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  1. Lebaron wagon

    Not mine but something I’ve come across that looks nice. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/cto/d/1987-chrysler-le-baron-town/6402398541.html
  2. TC twin cam crankshaft

    What’s the location?
  3. Bought my 1st TC..

    Welcome! I also have a Cabernet/Ginger. I’m sure you’ll do some reading and come across some great info on preserving a tc on here. The best initial investment I think you can make is getting some leatherique and treating the seats before you start driving it. That old leathers probably very dirty and stiff. It works excellent and you’ll be glad you starting using it right away. Another thing I’d suggest is flushing the brakes and get some new dot3 in there. Mine had similar paint fade. This color didnt hold up well. In my opinion the Tc’s a car worth investing into especially for the price you paid. Good luck and can’t wait to see the progress! Andrew
  4. I used a permanent black sharpie. Worked great.
  5. Black soft top for sale in WI

    Forgot to add I won’t ship this. Pick up only
  6. Usable top but needs some work. Located near in WI 53146. $175 without glass $275 with glass. My plan was to refurbish it but I’ll never get around to it. I’m sure someone else could use it.
  7. Beautiful Ginger interior parts for sale.

    All parts have been sold at this time. Glad I was able to help bring a few Tc's back to life!
  8. Idle

    I have a brand new Mopar IAC. $60 shipped. Pm me.
  9. This is the SMEC from my 89 Masi 16v. I can't find anything under the 297 eprom. I see the 16V M/T SMEC cal should be 209. Is this a performance computer or something?
  10. Beautiful Ginger interior parts for sale.

    The entire 5 speed center counsel assembly's sold. Drivers side seat belt male end is also sold. Tons of good stuff left. Pm with interests.
  11. Beautiful Ginger interior parts for sale.

    Here are pictures of the parts, they are probably some of the nicer ones left in existence. I would like $100 for the burl wood knob $80 for the shifter assembly minus knob $80 for the shifter boot $80 for the center counsel with rear lamp I will offer you a package deal $300 for the whole thing. I don't have an arm rest sorry.
  12. Beautiful Ginger interior parts for sale.

    I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the good idea!
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I have an excellent condition ginger interior minus seats and arm rest. Most of it I'm willing to part with. If there's something you need PM me. I'll send you a close up picture of the part and arrange a price. Thanks
  14. AIC

    No problem! Good luck, I'll still have it if you ever need.
  15. AIC

    I have a NOS Mopar AIC still in box. I'd sell it to you for $45 shipped. Pm if interested