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  1. I know this is an older thread and after reviewing it love seeing what information has come to light. My addition here won't help with the car per say but just recently found paper I had stored in the bottom of some drawers that would be period correct for when Craven owned the Graham. Sorry for the poor scan. (It is too big for my scanner)
  2. Show Us Your Buick Scale Models

    I just had to add this. I was at Mom's today and went downstairs to look in a cabinet that I knew had some car literature in it I saved when still at home. Sorting through two deep draws I find this... This was a newspaper I used when I painted those models. CAN IT BE THAT LONG AGO....
  3. That concoction, as you say, should take care of a few weeds.
  4. 1958 Buick Wheel Colour

    I would have thought that too Pete. My Limited is black but the front of the wheel is red and know neither Dad or I painted them way back in the late 60's when he bought the car. Thanks for looking.
  5. I should know this... but thought I would ask the guru's. Putting a set of wheels together for my Limited and want to paint the wheels / rims. The ones from my parts car have some faded red paint on the exposed side but are black on the inside. What is the correct painting for these? I like the red but want to do these once and correctly. Thanks (one that should know this by now... )
  6. Our 2009 Mini van does quite fine going forward (We live in flat land country) but trying to back up our driveway witch has a slight slope.... that's another story! To ensure happiness at home I try to shovel it before the wife get here!
  7. I drove my 1958 Buick Limited the first winter and the second I had my drivers license in the early 70's. Yes the bias ply 8.25 15" tires could slip if one pushed the four barrel a bit but slow and easy as has been stated won the day (as I learned ). Dad had a 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight and that 394 with four speed auto transmission needed to be tamed a bit so he went and bought oversized Snow Tires for her. (they were white walls no less ) We lived on a street with only 12 houses and were the last ones in our end of the City to be plowed out. Dad would always back the car in the driveway when he heard we were to get a sizable amount of snow so he could roll her down the slight grade we had and chew his way out to the main road. Once he had made that path, all the rest of the neighbourhood were able to get out too.
  8. Well, not Dad's grankids but... the "youngn's" in the neighbourhood he loved to take for rides.
  9. Show Us Your Buick Scale Models

    Here is my friction rear axle 1958 Buick Roadmaster with one of my trunk emblems for my full sized Roadmaster. I bought it in this condition but found out the plastic from those days does this.
  10. Saturday 6am... It was 0 degrees out with wind chill showing -25! The decision was made for me as to work out in the garage today... NOT! Later that morning I received a call from my friend who has let me drive some of his cars asking if I wanted to join him for dinner with the gang that does the weekly cruise-in's and does a winter Social to keep in touch. Joe drove and we were there for 5pm to hear they were expecting 40 or so. Some of the wives came which meant the conversation was well rounded and good to actually get to know people, not just their cars. During dinner a fellow came over to ask if we were an organised Car Club? Seems he had moved here from northern British Columbia four months ago and has a 1961 Chevrolet bubble top so looking for a connection. We took his email address and told him we would pass it to a fellow car owner (a restored Vellie) that took it upon himself to advise anyone willing to receive email all the events and car happening locally. Looks like we have another one in the fold. Soon it was time to leave and head back to Joe's to get my truck. He renovated his garage awhile back insulating it and has gas forced air heat. Sure was nice to feel the heat getting out of his Jeep. With his permission I took some photo's for you to enjoy. I know I do! (There is no Buick in there yet, but I'm working on him!) There is a 66 Continental factory authorised 36" stretch Limo along that back wall on the very right which is undergoing a full restoration. Truly envious of his garage...
  11. To catch up, today is Sunday afternoon and as usual had to adjust. Friday we all woke up to temps only 21 degrees, knew until my boy's truck was fixed, getting back in the garage (even warmly dressed) was going to be impossible till maybe sometime in the afternoon. Kid's!?..... As cold as it started out, he said he had thermal underwear on but... clothing looked awfully light for laying on the somewhat wet cold concrete, but what does Dad know right? Dang if the wind picked up and by 11 am it was down to 12 degrees! Changing a starter is only a one man job so I took off after loading up 200 lbs of scrap steel and a few Special specific parts to take over to the other garage. While there Mark calls me to say his battery is completely dead and did I have the battery jumper pack there? That thing had lost it's ability to hold a charge four years ago and had tossed it out but do have a spare battery on the shelf I keep up for just that need. So, back home to answer that COD for help request. With his truck pulled in the problem was having cables long enough to reach my battery if we used my truck so the portable spare battery was the answer. Once connect it started right away so he was successful but COLD!! Left to the Metal Recycle place, cashed in a whole 14 bucks and after putting gas in my truck went home. It was just too dang cold to spend a few hours out so went back to desk work warm and cosy. End of that day...
  12. Congrats on the Reatta Keith! Convert I hope? You and Glenda will look great cruising around TO with the top down. Trust this doesn't mean her other convert is on the back burner?
  13. Show Us Your Buick Scale Models

    These are my 32nd scale models completed as a young guy. Some are as one would expect of a young fellow quality wise. If you look carefully there is a Buick in there. While not a correct paint job and the wheels are not right, what did I know at that age... The wall cases are what Dad made me to house them one year after I had a fit when Mom came in my room once and started to dust them using her Hoover Vacuum Cleaner!