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  1. Ha, I just noticed that he has small script gran sport on the front fenders. This does not match the large script gran sport which is supposed to be on the left side of the tail panel.
  2. JJ, would you mind posting the ad, just so we can look at it? Thanks.
  3. Yes, that's what I meant. Fat fingers strike again!
  4. There were 445 Super Wildcat engines built above the amount included with the Gran Sport option. Does the glove box have a plaque that says Riviera Gran Sport. The plaque on the lower center console should say "Custom built for XXX", for 1965. 1963 and 1964 would say "Especially built for XXX"
  5. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    I haven't heard from anyone though. How long does it take for them to respond? Do they send me a id and password, so I can log into ROA member area?
  6. Found this on Facebook Marketplace:
  7. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    Joined yesterday with 3 year membership!
  8. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    Well, they wanted $315.99 for the 4 disk kit, with free shipping and 1 in stock. Unfortunately I have been spending lots of money, and the car isn't even drive able yet. So, even though the kit from Jeg's won't ship until 9/28, I couldn't pass up saving $45.80 cents!
  9. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    Thanks steelman, I had seen that before on So I decided to do a little more research into that part combo, and with a promo code of "SAVENOW" on, I was able to get the 4 wheel disk kit for $270.19. This includes a booster with brackets, m/c, prop valve and lines from m/c to prop valve. This is not a bad deal.
  10. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    I know there are options as far as aftermarket manufacturers, but I want to keep it GM. This keeps it inexpensive and I can go to any jobber to get parts. So do you have a recommendation on which year cadillac or firebird to source the M/C from? Should I get the booster from said vehicle, or will mine be ok.
  11. psychostang

    67 brake booster?

    So do any of you know what vehicle m/c would be appropriate?
  12. So I am considering swapping the 66 ST400 out of my Riviera for a 200-R4. Has anyone here performed this on their Riv?
  13. Ok, so I'm in the process of getting parts together to complete the 4 wheel disk conversion. My booster is a dead duck. I already have the 67 master. Is there any problem with using a 67 booster also. This is for a 65 Riviera.