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  1. Please send me some pictures and details to shawn@ymanltd.com or feel free to call me at 314-614-4795. Thanks! Shawn Dougan
  2. Looking for an early Meteor automobile, all considered shawn@hymanltd.com
  3. Looking to purchase a 1916-1924 Columbia Six, preferably an open car, but all considered. shawn@hymanltd.com
  4. I am looking to buy cutaway engines. PLease let me know what you have! Shawn Dougan shawn@hymanltd.com 314-524-6000
  5. Need a 1915 Cadillac V8 engine, will consider all options from just a bare block to a complete engine, to even an entire car. Leads appreciated! Shawn Dougan shawn@hymanltd.com
  6. I have an immediate need for a restored Nash Metropolitan convertible, preferably a Junior or Senior winner. Please send photos and information. Shawn Dougan shawn@hymanltd.com
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