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  1. Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    I think Leif has nailed it. That aluminum windhsield base is a perfect match for what the OP shows.
  2. Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    Cowl lamps in the windshield base should eliminate a lot of possibilities, too, I would think.
  3. Model T era panel truck door?

    The tough part of ID'ing this door is the fact that in this era there were dozens, if not hundreds, of small companies building trunk bodies for Model T chassis. The simplicity of this door's construction and the common nature of its hardware suggests to me that this was one produced by one of those small builders and that the chances of ID'ing it are going to be pretty slim. The window just sliding in the track is not all that unusual, but is there some evidence of a way to hold it in partially open or fully closed positions?
  4. Twenties touring ID?

    According to Kimes/Clark, American did did indeed sell non-underslung models.
  5. Buick??? or ?

    Links for the search-impaired: The World’s Largest Airwheels Tour the Nation for Goodyear Goodyear Airwheels Tour the Nation
  6. Photo data says 1923

    I don't, as the bottom corners of the radiator shell are much more 'squared-off' on the Dodge than the car in question. And the bumper differs in several ways. Don't know what it is, but the Dodge ID doesn't work for me. I do agree the front fenders make it unlikely this pic was taken as early as 1923, though...
  7. Duesenberg J grille shell

    If you were an old car guy, you knew who Tom Hubbard was! You didn't have to be a Franklin guy...
  8. Who's going and showing at Amelia Island?

    Bob, I am the associate editor of the JCNA's Jaguar Journal, and that marque is what I will be focusing on, by commission from my editor, but I have 64 GB of SD cards for my digital camera, so will likely be taking lots of pics and will try to post some of them here. Thanks for asking. Amelia can be a difficult place for a photographer, as the shadows are so long early (assuming it is not overcast) and once the public is allowed in, the crowds very quickly make taking photos hard, if not impossible. If you want a funny story, I have a customer/friend who lives on the beach road about a quarter of a mile from the Ritz and for several years, she would allow the ex and I to stay with her during Amelia (until her family members usurped us). I would get up well before dawn and drive past the Ritz to the first beach access parking lot and then walk the quarter of a mile back up the beach to the Ritz. Then I'd go through the hotel, enter the show field in the dark and act like I belonged there. (This was when I didn't have media credentials.) I would always have a paid ticket in my pocket and was never challenged. Did this for three or four years. I made the mistake of admitting this to Bill Warner one year when we ran into each other at the Daytona 24 Hours and sure enough, the next year they closed that beach access lot so my subterfuge was no longer possible! There's nothing like being on the Amelia show field in the darkness, watching the sky lighten and the sun come up as the cars enter to populate the grounds. it's the best time to hook up with vehicle owners as well, as after the crowds thicken, they're usually nowhere to be found. Amelia is so special but for me it's a victim of its success. From Atlanta, going and coming and commuting from Kingsland where I stay now because it has become so expensive to stay on the island, it's 20+ hours of travel time for me vs. maybe four-five hours on the show field. This may be my last trip to the show, after perhaps a dozen, as much as I hate for that to be the case.
  9. Who's going and showing at Amelia Island?

    I have media creds, so you'll see me early. I usually get on the field well before dawn.
  10. Who's going and showing at Amelia Island?

    I'll be there, Saturday and Sunday, for the first time in about four years.
  11. Noma? car in upstate New York

    I was thinking along the same lines.
  12. Stanley Steamer date

    I came close to being run over by a Doble steamer at the car show one of the first times I attended at Hershey in 1970 or '71, and I wasn't a child then. At 16 or 17, a kid maybe... LOL!
  13. Big Solex carb

    Solex carbs were used on German and Italian cars as well.
  14. Ford bracket?

    Looks to me like an attachment to some sort of machine shop tool, like a lathe or a grinder. The heaviness of the casting suggests that to me, as does the fine thread and the cotter pin hole.
  15. Two-piece distributor cap

    While you are technically correct, many distributor caps have numerals showing which post/wire is to be connected to which cylinder, thus showing the intended firing order.