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  1. Excellent articles in the current Way of The Zephyr. I did not know you two boys went that far back. I myself at age seventeen was busy dragging old flatheads home from the surrounding farmyards , barns and fields outside of Milwaukee . This pic is from the early 70's. Those days are long gone.
  2. YES , we will be there in August , but still hard to move the '41 even today. And yes Jeff , she will be driving it into the meet (my wife drives 50% of the route) to the pleasure and consternation of many Mike Lynch
  3. 1941

    brake drum and axle

  4. 1941

    brake drum and axle

    I purchased a new housing so that I could remove and replace the same day without tying up a lift for so long. i
  5. 1941

    brake drum and axle

    Last year I bought the same three items from Alan Whelihan ; the drum was N.O,S. The housing was resleeved.
  6. 1941

    1941 heater system

    Lincoln offered two different heaters in 1941 ; hot air or hot water. Mine has hot air ; could show pictures , but it is in winter storage .
  7. 1941

    V12 pcv systems

    I totally agree with Jeff - My first year driving my 41 Cabriolet , I used 4 quarts of oil on a 400 mile trip , with windows open and top down. I tried a side breather tube to no avail . Then total rebuild with new aluminum pistons , rings , valves and seals . It took me 5+ years to rebuild it myself, but now do not use a drop of oil , nor do I have any blowby into the passenger compartment. GREAT engine if you maintain it and CHANGE THE OIL. Also do use MMO in the gas to quiet lifters. After 5,000 miles it still is great. Mike
  8. 1941


    VERY NICE - Where do you dig up this stuff ? Mike GO BADGERS
  9. 1941

    1941 steering wheel

    Steve - Find Alan here: https://www.lzoc.org/sources Nice Car. Mike
  10. 1941

    1940 Continental at auction

    SOLD ! $8100 Yikes!
  11. 1941

    1940 Continental at auction

    It definitely is a REAL 1940 Continental Cabriolet. The body number plate is still there on the firewall, 06H-56-58. If you do a search on Cargo-King , it is a 1955 Heavy-duty Ford Truck engine.
  12. 1941

    1940 Continental at auction

    Okay - yes the grille is '41 and dash is ?? steering wheel and door handles are 1940 but no top fender lites that would be on a 41 AND what is a "cargo KING" ?
  13. I know that Dave Cole kept track of all '40 Continental Cabriolets - Don't know if he has this one as a survivor. From what I can see it is body #58 VERY ROUGH https://wisconsin.hibid.com/catalog/111235/car-collection-of-jack-slattery-saturday--nov--4---10am/?q=513 Mike Lynch
  14. 1941

    Lincoln-Zephyr pictures 2017

    Very Nice! I only had the time to drive ours once this summer.
  15. Tom - I have a 1990-91 Directory from the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club . In the section titled "Cars and Their Members" It lists by year and body style all members cars AND VIN Nos. I was never a member , and do not know if they still list them this way , but there are over 100 '41 Cabriolets listed at that time. Neither of our cars are in that list Mike VIN 112611 Body No 90