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  1. GV installation is not for the faint of heart. Major floor hump and frame surgery is needed to use it. My car is a daily driver rat rod that sees a lot of highway miles so I had to do something. Not sure if I would want to do it to a nice riv. That being said. It's nice to have the extra gear to knock down the 3.07 gear when doing 75 mph. Here's a link with some pics. I solved the shudder on takeoff problem a couple of months ago by lowering the carrier bearing pad inside the x-frame about 1".
  2. I have seen on forums were the Sebring seats needed the computer and I have also seen where they didn’t. All I hooked up was the power wire so the seat adjustments worked. I did test my seat belts by slamming on the brakes to see if they held and they did. The article where you needed computer was on a Corvair site.
  3. Those ought to be a lot more comfortable than stock. I did the same thing but I used Chrysler Sebring Conv. seats since they also have seat belts.
  4. I’m pretty sure Sea foam is just a fuel additive where mmo can be used in both oil and fuel.
  5. I like to put 6oz of MMO to a full tank of gas. Besides helping keep the combustion chamber clean it adds a little lube to the gas which keeps the ring and bore wear down.
  6. I found that the Stewart Warner green line closely matched the font and style of the factory gages. I also used aluminum angled gage pods to try and match the angle of the factory panel. I like how bright your gages look. I have the stock look but mine are brighter because I used 194 bulbs in place of the stock ones.
  7. I bought mine with the pertronix installed and my coil looks stock. I have about 10k miles on it so far.
  8. I like the look of your first riv.
  9. They are the same in appearance but the way they attach is different for each year.
  10. Thanks for the correction
  11. Saw this riv at an auto cross event early summer of last year. I don’t know any details but it looks like some money was spent on it. I wish I would of took more pictures.
  12. I have a rattle that jingles when I hit a bump and it comes from the rear on the driver's side. Is this the rattle you guys are talking about? I thought it might be the brake cable but everything looks tight. I pulled the rear brake drums and all the components looked tight. I was going to throughly check this out in this winter.
  13. That 52 super has just the right look. (Patina)
  14. My stereo has knobs, cd, aux jack, and USB memory stick plug in plus it matchs the dash really nice. But while it looks good in my car I'm not sure it would look good in a stock interior.