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  1. I did some digging and found where I had typed (yes, used a type writer) to put figures together on one sheet. These came from George H. Dammann's "70 Years of Buick" book published in 1973. What appears to be a difference of 42,162 cars made between my two Limited's one would guess that the VIN tags were not model specific as there were only 7,436 Limited's produced in total. I will be saving the door tag and cowl tag with a picture of her in her Glory Days.
  2. Well, One advantage of having cleaned up the garage some is being able to access the car when I want. Couldn't wait so took a shot of the Limited in the garage. Does anyone know the production sequence for Buick's in 1958?
  3. Took some time after work today to cleanup. Filled up the oil on my electric chain saw and got rid of the garbage trees that were preventing me from opening up the drivers side door on the Limited. It has been a long time since that door has opened and sprayed things generously to loosen things up. I need to check the door jamb numbers between this car and the one in the garage. I'm curious to know how close they were on the assembly line.
  4. dei

    film of 1960 HCCA Reno Tour?

    EXCELLENT VIDEO! Thanks for posting. I loved the dancing miner with his donkey.
  5. Being a working weekend no progress on the Special in regard to the water pump but had help late Sunday to pull the shed apart to access the Limited. It was a bit awkward moving one half out but doable. Sure made priming it easier. Next will be getting the chain saw out and some deforesting to access the drivers door... The daylight hours are getting shorter now as the summer comes to a close but took advantage of mild temperatures to relax a bit. Fortunately we have great neighbours and they came over to enjoy the night after smelling the wood burning. An hour here, an hour there, this scene will be just a memory.
  6. dei

    For Sale Water And Fuel Pumps to Sell

    Any 1958 Buick water pumps?
  7. dei

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I had experience with Mom's Buick Station wagon she bought new and was low miles after an accident years back and the Insurance gave her a low ball number. Bottom line, keep at them giving every bit of value and reason you can. Eventually they came up to a reasonable settlement saying that Insurance does not cover replacement costs... It sure didn't and her rates went up for the next three years as she lost her claims free rating! Hang in there. I'm pulling for you!
  8. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Went to get the Special today to help get to the Challenge and after warming up smelled something. Guess I'm down till I replace a water pump....
  9. So my camera survived the dunking! Brought it with today to shoot some video of going for a ride this evening but... After warming her up in the garage and backing out onto the driveway... Guess I will be replacing the water pump next before heading on down the road! 😥 A spot from the transmission is one thing but from the cooling system is a whole other issue!
  10. Well Jim, As stated I have never done coil springs before and know they can have devastating consequences if not careful so, went at it like this. Even without the engine and transmission weight I placed my floor jack under the extreme edge of the lower lower control arm and jacked the car up as high as I could. I disconnected the shock tower brackets from the frame as the shock nuts would not come off. Then I cut the stabilizer links (again since the nuts were rusted) to ensure lots of travel for the lower control arm to lower down... Then I carefully unbolted the four upper ball joint bolts while the jack was in place with what weight was on the springs. The last one of the four bolts was a bit tight as the spring pressure was in play but... There was enough weight of the frame and body to prevent the spring from "popping out" and at no time felt I was in any danger. I must say that I placed enough wood and such to support the frame/body after lowering the jack allowing the control arm to drop down and release the spring to it's non tensioned position. A little wiggling and VOILA! Safely dismantling is one thing but putting them in well... I'll cross that bridge if I ever have to cross it. The reason for saving them at this point is to give them to a friend who has a Limited and is having front spring problems.
  11. Concentrated on my shed yesterday so nothing on the Limited. I'm separating it trying to save and place both halves along side of the garage to still have storage for parts and such. That requires unscrewing a million nuts and bolts at the ridge beam and ends but fortunately most are brass. Painting it will be the next issue when put in place but it will be out of eyesight for the wife for the most part so... one thing at a time Dear. Waiting for my point and shoot camera to dry out so no pictures for now... Went to get the wheelbarrow which sat outside and had collected water from the few days of rain we've had. I leaned over to take some bricks out that were in there and... the camera fell out of my overhauls top pocket! S*#@! Took the battery out right away and the memory card then left it sitting in the sun on the wood pile for the day after blowing if out as best I could. Still hoping it will function OK.
  12. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    That's OK, it still had some exercise keeping things in order.
  13. Yes Sir they are a one year only part so be prepared Sebastian.
  14. No miles travelled this past weekend as we have had consistently rainy evenings / early mornings and flipping between cold and warm the few daylight hours when it stops ... Every time a hurricane gets going in the Gulf weather is screwy here...