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  1. Great Classic Sedans

    Yes, it is. As you know, Dan and Anne are lifelong Franklin family. The car couldn't be in better hands.
  2. Great Classic Sedans

    A friend's 1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster. Not necessarily what you would expect from the name, but I always thought the proportions were beautiful on this car.
  3. Great Classic Sedans

    Seeing how I started this thread, I give two-door sedans my blessing
  4. Great Classic Sedans

    I just saw this and could not agree with you more. Even with the Classics, practical concerns regarding the weather limited what could be done in many open cars. Really loved the pictures you posted of your car as well.
  5. I guess we need to toss (most of the) Pierce Arrows out of the club then
  6. 1940 Continental at auction

    My concern would be the lack of a title. States are really cracking down on this, and I'd hate to buy it only to find it went "missing" in 1966.
  7. Yep, so at this point we can only guess at the car's history and it's all speculation until I can get something more from the Benson Ford Research Center or some other place. I'll keep digging ...
  8. I agree that two-doors weren't used for the dignitaries, but as this picture with a Ford convertible coupe shows, two-doors were used as chase vehicles. I'm thinking if they used a '37 Ford, then a '38 Lincoln is certainly possible. Given the color and trim and delivery location, it's a possibility, but I don't have any evidence at this point.
  9. Great Classic Sedans

    I suppose I have to agree with you, but it goes without saying I wouldn't kick either car out of my garage for leaking oil!
  10. Hopefully someone here can help me: According to production records, my 1938 Lincoln LeBaron roadster was delivered to Alexandria, VA with black paint and medium brown leather interior. There were only two special request: 1) to add a radio, and 2) to delete the passenger side armrest. In talking with the Benson Ford Research Center, I learned that FDR's Brunn convertible sedan "Sunshine Special" was also delivered to Alexandria, VA, and also had the medium brown interior and armrest deletes in the back. Long story short, I suspect my car may have some connection to the U.S. Federal government, given its delivery location and configuration, but the Benson Ford has no records. I've seen pics of convertible coupes used as chase vehicles in presidential motorcades, but none of a car like mine. Does anyone know of any records of Full Classics purchased by the government? Thanks in advance.
  11. Great Classic Sedans

    Great example of a beautiful formal car.
  12. Great Classic Sedans

    K8096 got me thinking about Stutz. Another beautiful close-coupled sedan (I think that is the correct terminology?)
  13. Great Classic Sedans

    I dunno, bring the Packard and the Duesenberg to my garage and let me stew over it for a few years ...
  14. Comparing 1931 Cadillacs -- V8 vs. V12

    I'm not surprised that the V-12 with its more complex overhead valve arrangement might be difficult to deal with, but I wouldn't have thought the L-head V-8 would be problematic. Or was it some other part of the mechanicals?
  15. Great Classic Sedans

    Edinmass -- Wow, that car embraces the length of the sedan beautifully. With regard to being a Pierce-Arrow guy, no one is required to be monogamous when it comes to cars