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  1. gwells

    1940-50s Harley Davidson motorcycle horn?

    Click the envelope icon at the upper RH corner of the page to get to your message area then click 'go to inbox' at the bottom. You should see your sent message on the left side.
  2. gwells

    I think this is a 1937 Renault

    Thank you, sir!
  3. gwells

    I think this is a 1937 Renault

    Could be; I simply don't know. I added that pic simply to show the interior configuration.
  4. gwells

    My UPS driver did this

    Looks to me like this is a permission-based denial.
  5. But I do not know exactly which model. (European cars are a weak spot for me...) Sorry for the poor pics, but a friend who asked me to help him with the ID provided them. Closest car I can find is a 1937 Renault Nerva Grand Sport, as many features match but some do not. But this car seems to have a fold-down windshield and the pics of the NGS I have found do not. And, yes, it is missing some bits and seems to have some unoriginal add-ons. Anyone know? TIA...
  6. Well, I was clearly not correct. Thanks, Matt.
  7. It's neither, Bob. It just suggests you have the camera's resolution set to what I consider a decent size for use on the internet.
  8. Most '34 Packards have skirted front fenders and most '33s don't, as far as I know. (That darn West guy will probably jump in to tell me I'm wrong, as usual. LOL!)
  9. The Packard pic looks to have been uploaded at 1,200 pixels wide and at least on my 27" monitor, seems to be displaying at the same size.
  10. There's a balance that I find works reasonably well. The smallest image you'll typically see is 640 x 480 pixels. Many modern cameras and cellphones at max resolution generate images more than 5,000 pixels wide. One problem is that almost no one can display an image at max resolution. For most people on most monitors (I'll ignore phones), a good compromise size is 1,200-1,600 pixels wide. The version of IP.Board my forum uses (I'm one version behind for now) allows me to set a display size, but if a viewer clicks on the image it displays at the uploaded size. 800 pixels is the setting I currently use. One further point about image filesize. People who don't understand it are often frustrated when they can't email multiple pics to friends, not realizing that many mail systems will not allow emails with large attachment sizes.
  11. Alsancle, There are other relevant factors. Not everyone has high-speed broadband and a thread with multiple large filesize pics takes significantly longer to load, as a number of my members often tell me. And serving large photos has an impact on bandwidth, which is another metric forum owners have to consider, as does almost everyone who uses a cellphone. My forum's database is under 25GB right now. If it runs over that, even by one megabyte, my hosting costs double. That's not a trivial amount of money for a non-subscription forum that doesn't overwhelm its viewers with advertising in order to generate revenue. Yes, the common bleat these days is that nothing is cheaper than disk space, but that's not the only consideration.
  12. Complicated subject. Photos come in many sizes, some are a few kilobytes in filesize and others are many megabytes. I find many are clueless about filesize and forums like this one and others typically limit the filesize of photos they allow to be uploaded, because on an active forum the database size can quickly become very large and very expensive to support. People need to understand that if they choose to take pics at the maximum resolution of their device (camera or phone), they also need to learn how to resize them to smaller filesizes for uploading. An additional factor is that there are numerous image file formats. The most commonly used ones are JPG and PNG, but there are many, many others. Stick with the two mentioned and you'll almost never have a problem. The version of IP.Board that the AACA uses has just about the simplest method of uploading photos I am aware of. Drag a photo 'here' to upload, then either click the plus sign to add to the text block or the trash can icon to delete. If it gets any easier than that, I haven't seen it. In terms of subject lines, here's my view, as someone who has run an active hobby (with nearly half a million posts) for almost 14 years. Subject lines are almost always limited in field length, i.e. like a tweet, you only have a few characters to get your message imparted. So it is a good idea to make the subject line as 'information dense' as possible. I subscribe to the old journalistic standard of the who, what, when, where, and why, although if you can get the first three into a subject line, you've done good. People almost never read the content of every post in a forum or on a search results page. The subject line acts as a 'teaser,' to get the viewer to elect to click to actually read the thread. If it's a question, use a question mark, etc. Bottom line, If you want people to engage and/or to participate in your thread, give them a reason to jump in.
  13. gwells

    Many things unidentified from garage

    For clarity, I suggest posters helping to ID this stuff reference the post number where the item is shown.
  14. gwells

    Identified!!! 1920-30s aftermarket turn signal

    Bemused, It''ll be more effective for you to start a new thread for each item. Appending them to an existing thread means they appear under the original subject line and many folks won't see the new items. If you want to re-post the last two items in new threads, I'll delete the posts in this thread when I see the new ones. BTW a second pic of that butterfly item showing the box itself would be useful to me.
  15. gwells

    Bill Snyder, RIP

    Bill Snyder of California, long-time CCCA member and former editor of the CCCA club magazine, passed away on May 10.