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  1. Aaron65

    Fixing a cracked manifold ?

    I tried this last year, and it's still holding up at 1500 miles or so, although my repair was on a runner and not the heat box. You may want to disable the heat riser if you use JB Weld in that location.
  2. Aaron65

    how do you work under your cars ?

    Jim is correct on the access to the middle, but it is better than scissor lifts that give no access to the middle of the car. You could still drop a transmission, for example. I had the two sides of the lift reversed for some reason in the picture I attached above, so you can't seem them, but there are locks that keep the lifts from falling should the hydraulic cylinders fail for any reason. Once you have the car up in the air, the whole thing is stable, plus it seems like the car's weight is distributed over a larger area than it would be on jack stands.
  3. Aaron65

    how do you work under your cars ?

    I think I did have the '53 on the jack once or twice this past summer...but I have enough cars that it all runs together sometimes. I did have my '65 Skylark on it for sure, and there were no problems there.
  4. Aaron65

    how do you work under your cars ?

    I have a Ranger Quick Jack, and it's pretty convenient. I'd love more lift, but I too have low ceilings.
  5. I would also head over to 65gs.com and V8buick.com to talk to them. The price on anything is largely based on condition, and that is always subject to the whims and caprices of the buyer and often not fully apparent in pictures, for good or for bad. The pictures show that your car is as you said, tired but complete. It may or may not have a lot of filler in it, but the door gaps look decent, so it's probably structurally solid. GS convertibles are always popular, so somebody will want it if you decide to sell, as long as you aren't unrealistic in your expectations. Buicks rarely bring the money of comparable Chevelles and GTOs. Good luck!
  6. Aaron65

    Show me your Foliage!

    The color did it for me, too...as near as I can tell, it's Acapulco Blue, which is a '62 color. It was originally Diamond Blue, which is very, very light; I can see evidence of that and one other color in various spots around the car, and the current color is by far my favorite of the three.
  7. Aaron65

    Show me your Foliage!

    I just picked up this '63 T-Bird a couple of weeks ago, and today was a good day for pictures...I've loved these Birds for over 20 years, and one finally made it my way.
  8. Aaron65

    Good T-Bird Forum?

    Thank you Steve, I kind of wondered about that myself; when I posted over there, I just figured that maybe someone would be able to help me with a question or two as their experience dictates, but I probably went overboard for a first post. I'll check out Squarebirds and start with the most pressing question. Aaron
  9. Aaron65

    Good T-Bird Forum?

    Thanks, Keiser! I guess there isn't a popular T-Bird forum out there; that's kind of unexpected. All of my cars except this one have at least one robust forum, and it's the T-Bird that doesn't? Oh well, time to start digging through those shop manuals...if man made it, I can break fix it.
  10. Aaron65

    Good T-Bird Forum?

    I just bought a '63 T-Bird, and I have a few model specific questions about things like the power steering system, power seats, swing away wheel, and whatnot. It looks like most of the T-Bird forums are a bit dead...anyone know of a good one that's reasonably well-populated? I'll attach a picture of the car; it's pretty awesome. :)
  11. Aaron65

    Craigslist Score

    I love this picture...I can't say I'm a genius at using the Sun as a diagnostic tool, but I've gotten to the point where I can read it reasonably well.
  12. Aaron65

    Craigslist Score

    Great score! I paid $50 for my 1115, and yours is in nicer shape...and it takes up a little less space. I'm jealous!
  13. The switch is very easy to disassemble and clean, so I'd give that a try first.
  14. My steering gear leaks all over the place, and has probably 65 years of use under its belt without being touched. I'd like to take it apart and replace the seals and gaskets at least, and maybe any bearings if I can. Anyone found a good source of those parts? I'd send it out for a rebuild but I'm getting to the point where I trust myself more than I trust anyone else (cynical, I know). I can screw things up for free. Thanks!
  15. I coat both sides of the gasket with wheel bearing grease so I can remove it if I have to. It seems to work pretty well.