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  1. The mold is on the leather,not in the leather. wipe it clean with lexol, there'll be no lasting problems.
  2. There had been some discussion of the use of Landau bars on Hearses and why they existed. I have discovered the answer. My 73 Superior Ladder Hauler and favorite car for the dogs. Big windows and large flat carpeted rear area make it their fave.
  3. Count me in! Anyone can bolt store bought parts on to crate motors. (yawn) Keep them stock or find your own club..
  4. I would be interested in the drive line for a project also maybe brakes. Are they three shoe or two shoe?? How much Are you looking for for these parts? feel free to PM me or call 205-482-0165_Sam
  5. A funny thing happened at the house the other day....
  6. Pat, I had so much trouble with the aftermarket stalk that just mounts by pulling the aluminum band tight and folding it over, that I removed it and just use hand signals. When it would rotate, it would point straight down, getting into the way of my feet and scratching the heck out of the Steering column. I would toss it in a box and move on....
  7. Someone got a great mention in the greatest car mag in the hobby! West features favored restoration threads and of course mentioned this one!!
  8. Pat, That car is sure coming together. I come back and track your progress all the time and love what I see. I know this is a piddling point but earlier you referred to the chicken wire in radio car roofs. All Master Sedans for 34 (I don't know about the other models) had the antenna built in to the roof. This was so they would be radio able, since that decision would be made, car by car, at the dealer. Ours has the antenna but has never had the radio. Keep up the great work!!
  9. Pic #3 is proof that the safety minded driver drives a Marmon.
  10. West, yes I would love them! I'm sorry to be out of pocket at all the wrong times and thank you for helping with this. I have your message from the other day and will call this evening after work.
  11. So I was slumming in the Peerless group's forum page and saw that they use a single thread to post any parts that are for sale, either e-bay or private sale. This might be helpful to some of us that are always seeking Marmon parts and pieces. If anyone objects please let me know. If there are any marmoneers that have parts to sell.. Please list them. For sale: 1929 Model 78 Emergency Brake handle. Good condition. $50 plus shipping. Want to Buy: interior door handles, cowl lights or floorboards washers for 1927 Model L. Also looking for a good radiator core and a spare engine.
  12. Glad I could help - If you need more pics - let me know, I'd love to see her on the road. -Sam
  13. Caddy shack, I would sure like to see that 04 build sheet and compare some numbers on my 04 Model B. How could I get access to that information?
  14. Betsy ( our 34) was the first car I ever bonded with. Helping keep her sister's on the road is pay enough!! Feel free to call 205-482-0165 or write samdbarnett@bellsouth.net if you need anything at all, I'd be glad to help!. I just found out I need to replace the wiring harness last night on Betsy, frayed and shorting out the headlight fuse!! Fun! So I'll probably turn to the DF for advice. - Sam
  15. A few more pics of the floor -Hope this helps - Sam P.S. - the color is Pueble (or navajo) Gold and Swamp Lily Orange. An original color scheme, The AACA Library has the color chart.
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