the electronic controls?
  6. Hey Reaper....there is one issue with my Sony head unit..it only has one blue remote out cable ( which connects to the amplified sub ) I dont even know if I can hook up 2 devices on one remote out cable....but if I would, the antenna would probably be up all the time! unacceptable....so..I was thinking of a specific antenna switch..any ideas how that would work?
  7. just get some 2.3 mm Plexiglass at Home Depot or Loews ( cost $5!) and cut out accordingly ...sand it with 400 grit, apply 3M adhesive, cover with vinyl or leather...done in an hour! the unit is a Sony XAV-AX 1000. ( $280 brandnew on ebay) most other units have huge swivel screens that are bigger than the entire dash.....
  8. sounds great! would you sell me 3? ( not rice)
  9. does anyone have a couple of spare injector retainer clips? original..not ebay, not amazon, not china....
  10. of course, the 2 DIN Sony Car Play installation needs to look good and match the new hard top style:
  11. here's the final product...since the entire car is now double insulated 360, you dont hear anything in it anymore...its like a soundstage on wheels...the black vinyl was a little tricky to install but the work paid off...it looks stunning!
  12. just bought these on ebay!~ installed today and they do the job!
  13. received replacement injectors - no more codes....
  14. just receive a reply form the company who send me the 2% flow matched injectors: "All of the online catalogs that we are referencing have the blue top Bosch injectors listed as the stock for your vehicle, but since the ones you pulled out of your specific vehicle are different we will want to make sure we get you those same ones" I am curious why these, altough stock, give me these errors...
  15. vinyl....thats why I wanted a black cloth top!......and I think it looks much better in that color combination
  16. Hemi! we could have just switched!😂
  17. I even wrote back and forth with these guys to make sure, they are compatible....so what is the worst that could happen? ( they all seem to work fine...) except for the constant check engine light...and the codes...great...I am NOT amused...
  18. because....I switched it out for a black one!
  19. wrong injectors? how is that possible? before I changed out everything, there were zero codes...
  20. great..exchanged Fuel Pressure Regulator, 2% flow matched Bosch II Injectors, new Platinum Spark Plugs, new MAP, new Rotor&Cap, new Spark Plug Wires, new Fuel Pump&Filter...and now: code 26, three times in a row! and code 24 26=injector current limit not achieved 24=throttle positioning sensor circuit I mean...what the actual F$%# any clues?
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