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  1. I think this is a byproduct of all these shows on TV today. They all have master crews that can modify anything in short order, and with sponsorships from major advertisers like Jegs, Summit, Snap-On, etc, they probably get those components cheap, if not free. All I needed to see was Chip Foose fix up a girl's '65 Skylark convertible that she has had since she was 16. Husband had it done for her as a surprise. Disgusted when I saw him dump the old 300-2bbl in a trailer and drop a crate 350 in it. EVERYBODY seems to think it's that easy.
  2. Makes me wonder if any of GM's current lineup of 4 bangers has that type of spacing
  3. I'd say its more out of loyalty and frustration with the lack of support for other engines. It may take 3D printing of metals to be more common and cheaper, but how many people would be intrigued by the thought of a 425 with the same technology fueling a LS?? Hell, the 322 is pretty much the same cubes as the LS.....could 400+ HP be gotten out of one??
  4. Interesting Thread......I was discussing this with my son the other day about the transmissions. My question would be how do you get the 4L60 or 80E to shift? Thanks, John
  5. Hi. You wouldn't happen to have a right rear fender for a '49 Super 4dr, would you?? Thanks John
  6. Perhaps, but if memory serves me, there were no extra parts. I know the cup moves magnetically when the c shaped bar spins around it, which it does.
  7. Odd. My Speedo was working, but the odometer wasn't. Found an NOS odometer drive gear, installed it, and now the speedo doesn't work, but the odometer does.....
  8. Small pin hole. Repairable, New Price. $75
  9. Actually, its not that confusing.....1368090 lists all car models with a 401......1362245 is for 4000, 4100,and 4300 models (presumably Special and Skylark with a 300 2bbl, or a 300 4 bbl (1362246)
  10. Oh dear!!! My apologies for not getting back to you. I shall check when I get home this evening. Thanks, John
  11. Still for sale, willing to trade for 1949 Super parts!!!
  12. Sure. No problem. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
  13. Price negotiable.........willing to trade for '49 Buick parts