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  1. Off topic PARTS manual 1999 Riviera

    Tonkin parts online. They use the GM part drawings and you can pick your parts yourself. Just a suggestion.
  2. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    You really won't see any gains unless you tune the car.
  3. Engine swap

  4. LeBra 55341-01

    What is shipping to 79924?
  5. What to do with dead Reatta

    Where is the car?
  6. Brighter fog lights

    No can bus issue with the fog lights.
  7. Brighter fog lights

    I used 55 watt silverstars for a long time with no issues. That being said increasing the brightness defeats the purpose of fog lights. I still running 6500k led lights in mine.
  8. Running very rich

    What about your spark plugs? When was the last time they were changed? I have only seen them cause black smoke on a lawn mower, but it may be worth a check.
  9. Finally Done: Series III and F40 Six Speed Swap

    Thank you, but until someone figures out how to upgrade the suspension, I will not be finished.
  10. Finally Done: Series III and F40 Six Speed Swap

    One other thing I have not posted yet. On the first test drive, about thirty miles around the island of Oahu, I snapped an axle/CV shaft. After spending a bit researching and trying to get a stock G6 axle I ended up having a custom set made. It cost me about $600, but are capable of holding 500 HP each. The stock G6 axles have had many instances of snapping even in the stock application.
  11. Finally Done: Series III and F40 Six Speed Swap

    So this swapped was finished quite a while ago, but there where issues. Thanks to the engine shop in Hawaii I had little to no oil pressure when the engine was warm. Cause of this was that they never polished the crank after they ground it. Also the transmission was extremely noisy, an issue that seems common to using the 3800 with the F40. The only answer I had found was turn up the idle. As for me a 1200 rpm idle is not something I was will to live with. After researching for quite some time, I came to realize that the noise was most likely due to the transmission normally being used with a dual mass flywheel. Well good luck finding something that was never produced. Spec clutch (who produces the clutch for this swap) was no help. After even more research I found that GM, AKA Holden, actually produced a DMF (dual mass flywheel) for the 3800, and amazingly one of the applications had the same tooth count as the current flywheel and spline count as the F40. So after doing Uncle Sam's bidding in Guam for a year I got back to repairing the car. I never was able to get all the measurements for the Holden clutch/DMF. Really sucked because the cheapest clutch and shipping was $1200. Seeing that the engine had to come out I decided to pull the trigger and ordered the clutch, this was a huge gamble as it is for a RWD car. Thank fully the clutch was a perfect match with the Spec measurements. So I reused the Spec slave and throw out bearing (actually a SAAB part). I have not put many miles on the new clutch, due to the car not being registered yet, but all indications are that it is the perfect solution for anyone that has done or wants to do this swap. Also the clutch will handle, at least stock power from the series 2 SC engine, as it is used in a SC car for at least two model years. Most important of all the transmission is quiet.
  12. Did you swap bcm proms? If I recall (years ago) if the prom is missing or from a different year the dash will not work. Once again it has been years sense I messed with the bcm proms
  13. Saga of my tired old 440T4 transmission...part deux

    What about a 60hd? I used one once in my earlier SC series one swap. Still had to piggyback a ECM bc I have an 89. I do love the idea of a 65 in a Reatta and even more the hybrid idea.
  14. Saga of my tired old 440T4 transmission...part deux

    So is the plan now to use the 65 in a complete state?
  15. Kent Moore Reatta specific J-28467 engine support

    Just use a cherry picker. They cost less and are much easier to get a hold of.