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  1. Big Solex carb

    Solex carbs were used on German and Italian cars as well.
  2. Ford bracket?

    Looks to me like an attachment to some sort of machine shop tool, like a lathe or a grinder. The heaviness of the casting suggests that to me, as does the fine thread and the cotter pin hole.
  3. Two-piece distributor cap

    While you are technically correct, many distributor caps have numerals showing which post/wire is to be connected to which cylinder, thus showing the intended firing order.
  4. Another mystery touring car

    Oldford, that Westcott is a definite match for me. Look at the base of the windshield and compare the two.
  5. Small Parts c. 1920-1950

    Far right part looks like a water-heated choke thermostat coil cover, possibly later than 1950.
  6. Model A wheel

    Aftermarket cap from back in the day. They used 'Fool' rather than 'Ford' most likely to avoid legal action for copyright reasons.
  7. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    Peter, of course I knew Jeff Broadus, although I had left Car Collector before he became involved there. Have seen him fairly recently as some car show, just can't remember which one!
  8. Brass Era Mystery

    It was not unkown in this body's timeframe for a well-to-do owner to have two bodies for a single vehicle and to swap them out seasonally. Wonder if that's how/why this body was preserved?
  9. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    Please know this comment warms the cockles of my heart. I suspect West likes it as well! Why? Well, West's father, Don Peterson, and I were the editorial team that started Car Collector in 1978 and West later replaced his dad as editor after I had moved on. Nice to know someone recalls CC as a decent mag.
  10. What is it?

    Nice job of making it right. Rubber strap is no way to secure a heavy item like a battery, although sometime it's any port in a storm. If I had seen the dist in your original photo, I would have known it was no Corvette!
  11. What is it?

    LOL. I don't profess to be very knowledgeable on battery hold-downs. But there are some clues here... 6v battery and the car looks to have a fiberglass body, so my stab in the dark is early Corvette or perhaps a Kaiser-Darrin?
  12. What is it?

    Agree it is a battery hold-down, but seems to be made of plastic or plastic-coated metal, which means modern to me. Silly of the eBay seller not have have included its dimensions. I'm guessing it's from a boat of some kind, based on the angles of the tab at the end of the mounting bracket.
  13. Need help with ID of this wire wheel

    Seven bolt holes should surely narrow down the list of possibilities, I would think.
  14. Early REO, what year?

    Dave, Windshields were an option on most cars in that timeframe, though most did have them.
  15. Headlight bezels????

    Could that just be where the top of fender mlding overlaps the bezel?