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  1. psychostang

    1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    I see your point. Interesting, as my cowl tag has the star. It is an early build 65 Riv.
  2. psychostang

    1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    I believe the star denotes the optional custom interior as being present.
  3. Try This instead,
  4. Do you know if anyone has a Carter 3921s carb for sale?
  5. If what your saying is true about the crank hubs, then this may be just a 1963 block. Rotating assembly may be from somewhere else! I truly don't know. I'm not taking it apart. This car is not even driveable, I'm missing the taillight harness, and front/ rear bumpers are barely hanging on. I've got a lower ball joint to replace on the right front, and it needs a booster. I"m in the middle of doing a 4 wheel disc conversion.
  6. I do not know. It is actually a 66 ST400 trans. The SP circuit is not hooked up. I don't know what converter is in there. As far as the manifold is concerned, I just wanted to see what year it was. This car is a mish mash.
  7. Do you know if the intake manifold has a date code? I wonder what the difference is between a 4180s and 3921s. They both have heat riser choke. That's my problem right now. The choke was stuck, and I was able to free everything except the valve inside the housing.
  8. Code is JR546. That confirms the engine in the car is a 401 2bbl. Serial shows it from a Le Sabre 1963 built in South Gate California.
  9. Hello! Andrew here, from Lutz, Florida. Purchased a 1965 Riviera out of Colorado, last June. Was supposed to be an all original barn find. Was not. Engine serial number shows it to be from a 1963 Buick Le Sabre, with 2b carb. Carb has stamp 4180s on base. I believe this is a 1966 400ci carb, but I could be wrong. My question is what should be the correct carb, for a 1965 Buick Riviera with 401 and ST400 auto trans? I've included a pic of the eng serial as installed, and my vin. By the by, if anyone has seen the correct block for my vin, please let me know.