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  1. dei

    72 Electra, aka "The Queen"

    Family and Cars! Does it get any better than this??? 😎
  2. Glad it was good for you too Keith! I LOVE to BBQ so they all hit me where I live this year!! I did see you got the '56 Home and boy she sure looks good in the new garage! Must be satisfying to have the collection together in one place. All running is even more rewarding. I'll get there one day. Planning on bringing out my '89 Cougar before the long weekend and fixing the power window lift before I put her up for sale. Then with that money will possibly have the Limited motor gone over... Meantime, Hope you are getting the relief we had today from that 96 degree heat these past few days! Upper 70's with reduced humidity brings on a new sense of energy!
  3. Trust everyone had a good Father's Day. Mine started out with a long coffee to wake up and decided to finally get the fuel line for the Special. It was a bit cheaper by the 25 ft roll and with two more cars to someday get going thought why not have it on hand. At 11 a.m. it was hitting 92 degrees and wanted to trim some bushes that were going wild so pulled out the extension cords and worked at the ones that were in the shade till I had enough! the forecast was to be hitting 100 with the real feel to be 110... very unusual around here! Packed up and after a short visit to a friend headed home just in time to see my sons backing into my driveway and unloading a big box. Seems they had hoped I would be away longer as they had bought me a new stainless steel BBQ which needed to be put together. One of the benefits of having children... LOL! Clearly my wife was in on this and she was right there supervising. (Now, if I could just get that concentrate an effort on the Limited...) A GREAT FATHERS DAY!
  4. dei

    In honor of Father’s Day

    Here is Dad with his 1920 Overland touring playing the part. Restoring his beloved 1928 Whippet. It took him 28 years to complete an amature restoration but he was proud of it! Thinking of you every time I look at the cars Dad. RIP
  5. THANKS! I just love those black Limited's!
  6. Phillip I see what appears to be a black '58 in that line up. Difficult to see but what model was is?
  7. Basically what I believe too John. I have found a place that will redo the heads for what is in my budget which will move me another step forward. I used to say "getting there is half the fun". Some days it's difficult to see that fun...
  8. With the motor having been taken apart to free it up sitting open for many years maybe rebuild is the wrong term? The block has been on an engine stand covered but with the crank and cam and distributor still in it with pistons and rods removed so would one just clean things up and reassemble it or go the mile and do a rebuild since it is this far? That and painting the front clip of the Limited are what is holding up that project (if you will). It is about time and money as well and life priorities seem to have always been in play...
  9. Decided to store the transmission on a dolly for now but getting it off the truck was a problem as my engine lift was buried behind a lot of stuff and I needed to use my truck asap. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Now, this thing is heavy and had some concern about it running away from me down those ramps so grabbed some rope using the rack as a leverage point. Once centred, lowering it down was easy. There is great comfort in knowing I have a rebuilt unit ready to go in my car when I'm ready for it. One step closer with that bucket list...
  10. Left for Toledo (Perrysburg) Ohio this morning and immediately after crossing the Bridge realised I-75 was under construction going south bound and would have to deal with the Detours putting me way behind schedule. Finally after 35 minutes of slow heavy travel hit the end of it and found the open road. One has to go by the Monroe Nuclear Generation Plant on the western end of Lake Erie. Today the steam off those two towers were just hanging there. I arrived at Jim's shop after lunch and immediately saw my transmission on end waiting for the universal I had brought with me from one of my other transmissions. Jim dunked it is some gasoline and discovered that he was not happy with it's condition so reached into his stash of parts and showed me what a good one was supposed to be. Decided to make notes as I watched him put the joint on the transmission and then the torque ball seal as he talked about various hints to install and protect the drive shaft seal when installing that etc. Jim is a great guy and knows dynaflow's intimately. It's well worth the cost and effort to have him rebuild one! Once loaded in the bed of my truck I had to say good bye as I had an event at 7 pm. Didn't waste any time and coming into Detroit I started to cross the Bridge for home. I came around the curve and right away noticed the trucks in the right lane slowing way down on the uphill climb. There are four lanes on this bridge and at 4 o'clock they had markers out closing one of the on coming lanes to Detroit making three lanes going into Canada. Both truck lanes were stopped almost 3/4 across to Detroit and the cars were slow moving at the very top of the bridge. Man is it tight up there! Once over the top I had time in the slow traffic to take this shot. Not my first time on this thing but it is a suspension bridge and you know it is when the trucks move over those expansion cracks as your vehicle actually feels the spring in those cables! Remember this was build in the 30's and I know it has a full time maintenance crew/company but... not an easy feeling at times. Can you believe they used to allow paying people to walk on this? Fortunately home before my wife with time to cleanup for the event later. I'm extremely pleased with the appearance of my unit and sure it will perform as new due to Jim's expertise. Now, Have to decide if I take the next step and bolt it in place suspending it while I take a few years to rebuild the motor or... Store it on a dolly off to the side and then put everything in as one unit???
  11. The week has been busy enough so far that the Special is going to sit for awhile. Tomorrow I'm on a road trip to pick up my rebuild transmission which has been at Jim's all this time. (I did tell him no rush...) Interesting day today though as I had stopped into a body shop about my work truck and the conversation came around to a Buick one of the workers noticed across town at a transmission shop. Not many '58 Buick's in town so went and searched it out. Sure enough, there it was. This is one nice car! It looks to have been painted but the interior is all original. Even the dash padding is very nice and not sagging. The Shop owner said it came in from the States and he was going to do the transmission rebuild / reseal. The owner of the car had a complete rebuild kit which looked new not NOS? I did not get his name but told the shop owner I'd be around with mine to watch the progress. Love the Dealer Tag on the trunk. Anyone recognise it? The odometer reads 44,000 miles so it is likely a low mileage car. This is the first '58 I have seen in town for something like 40 years.
  12. dei


    Recent Car Show with the recent new owner. Says he's having a ball with it.
  13. The day began early Saturday and it was with great anticipation I opened the garage door by 4:35 AM to fire up the Special. First order of the day was to stop at the Coffee Shop to get a HOT coffee and carrot muffin as it was only 58 degrees out and the top WAS NOT GOING UP! My buddies all had commitments so going solo meant dealing with things by myself this trip. Fortunately there was little traffic at this hour and with no troubles with the car planned on being there around opening time 7 AM. Now, made one mistake (other than leaving the top down...) finding coffee these days is only good for so many miles before the mandatory pit stop! No problem as there was a McDonald's 40 minutes up the road right? Hmmm... Even with the heater on full blast, that fresh air blowing around the steering wheel left the old hands quite chilled!! Thank heavens for those electric instant heat hand dryers man! 😵 Ordered a small HOT chocolate, rolled all the windows up and proceed my way. That top was NOT going to go up if I had my way today! I used a secondary road known as Hwy#2 which would normally take me within three miles of my destination but there was a Detour about 20 miles before getting there. It was clearly marked and I had never been in that area so took it easy and enjoyed the new scenery. It directed me through the small town of Appin and noticed a Gas Station at the light so stopped to fill up just to be safe. Right across the road was a Tim Horton's coffee shop and with the sun up figured it was safe to go the 15 miles or so into the show. There were plenty of CAR SHOW signs and soon came the back way to Mr. Plunkett's front entrance to his car show right at his house. Since I had used the back way there by chance, it was clear that it had been a good choice as traffic was backed up some two miles coming in the other way... I soon was directed along with others to park in one of the two horse areas and soon shed the jacket as the sun was doing it's best to warm things up. I've mentioned Steve is a dedicated Cadillac collector to which he has built what he calls his Cadillac Salon which he built in the style of the New York Salons that featured / showed new cars in the 30's. I have been there once before and it houses some very special cars most of which are the V16's let alone some very special models. One has to see it to grasp the style and attention to detail! Outside on the right were several celebrities including one Gene Winfield who was demonstrating some interesting panel work. I heard him being introduced as being the worlds oldest teenager! Inside they had moved out a few of the Cadillacs normally parked there and was surprised to see this Buick being honoured there. I did not read the placard to know about it but you can be sure it is of some significant to be there. And being the Cadillac man he is, what kind of personal golf cart do you think he has? Obviously a show of this size has just about everything you could want to see but for now will focus on the Buick's I took note of. In no particular order: And there was Tony's '58 Limited who I met last weekend parked with a group of his friends today. We had another good conversation in between the people ogling over it. Not departing from the Buick theme here but I had to go up the to owner of this Whippet truck and ask to shake his hand. See, what started out as a 1927 Whippet 2 door sedan was transformed to this pickup but... look what is powering it! That's NOT the usual motor of choice! And notice the valve covers? It doesn't say Buick on them either. He was quite taken aback when I explained I recognised the conversion, all about Whippets and the fact I liked his choice of motor. So much to see, so little time and walked, walked, walked... Lunch was a pulled pork sandwich with fresh cole slaw and have to say that one could actually buy a bottle of water for a buck vs. the usual two or three at most shows. Thanks Steve for being a car guy and making this reasonable for all. Soon the 50/50 draw was to be announced meaning that immediately following most would be heading out. I walked back to my car and watched as I was on the exit path. It didn't take long for most of the cars around me left me by myself but with cars all over the 108 acres it was a nice time to watch as they left too. Finally decided it was time to head out and started her up. As soon as I put it in gear, it stalled! OH OH! Gave it a pump or two, hit the starter and just would not fire! I had a small bottle of gas with me (just in case) and tried and tried till my four year old battery was almost drained. With having run out of gas decided to go up to the main house to see if there might be a chance to get some from Steve's staff. It just so happened as I was there looking around Steve himself came out of one of his attached garage doors. He is such a great man! listening to my woes and pointing out it was my '58 Buick he immediately said he had noticed it when I came in that morning! He told me he could give me some gas so come on in the garage. Well, look what was sitting there for me to see! And he has said before he calls it his driver! Would you call that a driver??? I thanked him profusely and he joked after saying Good Luck that if he saw me there in the morning when he lets the horses out he would know I was unsuccessful. LOL On that way back I saw a small group and asked if by chance they would give me a boost as I had cables? So after some efforts the car fired up and idled for a bit and again thanking these guys, head off for home. Went back towards the way I came in and at the intersection the Police were directing traffic as it is a rural road and directed me to go left. I explained I was going to Windsor and wanted to use the Detour route I came in on but... Uniform trumps requests and obeyed. Sure enough it directed me to the 401 Highway which I didn't want to use if the Special acted up again but not being familiar with the side roads, just got on and white knuckled the wheel trying to keep up at the posted 100 km max posted for the next two hours. Funny thing about that. After about 10 miles with the wind and traffic noise (as traffic sped on past me - no one drives the posted max right?) one gets into the rhythm of things and with no notice of fuel starving held at the 100 kms waving at the many honks and thumbs up from the passing traffic. Fortunately in this case there were stretches of construction to slow to the a single lane pace of 80 kms which felt better to me. I'm pretty sure though that any carbon built up from last years City driving is now blown out! Things went like this till Tilbury (45 minutes from home) and got off the Highway to refuel (just in case). Drove fine and caught the only light red in town with the gas station across the road and... she stalled. Called a friend who lives just on the outskirts but was not in town at home. He called me back shortly and said his EX would be there to give me a boost and we got the car going again. Thanks Lori! How many EX's would do that??? Got back on Highway #2 and at the very last block from the garage.... she stalled!!! Managed to get her going again alone this time and with remote door opener in hand, pulled in to park for the night. Get this! I let it idle while I lifted the hood to see if gas was not filling the clear fuel filter and it could have sat there and ran like that all night!!!!! I had replaced a section of the fuel line up front and will check the clamps but suspect somewhere at the back there is air getting in and the fuel pump has a hard time pumping back up since it was new last summer. Will see. Final synopsis, I can stroke this show / event off my Bucket list. Overall it was a great day all things considered and the moments out on the open road I just can't put the feelings into words. I had to deal with things alone working on the Limited too at times back in the day and while not ideal in a perfect world, all part of owning what is now an old antique car.
  14. Went to the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In yesterday covering 245 miles round trip. Early morning rise. Fantastic venue spread over 108 acres and saw many vehicles of all types and conditions. Did some highway driving on the way home which I think must have cleaned the last of any carbon build up from city driving this past year...