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  1. gwells

    Chevrolet dealer hand-out key ring tube

    Correct. And the city codes first began to be used in 1943, according to my research. Thus the date range I suggested.
  2. Early tires were mostly gray, the color of the raw latex. They became black after it was discovered that adding carbon black to the rubber compound made tires last longer.
  3. gwells

    Torque tube transmission 1

    Third pic obviously belongs in his other trans post HERE and I am moving it there.
  4. gwells

    Chevrolet dealer hand-out key ring tube

    This item's date range can be estimated by the "Los Angeles 37, California" address format. Should roughly slot into the 20-year period from 1943 to 1963. As for the possibility of it being a fuseholder, does anyone know when cars started being fitted with fuses and fuseblocks?
  5. gwells

    Some AACA forum basics

    If anyone else needs specific instructions on how to perform certain tasks on the forum, I'll be happy to try to inform.
  6. gwells

    Make and year please

    OK, this thread (and one on The Old Motor regarding Kissel) has caused me to revise my trip returning to Atlanta after the New London to New Brighton Run in Minnesota in a week or so. I'm definitely adding a stop at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford, where both Kissel and Nash are featured marques. I was going to make the trip by myself, but turns out a friend needed a ride back home from Minnesota: Donald R. Peterson. Maybe someone here knows him? Don's graciously agreed to us stopping in Hartford (even though they don't have a lot of Packards there! LOL.). It's gonna be a heck of a trip, as on the way back we're also hitting the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville and the Coker Collection, both of which I've been to but not Don has not.
  7. gwells

    Some AACA forum basics

    Happy to oblige. Go to the upper righthand corner of any forum page, where you should see your name if you are logged in. See below. Click on the downward-facing arrow after your name and you'll get this window. Click on 'Profile' and in the upper RH corner of the resulting window, click on 'Edit Profile.' That will bring you to this window where your various profile edit options are accessible. Hope this helps.
  8. As a member of the mod team, it's clear to me that some members are a little confused or unknowing about some of the basic ways to interact with both the membership and the moderator team, so perhaps a little tutorial might be useful. For the majority of members, this post will be too basic, but I believe it will be of interest to more than a few. The 'Report Post' button - what's it for? Many members seem unsure about the proper use of the 'Report Post' button. See below. This button is to bring a post to the attention of the moderation team, say, a spam post or an objectionable post. When a post is 'reported,' the only people who see the report are the moderators. The report is not seen by the original poster or regular members. The main point that needs to be emphasized is that the 'Report Post' button is not a way to reply to a member's post! Many members making reports made seem to believe that is the case. The 'Private Message' (PM) system - how use it? The AACA forum has a private message system that allows members to communicate privately among themselves. Private messages will often be referred to as PMs. To access the PM system, click on the 'envelope' icon at the top RH corner of any forum page. See below. When you click on the envelope icon, the following pop-up window opens. This window shows your recent PMs (IIRC). You can start a new PM to a member by clicking on the black 'Compose New' button at the top right, which will open a new blank private message; see below. You will need to enter the required info and hit the 'Send' button to transmit the PM to the member whose display name you entered in the 'To' field. If you click on the 'Go to Inbox' circled in red in the third image above, you get this window. You can access of all your PMs by scrolling down the list on the left. You can also reply to any highlighted PM in this window by entering text in the 'Reply to this conversation' field and pressing the return key. But the most useful and easiest way to PM a member is to hold your cursor over the member's name on the left side of the post. This pops-up a profile window and if you click on the 'Message' button (see below), a pre-addressed blank PM will open where you can enter a private message to that member. Another very useful button in the profile window is the 'Find Content' button, which allows you to find almost anything a member has posted, with the option to locate threads (topics) he has started or posts he has made to other's threads. Again, I realize the majority of members know all or most of this already, but it is clear that some do not. Hope there are a few who will find this tutorial to be of interest.
  9. gwells

    Old days

    Oh, but it is color, Terry: sepia!
  10. gwells

    Please help identify

    White steamer, though not certain of the year. 1906-07 probably. Not particularly unusual at the time for a car not to have headlights, which were optional on a lot of early cars, as also were tops and windshields.. Here's a pic from David Greenlees's The Old Motor, which has been ID'd as a 1906 Model F.
  11. gwells

    TIme Wipe automatic wiper interval control

    Pretty sure this is an aftermarket intermittent wiper unit. "Manufactured in U.S.A. for Hollywood Accessories" proves that. Not all that old actually, maybe '70s or even '80s. I would be surprised if it has any significant value at all. IMO, of course.
  12. gwells

    Cowl/dash ID help please - updated info and photos

    And the Wills also doesn't have those very unusual windshield mounting 'tubes' either. They would seem to me to be the one feature that should be able to nail an ID; I can't recall seeing anything like those sort of brackets before.
  13. gwells

    Tell me about this Compresso Moto Meter?

    I was basing my comments on this link: With the additional info since provided, it may or may not be relevant.
  14. gwells

    Tell me about this Compresso Moto Meter?

    I wouldn't assume the instrument is as early as the patent date. The measurement range suggests a later date of manufacturer, as, for example, Model Ts and Model As had compression numbers in the 50-65 psi range. Might even be early post-WWII, but that's just a guess. One further note: Motor Meter was a German company unrelated to the Boyce Motormeter company. Motor Meter made shop instruments like this and was bought out by Bosch in the '60s.
  15. gwells

    A 1920 hot rod? Gow job?

    Basically, a gow job was what a hot rod was called before the latter term came into common usage. Hot rod is largely a postwar term, coming to broad use in the '50s.