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  1. 19tom40


    Ask this question on the Early Ford V-8 Club 1940 Book Forum. I am not sure of all of the differences, but the tail light cutouts are different and there may be some other differences. https://www.earlyfordv8.org/forum/viewtopics.cfm?Forum=14
  2. 19tom40

    Headlight Lamp Replacement

    You can try a thin coat of Vaseline on the base of the bulb and on the socket. If the bulb base is hitting on the reflector, you can adjust the diameter of the bulb base.
  3. 19tom40

    Carb Leaking Down

    You gas is probably draining from the power valve. It or its gasket is leaking. A carb kit will give you a new gasket and power valve, but there are other issues that can make sealing this difficult. I recommend that you send your carburetor to Charlie Schwendler in NY for rebuild. He will machine the carburetor bowl to ensure that the power valve gasket seals and so that there is proper vacuum to operate the power valve. Your mention of backfires, leads me to believe that you may have a small vacuum leak between the bowl and the base of the carburetor. You can contact Charlie at cas5845@yahoo.com My 40 Merc uses a similar carburetor and it starts fine after sitting several weeks. It takes about 15 seconds of cranking after sitting all winter, otherwise it starts immediately all summer, so I don't buy the evaporation theory.
  4. 19tom40


    According to the parts Catalog, the 36 and 37 V-12 used the Ford V-8 timing gear. Later V-12 used a gear designed for the V-12. The 37 and 37 gears were pressed on the camshaft and the later ones were bolt on. I don't know what other changes were made to the camshaft so that the P/N change was necessary. The Ford aluminum bolt on gear is P/N 7RA-5256-A. It has 44 teeth and should mesh with the LZ crank gear. My concern would be if the timing marks are in the same place.
  5. 19tom40


    I love that poster. You are very lucky to have found one in such good condition. The colors are perfect to illustrate the first year Custom. Was it mounted on heavy cardboard like the Ford posters of the period? That ornament first appeared on the 1939 Continental prototype and the Trylon & Perisphere were designed for the 1939 NY Worlds Fair. This was the period of art-deco and both the ball and the triangular shape were popular at the time. So my guess is it was a coincidence.
  6. 19tom40

    Ford V48 roadster steering box

    I have not restored a 1935 Ford, so I cannot speak from experience, but bad and incorrect parts are sold every day. The 1935 passenger worm gear should be 2.89 inches long and have either a 15 or an 89 stamped on the gear, the sector gear is P/N 48-3575 and the parts catalog does not give any identifying information. You can probably get better help on the Early Ford V-8 Club web forum. There are several people who have restored 1935 Fords that monitor that Forum. https://www.earlyfordv8.org/forum/index.cfm The Forum is free to registered participants and it is dedicated to Fords built between the years 1932-1953.
  7. 19tom40

    Windshild Frame

    I was surprised to hear that it was removable also. I think that having a seam there would be a source of leaks that could lead to rust of the cowl. Tom Overfield, how was it sealed to prevent rust problems?
  8. I think that the Courier sedan delivery controls are the same as for the car. The right side fresh air cable is connected to the heater control panel and to the vent by the heater blower motor. There are doors inside the car to regulate the amount of air that comes into the passenger compartment. Here is the section of the owner's manual that deals with that.
  9. 19tom40

    39LZ oil pressure sensor

    King -Seeley made both types of gauges. I have an 80# pump and sending unit in my 40 Mercury with the original 50# gauge. I don't need to know the actual oil pressure, just that there is enough pressure and that it does not drop on acceleration. When I do need to know the pressure, I can adjust the reading to an 80# reading.
  10. 19tom40

    Windshild Frame

    If I understand you correctly, on USA made cars, that part is welded to the cowl and is not removed during a restoration.
  11. 19tom40

    Windshild Frame

    Can you post a photo like this and mark the parts that you want to remove?
  12. 19tom40

    39LZ oil pressure sensor

    You can test the sender by applying air pressure to it, but I think that it is working correctly, it is just the incorrect sensor for your car. You can install a mechanical oil pressure gauge with a "T" fitting to check out the sending unit and then you will know your oil pressure. There are two different oil pumps for the Zephyr, a 50# one and an 80# one. Your description of the problem sound like what happens when an 80# pump is installed and the sending unit is 50#. The sending unit must match the oil pump pressure. The gauge reads 50# max, so with an 80# pump and sending unit, full scale is 80# and midpoint is 40#. http://dennis-carpenter.com/oil-pressure-sending-unit-80-lb/p/41a-9278/ If your unit looks like the one in the link, it will have a number (50 or 80) engraved on one of the flats of the square brass part. If there is no number on the square part, it will be a 50# unit. If the sender does not look like the one in the link, it is an incorrect type and should be changed. The leak can be because the wrong sensor is installed. The correct sensor has pipe threads and tightening should stop the leak. There are sending units that look and work just like the original King-Seeley unit, but have fine threads.
  13. 19tom40

    Choke and Throttle Parts

    You might try contacting some of the junk yards like Desert Valley Auto Parts and French Lake Auto parts. I am not sure which years interchange, but the May, 1946 Chassis Parts Catalog seems to indicate that the 1939-1948 should interchange, but Booze-Herrel catalog shows that the 36-39 interchange. I would check with a Technical Adviser with the LZOC.
  14. 19tom40

    Best Battery for 41' Continental

    The Shop Notes phantom drawings of the 1939, 1940, 1941 Zephyrs shows the cables routed as in the photo posted by Mssr. Bwatoe. The cable connections and post size for automotive batteries have been standardized since before WWII, so your cable will fit on the posts. Here is the battery that NAPA says fits your Lincoln https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBP7244 Eastwood sells a battery mat to protect your battery tray and if you buy the NAPA battery or another unsealed battery, you should use the mat and check regularly for any acid residue around the battery. Farm and Fleet may have a less expensive 6 volt battery for sale that would fit your car.
  15. 19tom40

    Choke and Throttle Parts

    Here is a link to photos of a 1939 Zephyr that include engine compartment photos. It looks like there is a cable from the instrument panel to the engine compartment and a rod in the engine compartment. I don't think that you are going to find a satisfactory replacement in an auto parts store. The replacement rod for Fords look like they are too short for your car. http://www.secondchancegarage.com/classic-car-photogallery14/1939-lincoln-zephyr-conv/1939-lincoln-zephyr-conv.cfm