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  1. Hey All, Thanks for all the comments so far. This was my first foray onto the forum with the list of cars. I was just at my Mother-in-Laws house and did a quick “what I need to do to each car” review. Let’s see if I can answer some of the questions. The cars are located in Northern Utah. The Metz was the first car to be restored. That was 20 plus years ago. It ran and drove into the shop shed it is stored in. The friction drive needs a little TLC, but should not be an issue. Car is well documented. I will verify the “speedster” . The Elmore is a nice restoration, but has never run. We are currently very hopeful because we have overhauled the ignition box and we have spark. I realize a running Elmore is a true rarity. Lots of history on the car and a nice build book. The ‘12 Buick ran when it was put in the storage. Needs some TLC. The ‘24 Buick was running, also needs some TLC. The ‘28 Buick was something he bought a few years ago so he could putt around town in and to local car club events. The Packard was purchased a number of years ago as his next project. The other cars pretty much just put in storage. The Packard received most of his attention until he just couldn’t do the work any more. So, I have a complete car in pieces. This car is one of the few model 958’s with a rear mount spare tire. So, just for clarity, this isn’t about making money selling these cars. It is about finding a home with someone who appreciates the cars for what they are. I know that sounds naive, but that is what my Father-in-Law wanted. He didn’t restore them to make money, he did it because he loved the cars. I appreciate all the comments and encouragement. It seems a little less daunting now. Pat
  2. I need some advice. My father-in-law spent years collecting and restoring a unique collection of brass and pre-WWII cars. Unfortunately he passed last year at the age of 89. I have been given the honor of finding a new home or homes for the cars. I'm looking for a starting point on accomplishing this task. I could probably go through an auction house, but I thought I would ask some of the folks with a passion for these cars for their thoughts and advice. The Collection: 1910 Elmore (restored, almost running) 1914 Metz Model 22 speedster (restored and running) 1912 Buick Model 29 Touring Car (older restoration and will run) 1924 Buick Touring Car (restored and will run) 1928 Buick sedan (clean garage find and running) 1936 Packard Super Eight rumble seat coupe. Model 958. Currently disassembled. I have the complete car, just in pieces. Much of the restoration has been completed, paint and some interior. Valuation of the cars is an open discussion but going to the right home is the key factor. Any advice would be appreciated, Pat
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