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  1. Thanks, makes sense since I've seen them listed for different nailheads.
  2. Hello, Anyone know what the Weiand WB 4D fits? I'm surprised I can't seem to find anything with Google or searching on this site. Ebay listings go between the 322 and the 364. Thanks, Raul
  3. Thanks. Clicking on the Packard section takes me to the Ford section for some reason. Also, I was hoping someone had a used metal set for sale. Thanks for the response though.
  4. Anyone have metal skirts? Thanks
  5. Hello, Anyone have metal skirts available? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the help! I was worried that this small job was about to be a big job. Raul
  7. Hello, I had a leaking rear seal that destroyed the transmission mount in my 1966 Riviera. When I pulled the seal I found this hole. It looks like it was drilled. I'm not sure why someone would do that so I'm hoping it's supposed to be there. Thanks, Raul
  8. Andrea, I'm no expert but I've had a similar problem. It ended up being a clogged fuel line. As nice as your car is I doubt your tank is very rusty. Gas does go bad when sitting for awhile. Raul
  9. Thanks, I'm not sure about the tires. They wheels came with the car.
  10. I don't see how new car emissions changes anything with our cars.
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