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  1. Lincoln-Zephyr pictures 2017

    Very Nice! I only had the time to drive ours once this summer.
  2. Tom - I have a 1990-91 Directory from the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club . In the section titled "Cars and Their Members" It lists by year and body style all members cars AND VIN Nos. I was never a member , and do not know if they still list them this way , but there are over 100 '41 Cabriolets listed at that time. Neither of our cars are in that list Mike VIN 112611 Body No 90
  3. Front to rear wiring harness 41 LC Cabrolet

    That's an EARLY one . mine is 16H-56-90
  4. Front to rear wiring harness 41 LC Cabrolet

    I do know that very little wiring is underneath the car ; the taillight/trunk wiring comes up into the trunk . I can take photos of my trunk wiring. I never could keep the trunk light bulb lit - there is a switch
  5. Front to rear wiring harness 41 LC Cabrolet

    All knobs were bought from John Moglia Grand Junction Colorado in 1990 , well before Keith The color is Capri Blue , yours may be different Mike
  6. Front to rear wiring harness 41 LC Cabrolet

    Tom - I have a LOT of pictures of my 41 restoration - Here a a few from two years ago when I removed , rebuilt and replaced the engine. I'll have to dig for the restoration pics , as they were taken in the late '80's before digital. Mike Lynch
  7. gas tank vacuum

    2 Years ago , I had to drop the tank on my '41 Continental to clean out the tank. I also replaced the sender gasket. On my first test drive . the car kept stalling out. It was when I loosened the (aftermarket ) gas cap that I felt the vacuum created from a sealed system. After I drilled a tiny vent hole in the cap all was well.
  8. Help on throttle / choke hookups

    I DO have good connectors under the hood. The connection I (and Jeff) are talking about is under the dash I will try Jeff's remedy
  9. Help on throttle / choke hookups

    YES as I had stated, everything is there (including the threaded steel rods) except the connectors. What do they look like and where can I buy them?
  10. After many tours with my LC , I now have problems . I noticed that the prior restorers used black electrical tape to hold the threaded rods from the carb choke and throttle and they have now separated. WHAT goes in this joint ?
  11. Continental 1940 in move

    Actually , its a '41

    Thanks Jim , Sorry I missed it. But as I told your Pal Jeff , We only have one vacation this year and we're saving it for the Sept. Lincoln meet in Wi. so we can finally tour FLW's Taliesin . Should be quite a few V12's there.

    OKAY - LETS SEE SOME PICS - did a Capri Blue '40 Continental finally show it's face? and I see I have been demoted to a Junior member - that's ok , I had to repeat kindergarten too
  14. At last year's Gilmore meet , all cars that were at the meet had "professional" photos taken of them in front of the new museum. What ever happened to these photos? I myself was never contacted by anyone with an offer to purchase them , nor have I seen any of them.