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  1. Tom - I have a 1990-91 Directory from the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club . In the section titled "Cars and Their Members" It lists by year and body style all members cars AND VIN Nos. I was never a member , and do not know if they still list them this way , but there are over 100 '41 Cabriolets listed at that time. Neither of our cars are in that list Mike VIN 112611 Body No 90
  2. That's an EARLY one . mine is 16H-56-90
  3. I do know that very little wiring is underneath the car ; the taillight/trunk wiring comes up into the trunk . I can take photos of my trunk wiring. I never could keep the trunk light bulb lit - there is a switch
  4. All knobs were bought from John Moglia Grand Junction Colorado in 1990 , well before Keith The color is Capri Blue , yours may be different Mike
  5. Tom - I have a LOT of pictures of my 41 restoration - Here a a few from two years ago when I removed , rebuilt and replaced the engine. I'll have to dig for the restoration pics , as they were taken in the late '80's before digital. Mike Lynch
  6. 2 Years ago , I had to drop the tank on my '41 Continental to clean out the tank. I also replaced the sender gasket. On my first test drive . the car kept stalling out. It was when I loosened the (aftermarket ) gas cap that I felt the vacuum created from a sealed system. After I drilled a tiny vent hole in the cap all was well.
  7. I DO have good connectors under the hood. The connection I (and Jeff) are talking about is under the dash I will try Jeff's remedy
  8. YES as I had stated, everything is there (including the threaded steel rods) except the connectors. What do they look like and where can I buy them?
  9. After many tours with my LC , I now have problems . I noticed that the prior restorers used black electrical tape to hold the threaded rods from the carb choke and throttle and they have now separated. WHAT goes in this joint ?
  10. Actually , its a '41
  11. Thanks Jim , Sorry I missed it. But as I told your Pal Jeff , We only have one vacation this year and we're saving it for the Sept. Lincoln meet in Wi. so we can finally tour FLW's Taliesin . Should be quite a few V12's there.
  12. OKAY - LETS SEE SOME PICS - did a Capri Blue '40 Continental finally show it's face? and I see I have been demoted to a Junior member - that's ok , I had to repeat kindergarten too
  13. At last year's Gilmore meet , all cars that were at the meet had "professional" photos taken of them in front of the new museum. What ever happened to these photos? I myself was never contacted by anyone with an offer to purchase them , nor have I seen any of them.
  14. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/new-york/lincoln-continental-concept-first-look/ar-AAabUrI?ocid=ansMotorTrend11#image=AAabKfb|6