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  1. fused2x

    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Nice looking car. Do you have any interior photos?
  2. Jim, I may have a set of used ones. Are they square or round port heads?
  3. fused2x

    1920's Stewart Speedometer

    I would like to ship it to D&M Restoration in Greenville SC 29615
  4. fused2x

    1920's Stewart Speedometer

    I was wondering if it is still available if so I will take it. Thanks Bob
  5. fused2x

    repairing an ignition switch??

    I am working on a 1923 Columbia and the ignition key switch has been bypassed to an aftermarket switch and I would like to go back to using the original switch. Does anyone know where I can get this switch looked at? Thanks Bob
  6. fused2x

    ignition switch help

    Thank you 41Su8 actually live in NH so it is close for me. Much appreciated
  7. fused2x

    ignition switch help

    I have a 1923 Columbia Six and the ignition switch has been bypassed to an aftermarket one and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the original one rebuilt?
  8. How about a 1923 Columbia Six?