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  1. Sorry, I'm in Kansas City.
  2. 71 B body bumper - I have a nice rear bumper from a 71 LeSabre/Centurion. I won't ship it, but if you can pick it up you can have it.
  3. I can't seem to find what color tops were offered for 1954, and what their codes were. Anyone have this info?
  4. I have been around this car a lot. I have been under it. I have driven it. It is a great car! If I had the room I'd buy it.
  5. This car belongs to my cousin in Milwaukee. He has asked me to post it on here for sale. You will need to contact him directly for additional info. 1969 Buick Wildcat, 105K miles, totally original including paint and top. Runs and drives great. Never any rust. Underside is beautiful. Front seat will need recovering, but it is not in tatters. Can be driven anywhere. $8000 Dean LaMarr - 262-853-7859
  6. Great place to advertise your car for sale. 45 experts [none of whom are interested in buying it} waiting to trash your car, and show everyone else how knowledgeable they are. This isn't a discussion forum, its a for sale ad.
  7. Beautiful! I love the seamist green, but it looks way better red. A GS grille would be pretty.
  8. Damn that paint looks fantastic! I really want you to paint my Centurion.
  9. Thank you! I wonder why they would use V77 ob the tag, and 5577 in the ordering manual and all other info? Confusing. Thanks for your help.
  10. I hope someone can help with a body tag. It's a 55 Pontiac Chieftan hardtop. Paint code on the tag is V77. I have several books, and this code doesn't make sense to me. Car was baby blue and white when it was new. Anyone understand this paint code? Thanks, Fortuna
  11. Yesterday was beautiful here in Kansas City. I live close to the Fairfax assembly plant, and while out for a Sunday drive I stopped to get a picture at the plant where my car was built back in 1972
  12. Keith buy the car already! It's beautiful.