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  1. I have tried several times to reply to this post for Thomas Pruett, here is another attempt. Sorry it is so late in the game. Please contact the Waltham museum at 781-893-9020
  2. I just was updated on the time - it is 7:00 pm. Reservations are being made so PLEASE call (508-320-8876) if you are planning to come for dinner and conversation.
  3. Just a last minute post about this coming weekend. The car show is on Sunday the 26th from 9:00 to 2:30, registration starts at 7:00 am. The Waltham Museum will have a sight set up for the Metz gathering. I have heard that there will be a few bicycles and possibly a motorcycle in attendance this year. I am bringing my 1915 car. Please try to stop in this year and say hello, it would be great to have you bring your Metz/Orient car/bicycle/motorcycle if possible. Saturday September 25th - there is going to be a pay your own way off the menu dinner gathering at the Copper House Tavern on Totten Pond Road. Please contact Greg Anderson through the Metz/Waltham Automobiles - Motorcycles - Bicycles -Air-Car Group on Facebook so he can get a count, or since time is short, just show up at 6:30. I will post any update on the time if that occurs. Hope to see you this weekend
  4. The 1911 Glidden Tour started on October 14th and ended October 26th. This gave companies the ability to show the 1912 models. The Metz team of three cars were driven by #15 C. H. Metz, #16 L. Cathcart, and #17 J. McGann (from 1911 The Motor World). The Metz team was disqualified for crossing a stream on horse drawn wagons.
  5. The 2021 Metz Gathering will be September 26th at the Gore Estate (see attached flier) in conjunction with the Motorheads Car Club Classic Car Show. The Museum plans to have an area set up to display ORIENT, METZ, MARSH METZ related items. Plans are being made to have a tent set up. Please contact me, the museum or Gregg Anderson if you have any questions. I have always wanted to have a gathering at the Metz Home Offices, I mean the Gore Estate, and this year it is going to happen. If you use Facebook, please join the Metz/Waltham Automobiles - Motorcycles - Bicycles - Air-Car group.
  6. Sad to report the 2020 Metz Gathering has been cancelled. Spoke with Bob McGann today and the museum feels it is best for all at this time. Hope we are done with all of this next year! Stay safe, stay in your garage and give your Metz car a hug!
  7. 2020 Metz Gathering has been cancelled. Just spoke with Bob McGann from the museum and he let me know the decision was made to cancel. They hoped it would work out, but felt it was best to cancel with the current situation. He also mentioned that he hadn't called volunteers for the panel discussion, but wanted to thank those who had said they were interested in participating. Let's hope this is all done for 2021!
  8. Heard from the new museum director (Collin Lenfest) after he spoke with board president Bob McGann that the museum is on phase 3 of the state's reopening. They hope that will happen by mid July. If not, the Metz weekend will have to be postponed. I didn't ask about the July 18th event at the museum as I figure it is also waiting on phase 3. Hope this ends soon, keep safe!
  9. Just a quick update/notice: There is now a Facebook group "Metz/Waltham Automobiles - Motorcycles - Bicycles - Air-Car." Because of this, I am now on Facebook - not a big fan mind you, but with Yahoo out of action, it is one more place to go. I plan to watch AACA and FB for Metz info. Another note: As of now the Waltham museum still plans to have the Metz gathering August 1 with a panel discussion Friday night July 31. If I hear of any changes I will post the news. Hope to see many this summer.
  10. I spoke with Bob McGann from the Waltham Museum a few days ago and he said the Metz Gathering is on for Saturday August 1, 2020. He also said the evening before there will be a Q&A discussion at the Charles River Museum. I mentioned the lack of information on the museum website and he said he would try to get the info on there. Please try and put this event on your schedule. It would be great to see many cars, bicycles and motorcycles built by C. H. Metz and the people who own them now!
  11. Hi DME - welcome to the Metz forum. I sent you a PM (click on "Mail" at the top of the page) and I'm wondering if you have a price in mind for the plugs you have. Thanks, WCMetz
  12. Just received a letter from The Waltham Museum today. It reviewed the past years activities and listed several for next year. The 2020 Metz Gathering or Metz Weekend is scheduled for Friday July 31 with a talk: "Chilling at the Second Floor of the Federal" and Saturday August 1with Metz Cars, Wheelmen, and Trolley tours. Please note these dates are different from years past when the event was held on the second Saturday in July. With any luck there will be better attendance on these dates. There is some great enthusiasm at the museum these days. You may have also noticed that the YAHOO Group site is no longer working as it did in the past. I saved copies of the files and requested a copy of the data. I had another group I was in and they are not sure what to do in the future. I hope I get a copy of the data we can use in the future somehow. I think this forum will be the best for now. I plan to finally join AACA. There has also been some talk of a Facebook page, but I don't do Facebook. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR Bill
  13. I'm interested in some parts in your pictures. I sent you a PM, do you have a preferred contact method? Thanks
  14. I called the museum today and talked with Al, he said he had a few people that have called and are bringing cars with them. I am not bringing my car this year as I broke a spring (lower front main spring) going home last year. I think I may have over tightened my tie downs and it snapped at a previous repair when the spring flexed going over some real bad bumps in the road. It looked like the repair was quite old and I hadn't noticed it before. I had my son weld it to hold it together for now, but I hope to find one or have one made. Looking forward to seeing as many people there as possible. Come on out to the gathering whether you bring a car or not, but bring a chair so we can sit around and talk about Metz cars. I learn more every time we gather and you can really check out how these cars go together. How about Orient bikes, cars, motorcycles? MM motorcycles? Spare parts? If you are reading this, hope to see you there.
  15. The latest newsletter from The Waltham Museum, Inc. is out and gives the date of July 13, 2013 for this years Metz Car Gathering. There is a great article about an 1899 Orient Autogo restored by Dennis Carlson. He visited the museum last October with the Autogo and I hope he can return for the July event. I hope we get to seemore cars than ever this year along with other Metz/Waltham machines. Orient Bicycles, Motorcycles (Orient, Metz, Marsh-Metz and their offspring), Orient Automobiles. Please consider bringing whatever Metz/Waltham machine you have to display. Let's make C.H. Metz proud and really show off his stuff! Call the museum to let them know you are coming (781-893-9020). The Waltham Museum webpage: www.walthammuseum.com If you are not a member, please consider joining to help the museum continue to grow.
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