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  1. damn...I knew it...I knew it would happen again...even before I bought it...and I should have read some posts about it... just as my new TC is completed and the AC is better than new....the heater core tells me, it will fail very soon. I did the job on my 90 white/black TC and it took me 3 days of 12 hours of work each day. I will not get to it right away since I just got the AC going...here's the question..since the AC would have to be disconnected anyway, would you advise to replace the evaporator core as well? I think so.....fix both and forget them forever.....I hate to even think about it...
  2. and here's a link to a short video, starting it up with the new cat&muffler https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uy1pdrtz4k6wc9i/AAAa6-YpaV9uFYT2r6M2UyUIa?dl=0
  3. I assume, in order to replace the entire Parking Brake Cable section, I have to get all these components, correct?
  4. I could not take it anymore...the more I looked at it, the more I hated it...now, its off...and I have to deal with 10!!!! fakking holes... there is no way around it; I need a new trunk lid...if anyone has a white one for sale, please let me know!
  5. OK....zero leads...so I decided to remove the Rack and plug the holes with the smallest Rubber Stem Bumpers available... if anyone has a Trunk Lid for sale...in white...with no rust...let me know ( yeah, I know ..ebay...but they are overpriced and they avoid answering questions...)
  6. THANKS...I will record a clip and upload a link to it..sounds great!
  7. they charged 20 to ship it all back. not too bad at all!...the good thing is; all the AC components are now new ( except for the unit next to the heater core and the actual compressor) and will perform like new! and no need to worry about 30 year old hoses...
  8. Thanks Reaper!...right now, the TC is done..but if I'll get my hands on black interior carpet, its a go!
  9. I send in high and low side, all together a total of 4, eliminating one canister, custom fitting & welding, all other lines also required new barbs welded on. I asked them to relocate the connections and make them R134 native...all in all, including shipping:$342
  10. that just sounds wonderful! glad you got it all done! we should meet up!
  11. update; as of today, the TC project is DONE..40 days of work went into it; 8 to 12 hours a day. of course, on the way to the shop today, both windshield wipers crapped out on me..in the rain...so instead of enjoying the TC, I had to to the linkage bushings...FUN. picked up the car later today and was pleased with the job they performed. They refilled the AC with R134 and my brandnew AC components work like a charm and its damn cold...when I drove off, I smiled all the way home...the Magnaflow muffler sounds absolutely great! not too loud, not annoying, just right and it should have sounded like that for the last 30 years. Now, its all cosmetic stuff from here on...everything else is new, replaced, redone. in case a TC owner wants the same great service I received today: Manning & Son +17702515199 info@manningandson.com 157 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Georgia 30263
  12. anyone? they are all functional and not damaged! in very good condition! ( 2 front and 4 rear speakers) offers please - yes, I will ship! ( weight is 12lbs)
  13. they found it and send it back via express! that was a cool move!
  14. send my entire AC hose collection to Cold Hose, FL. now repositioned native R134 connections for easy access! took 8 days back and forth.
  15. in case I ever find a decent black carpet and the rear section in black..... any pointers on how to remove this back section efficiently? ( I know...I should know..but I never touched the compartment section)
  16. looks like this is an interchangable part: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/12233546213484011931?client=safari&q=3849784+condenser+switch&prds=eto:1577123408043167548_0;11779056534168087816_0;3704868341308678814_0&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj28-H2q4LzAhVgTDABHfYcAmIQ9pwGCAU checked it out today..the plug fits but the diameter does not..
  17. thanks Hemi!...still...I am mad they just kept it....
  18. Hey Fellas! received my entire refurbished AC Hose today...done by Cold Hose in FL.... could not wait to re install...high line first...then low line...just to realize: they "erased" my Condensor fan control switch!!! its gone!...damn... never asked them to remove it...so here's the question; would it work without the switch?( UH, NO) otherwise, they did a good job...I am going to make it snow in the TC
  19. Norton? holy crap...never believe norton...erase norton...do not trust norton...
  20. insert little screwdriver here: ( circle) pull out entire enclosure...have clear access to bulb..done
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