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  1. If you have not already, post this on the Willys Aero Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/689227651157877/?ref=bookmarks
  2. Very long time to wait for a response, but I suggest you check the Willys Aero Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/689227651157877/?ref=bookmarks. They are very active and someone will point you in the right direction. The lens was used for the 1954 and 1955 Aeros/Customs/Bermudas and right and left are interchangeable.
  3. Hiya Chris! Interesting grille. Maybe from one of the Cadillac-Darrins that Dutch was supposed to have built from the 50 leftover Darrins he bought from the factory. None have ever surfaced according to many members of the KFOC. I assume it was in your Dad's collection - know where he got it? Post the pic on the KFOC Darrin forum at kfclub.com and see what Terry and Jack have to say. Interesting piece - may lend credence to the idea that Dutch built at least one Caddy-Darrin.
  4. I'd like to know year, make and model and if anyone knew Emma Winters of Kingston, NY or her car, if you please.
  5. Thank you Shawnk. I used to deliver parts for Schaller's and later for H.F. King. I will bet our paths have crossed somewhere. I remember a rather short guy who was the painter at Doc Smith's, I think his name was Tuttle or something like that. Please feel free to message me if you have any more info on Doc Smith's and the Minerva.
  6. Shawnk - how do you know so much about Doc Smith's? And please send me any info you can on Clayton Elmendorf's Minerva. I have been looking for details and a pic of this car for over 30 years. I was at the auction when it sold back in 1974 or so.
  7. I am pretty sure it was a conversion from a 4-door sedan. There appears to be the back end of a rear door showing as a vertical line. Also, the molded line along the roof top ends abruptly at the rear and probably would not look like that if it was originally designed as a truck cab. I remember this truck in service when I was a kid back the 1960's. I believe it was painted green. Can anyone determine from the details just what it might be and a year?
  8. Dunno why but I seem to think it was a Lincoln or maybe a Pierce. Does that help?
  9. Here is a tow truck that was converted years ago. It belonged to Doc Smith's Garage in Kingston NY and was auctioned off with all the other assets after owner Clayton S Elmendorf died and the business was closed back in the 1970's. If anyone has any detail on Doc Smith's I would appreciate it. One of the other cars auctioned was a big Minerva sedan but I have no other detail on it. Would love to know more about it. Meantime, please help me ID this car/truck for some fellow Kingstonians. Thanx.
  10. Can anyone ID the two vehicles in this photo? Stuyvesant Garage in Kingston NY was discussed in two previous threads, but these two cars were not ID'd. Thanx all.
  11. Thanx guys. And West, missed you at Amelia Island this year - saw your Dad & Edie. It was fantastic, as usual (seeing them and the show!).
  12. This was taken in front of an apartment house on West Chestnut Street in Kingston NY in 1953 or 1954. Us folks on the Kingston NY facebook page would like to completely ID it - year, make, model and, if applicable, coachbuilder. Should be pretty simple. Thanx.
  13. Thanx. I googled other pics of a 1915 Chalmers and found a similar car with a different windshield. Wish we could find a front shot for better confirmation. This seems to be an exact match though. Thanx.
  14. The attached photos are of a friend's grandfather, great-grandfather and great aunt in an unknown car. Can anyone help?
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