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  1. The cap can out in late 1929 with no holes also used on 29 30 31 6 bolt wheels on sv only. They drilled the holes to change a dv32 emblem on dv onlyl I have new caps for sale John 8608060448
  2. when rebuilding the sv motor . The cam gear you should slot the bolt holes to 3/4 in long ,then install a harden washer on the bolts . Then you can change timing of the cam. Save a lot of work .stutzl6
  3. I have a GERB IHLE amusement car 1938 or39 was used at SAVIN ROCK PARK in new haven ct . were also used at CONLEY ISLAND in ny. IT has a HIRTH motor , not running in fair condition. stutzi6
  4. 1919 Hudson Your dad was glidden tour number was 144 a 1919 Hudson Touring
  5. tThe 1965 glidden book list The antique automobile club revived the tours in 1946 and this years tour will be the 20 th. Hope this helps you Thanks stutzl6
  6. Mark Glidden 1965 was sept. 19 to 24 with JAMES H GRAY M.D.belle w. va. tour director .Picture of camper . Google stutzblackhawkl6 tan car, camper .ford t camper zagelmeyer. for pictures. thanks stutzl6
  7. The picture of the wire ,the terminals were not that style . the wire was inserted in the terminal and soldered the sleeve looked like one inch rubber tube . I can look at the complete dash from norman barr 1929 blackhawk he got at A K MILLER I have this complete dash. I am restoring a 1929 m30 sedan and a1930 m42 STUTZL6
  8. I was on the 1965 tour with my 1923 t camper zagameyer. I have to look up the paper work . I showed the camper at LIMEROCK meet this labor day 2020 had the Glidden banner on the door. STUTZ L6 i have owned it 59 years
  10. I got 2 cores for stutz m this spring from vintage in the uk . Excellent results had them installed in a rad shop in new haven ct . STUTZ L6
  11. Worldwide I have not changed the seals on my blackhawk. But on m the inner seal i did not change. The bearings are back to back and a grease cup to lube . The outside seal retainer is on with 4 bolts , the axle does not have to be removed. The retainer has a snap ring , washer and a leather seal . I bored the retainer out to fit reg. seal . Hope this will help. STUTZ L6
  12. for MATTK THE stutz engine can you list pictures of other side. where is located and price you can call me 860860448 thanks stutzl6
  13. SMILE my Blackhawk with speedster body the handles lift up for what its worth. If you need inside door handles I have new made SS. ready to install thanks stutzl6
  14. Put the old brass seat and steel needle, lap in with tooth paste. I done in on zenith 105d carb.
  15. I have a 1929 m30 stutz weymann car . The car was always in side had 2 pc. wood dryrot . Frame is painted with bare body. Doing engine rebuild. Cloth is question.The blackhawk in france i think is m30 Thanks John
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