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  1. Could be Italia, but the bend of the axle is different from every Itala pic I could find, similar but not the same. Also, every Itala I could find has a radiator that looked the same, but the nameplate was not a long thin rectangle like in the pic of the car in question.
  2. Here is a blow up of the third car in the photo of the Stuyvesant Garage, 223 Clinton Ave, Kingston NY. Consensus is that the photo was probably taken before 1915. Discussion of this car in the original thread suggested and negated 1909 Stoddard Dayton, then someone else suggested it to be a European car. Someone else is sure it's a Roi Des Belges body. Please check the other thread. This photo was posted on the "I'm from Kingston NY" page on Facebook. picture was made from a glass negative.
  3. The person that originally posted the shot on Facebook will crop and blow up the car on the right like he did for the Brush runabout. I will post it when I get it. Thanx for all your help.
  4. Here is a shot of the Stuyvesant Garage on Clinton Ave in Kingston a few years later. They were a dealership now and these may have been demonstrator cars. What are they?
  5. Yes it does have an Alfa feel, but could it be an Alvis? And I still think it could be a Healey.
  6. I thought it might be a Knox.
  7. This shot was taken from an old glass negative and was posted on the "I'm from Kingston, NY" page on Facebook. The Stuyvesant Garage was at 223 Clinton Avenue in Kingston NY. No one knows for sure when the photo was taken. Can anyone ID the cars?
  8. From the album: Member Galleries

    This is Old Toby, my '54 Aero Eagle. On 11/11/11 I will have owned this car for 33 years. Funny how the numbers add up, eh? Never restored, but refurbished here and there.
  9. From the album: Member Galleries

    This is Old Toby, my '54 Aero Eagle. On 11/11/11 I will have owned this car for 33 years. Funny how the numbers add up, eh? Never restored, but refurbished here and there.
  10. So, are any of these DuVall heads still in existance? I would love to see a real one someday. George was a very busy man. I remember him also showing me pics of a child-sized motorized Porsche 356 Speedster (or cabriolet) that he built. I believe it was more than just a go-kart with a Porsche body shell on it. His son was the child in the pic. That son would be about 60 years old today. Somewhere I still have his business card. Thanx for all your input.
  11. While we're at it, here's the link to the Willys Aero Survival Count, the registry for Willys Aeros. Been in existance for 30 years in April! Can probably account for 800 Aeros in various conditions, from scrapped out to restored. Info at the website includes production figures, paint codes and more. Car Clubs at Hemmings Motor News
  12. I finally found a copy of the flyer that George gave me so many years ago for the Duvall Head for the 4 banger Willys. Here it is, has anyone ever seen one?
  13. This is a photo of some friends of mine and their "album cover" photo taken in the late 1960's or early 1970's. Can anyone tell me what the car is?
  14. Keep an eye on eBay and Craigslist, they show up regularly.
  15. The steamer I have seen in pics - maybe a mid-to-late 1800's Amadee-Boulee (or something like that). Behind the chariot, is that a Bentley Speed Six? Definately a 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow. In front of the Pierce is a circa 1910 limousine, make unknown. In front of that a late 1920's Hanomag?, pre-1954 VW, late 1950's-early 1960's Vespa. In front of them '03 Cadillac?, 1880's Studebaker Conestoga, 1940's Jaguar or other Brit car? In front of that is maybe an early 1950's Maserati and in front of that is a late 1930's T77 Tatra. Just inside the garage is the maybe the Fisher Body coach and yes, that's an Aerocar over them all.
  16. Two door hardtop makes it an Eagle 1952-1954 or a 1955 Bermuda. One-piece windshield eliminates 1952, one-piece back glass eliminates 1953. Headlight bezels confirm it's 1954 or 1955. Bumper guards, taillamps, parking lamp bezels, instrument panel and grille tell us it's a 1954 Eagle Deluxe. It probably had the 226 Kaiser/Continental flathead engine at one time.
  17. Around 1986 I averaged 31.9 mpg in my 1954 Willys Aero Eagle at about 65mph on a trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. The Willys Aero ads of the time (1952-1955) claimed mileage up to 31.9 mpg.
  18. In the early 1980's, in Los Angeles, I worked with a talented engineer in a non-automotive business. His name was George DuVall. He retired while I still worked there. I suppose he'd probably be in his late 80's or maybe even in his 90's by now. In the 1940's, he designed the DuVall head to boost the compression on the Willys Go-Devil flathead 4-cylinder engine (powering the Americars and later the WWII Jeeps). He also designed a scale kids car / go-cart that was a miniature Porsche 356 Carrera convertible. He showed me many pictures of these two projects plus some other stuff I can no longer remember. I just recently found out that there was a George Duvall that created the vee'd and raked windshield for the Doane Spencer Hot Rod '32 Ford and many other hotrods in Southern California in the 1930's and '40's. Are these the same George DuVall? I can't remember George ever mentioning anything to me about the windshield, so I think there may be two George Duvalls. Can anyone shed any light on either George Duvall? Does anyone know where I can find a DuVall head for the Willys? Somewhere I have a flyer for this Duvall head. Thanx for your time and knowledge.
  19. Wow, Bob, that does look exactly like my paternal grampa's car, but I always thought his car was a sedan. Looking closer, I am still not sure, but I guess it could be a touring car. Thanx, Bob, for solving this mystery. Is there a way to pinpoint the exact year or am I asking too much?
  20. It's not a '24 Maxwell - the bottom of the windshield is straight across on that Maxwell, also, the moldings aren't right. I thought it might be a Studebaker, but research said no. Maybe a '27-28 Oakland? I googled a pic of 1925-27 Pierce 80 sedans and they look right, can anyone confirm?
  21. Thanx West. Wyatt and I had dinner the other night, he was in the neighborhood with the Rollson. We had Viet Namese and my daughter kept us entertained.
  22. Here are two pics of my grandfather's cars. Can anyone help ID them? first: My mother and her father in the front seat, photo dated May 1928. The only possible clues are that Grampa had a Pierce Arrow (year unknown) at one time and he also had a 1920-22 Velie 48. I don't think this car is either but I couldn't say for sure.: second: My father with his father's car in the background, circa 1929: Any help at all will be appreciated.
  23. Thank you all. This has been most helpful.
  24. You have a '53 Ace, so it should have a black rubber floor mat up front and brownish "goat-hair" carpet for the rear seat. Sorry to disagree with my old friend JimKF about this. Your fuel pump should be a double pumper, make sure that the diaphragms are intact. Make sure the line to the wiper is new and leak free. The Trico wiper motor has a leather (I think) seal on the flapper inside that may have shrunk. Someone once told me that automatic transmission fluid will swell it up again but I never tried that. As far as the wiper motor just about stopping on uphills and acceleration, welcome to the wonderful world of vacuum wipers. Anything else give me a shout. Rick Kamen aeroman@aol.com
  25. Does anyone have any info on a Stanwood automobile? A friend of mine told me about his father's Stanwood that he owned in the 1930's. Apparently it was built for about 2 years only during the 1920's in New Orleans. Can anyone add to that?
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