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  1. SteveT

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    Road trip from Michigan , to Colorado to see family then up intp Oregon and Washington. First picture is I80 truck stop in Iowa to see the Trucking history museum , second was Jags and Java at Red Nolan Jaguar in Colorado Springs , where they placed me dead center in front of the dealer. On the way to Salt Lake City to visit a couple museums. Fried the alternator on I70 at the Frisco Colorado ramp , so currently at the Bayview Inn for the night. Alternator is off , will replace in the morning. Car is wonderfull on the highway , but is struggling a bit at the 11000 foot passes.
  2. SteveT

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Here I am at the museum
  3. SteveT

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    1st day of trip to Colorado , and Oregon , Michigan to Walnut Iowa today with a stop at the trucking history Museum in Walcott Iowa. Thank you to everyone who gave me tips to prep her.
  4. SteveT

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    this may be a longshot , but author Clive Cussler has a private museum in Denver Colorado , and his car of choice seems to be 2 door convertibles.
  5. there is very little I do not like about my Reatta. It is my daily driver , and is about to go from central Michigan to Oregon and back. When they introduced it , the thought of a hand built 2 seater fascinated me , but with 3 kids at the time real life prevailed. Fast forward to commuting 74 miles each way to Flint Michigan and the search was on for a comfortable , enjoyable car for the commute and my first Reatta was purchased , and lives now not 5 miles from where the old Craft Center was. They only thing I wish was that the transmission was strong enough to use this as the tow car for my teardrop camper.
  6. SteveT

    Natioonal meet in Colo. host hotel rooms

    would love to be there , will be in Denver 6-10 but will move on to Eugene Oregon for a wedding there on the 23rd. On a good note , I will be driving the Reatta from Michigan to Oregon and back. Will get some pics of it along the way.
  7. SteveT

    icm update

    just my 041 that I have been procrastinating about. Guessing earlier comments about the icm must be correct. coil packs check out ok , and problem goes away with old unit
  8. SteveT

    icm update

    and coils all test out good
  9. SteveT

    icm update

    old icm running fine , it is not low rpm , but at cruising speed only at constant throttle or deacceleration. pins and plug all good , i will returm icm
  10. SteveT

    icm update

    Sorry if I restate an old column , but a search of the forum did not answer my question. As part of getting ready for my West Coast trip , I replaced my coil assembly last week as it was oozing a bit. I used a new Delco ICM and coils for a 91 , and replaced wires and plugs at the same time with Platinum plugs and premium wires. Car starts much better , has better throttle response , but once I am above about 60 mph I have a terrible stutter under constant throttle or decelerating. Under cruise the car shakes horribly. Checked icm plug and pins , no visible issues. With son going into icu this week I have been shaking my way back and forth until this morning , reinstalled original icm/coil and shake gone. I was under the understanding that these were interchangable through about 94 model. Any suggestions? Cant afford to buy a second new icm and have it not work.
  11. sigh , timing sux. I will be in Colorado Springs with my Reatta the week before , but will be in Eugene Oregon for a wedding the 23rd.
  12. SteveT


    Prepping my 89 for a 5000 mile round trip to the Northwest next month for my brother in laws wedding. So now it is time to install the cam gear magnet I have been procrastinating about , and even though I just dropped a used set of injectors from my donor car in , I will install new injectors also. I know there have been a ton of improvements since these were built , what are the best injectors everyone has found to update to ? Also am pulling intake to reseal the ends and cure my oil leak , what is a good part number to replace the pcv valve grommet?
  13. SteveT

    Hubcap polish

    mothers mag and aluminum polish
  14. SteveT

    Hemmings online article on future collectable cars

    Ronnie , while I daily drive my 89 Reatta and a 1976 MG Midget , I also attend cruise ins and shows. I think the only way cars like these will continue to be bought and driven is through making people aware of them and how much fun they can be. I have spent time with many younger car nuts that were amazed how affordable parts are for my MG , a couple of who have bought their own. My oldest son is now driving an 89 Reatta I gave him and is having a riot , not only because he loves the way it drives , but also because of the amount of people who come up randomly and talk to him about it. If we care about stirring interest in these cars , we need to be out there with them , letting the younger car nuts see that there is alot more to these than a couple old grey hairs cruising at 5mph below the speed limit. I am actually planning on entering the Reatta in a couple of the autocrosses that use a more open track that the Reatta should do well at.
  15. Replaced the injectors on mine today , as it was getting harder and harder to start. It is so nice to have it starting right up. Still need to do the magnet for the cam sensor but that is for a different day. Buffed and waxed it , and installed a "new to me" tail light assembly off my parts car the has all the letters and which I had already wet sanded and cleared.Got started last night sanding down 2 wheels so that I can wet sand/buff them. I need to grab 2 more wheels and 4 center caps next time I am near my pole building so that I will have them all ready to install at the same time.