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  1. great..exchanged Fuel Pressure Regulator, 2% flow matched Bosch II Injectors, new Platinum Spark Plugs, new MAP, new Rotor&Cap, new Spark Plug Wires, new Fuel Pump&Filter...and now: code 26, three times in a row! and code 24 26=injector current limit not achieved 24=throttle positioning sensor circuit I mean...what the actual F$%# any clues?
  2. Dual Insulation with Noico 80 mil and Noico Red 315. Headliner will be colored black.
  3. just needs a new Muffler and some more modifications to the Hardtop..and the AC lines redone......then its done!
  4. looks all very cool! I did the same thing in june/july and about to wrap up the thermo-acoustic project with the completion of my hardtop!.
  5. thank you so much for this detailed clarification - I can def. work with that!!!! looks like I am going to send "coldhose.com" my hoses to redo them, including repositioning connectors.
  6. here you go pick up in the 30263 area would be nice.... offers, please...
  7. I wonder if that place is the solution to all hose issues.... https://coldhose.com/products/build-a-custom-ac-hose?variant=37921983004832
  8. Hey Derek! can you tell me how much PAG you had to use?
  9. update....called 7 shops; they all refused to work on it..another shop actually wanted to and insisted on ordering a new hose ( high site) that turned out to be for a Le Baron....and did not fit. they did evacuate the system, it is sealed and holds pressure. next shop said; we could do it..we just do not know how much PAG oil to use and we dont have it....it is an endless story and it drives me insane...why T$& F*$& is nobody able to do this simple conversion?????? does anyone know the specs on how much PAG oil the system needs? and how much refrigerant? and IF all the hoses can be found somewhere? because Rockauto and everybody else do not carry them..
  10. Hello Fellas! bought a brandnew old stock fuel pressure regulator for a very good price and was wondering if new old stock will be sufficient vs. brandnew.....
  11. thanks! I almost got everything out today ( except for the upper/front part) removed 11 screws and 2 each side for the clamps...but unable to get it loose... I thermosound proofed all of the TC so far...and was going to do the same to the hardtop...will ask Hemi about it! thanks for the tip!
  12. Hi! I am in the middle of taking the top apart and I am asking myself, what is meant by "backing material where the ribs go through"...and where to get it.... I hope there is a universal solution to this so I can use whatever material as a headliner for it.
  13. that pretty much nails it...and then some
  14. Hey Fellas...I need some advise in order to convert my AC from R12 to 134...all seals/gaskets are exchanged, ( btw..which one needs the supplied O ring???). retrofit kit installed...about to extract contaminants and old oil...but...the conversion adapter on the low side does not allow any equipment to be installed - simply, because there is no room to do so anymore! ( I would have to take out the radiator or bend the line...) so.. WHICH elbow adapter does actually work with our old AC??? I need answers fast because I have to drive around in 3000 degree heat in Georgia...no fun at all.....here you go: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=r12+to+r134a+adapter+elbow&s=review-rank&qid=1627619986&ref=sr_st_review-rank
  15. 2 options: https://www.convertibletopguys.com/convertible/1029/1987-91-Chrysler-Maserati-TC and https://www.topsonline.com/model/Convertible_Tops_And_Accessories/Chrysler/1987_thru_1991_Chrysler_Maserati_TC.html
  16. make that 20 straight days plus 3 ...and now, I have a fuel leak and the engine stalls in hot weather....and nobody wants to convert my ac.... I will post a list at some point
  17. like I mentioned before...a little too late!! I would have bought it! but I was curious about the price anyways....so thanks for sharing
  18. I dont understand why everyone is replying to my post from MAY!!!! if I would have known this in may, I would have bought YOURS!!! that is for sure....I just bought a white/tan V6 with 50kmiles in June...worked on it for 20 days straight, 8-12 hours a day...then took it to a shop where its been sitting 10 days! for struts, tie rods, ball joints...for too much money....and today, I finished it - everything is installed and I drove it the first time....
  19. update: went for the polybushings...even after confirming 3 times, he send the wrong ones...shop needed to burn the old bushings out ( they were unable to just press them out) resulting in unbelievable labor cost...polybushings send replacement overnight, that took from thursday to monday afternoon. now I know why replacing the entire control arm is easier when doing it yourself and I would never have all things seperatly done again, resulting in more downtime and exceeded cost. never again... as for performance: yes, nicer handling, more direct steering...but the price and the trouble is not worth it...
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