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  1. That should look good. You will have to use longer wheel studs if you use a spacer but you probably already know that.
  2. I know the 15x7 Chevy rallys have more backspacing than the 15x8 corvette rallys. Which doesn’t make sense but it is the case. Might be the same case with the Buick. Several friends of mine couldn’t fit the 15x7 rallys on their gm g bodies, because they would hit the rear frame rail with the tires installed. 15x8 rallys would solve the problem. It would appear from the pictures that any more than 4” of backspacing would hit the drum fins.
  3. I am running what appears to be the factory drums. Aluminum up front and cast iron in the rear. The drum fins look to be very close to the rim but still clear. I can take pictures if you want to see. I painted the front drums black where they would be seen through the wheels.
  4. Your combo will fit. My wheels are made by U.S. Wheel and are 15" x 8"'s with 4" backspacing (Bonus with this wheel is that the stock hub caps fit) and I have 295/55/15's in the rear and 255/60/15's in the front with no problems. The wheels even have divots to clear the front drum rivets. Had to do some slight clearancing for the front hub. All clearances are close in the back with the 2.25" exhaust pipes with some apparent rubbing at times that I never hear but can see when I take off the tires and see the shiny spot on the exhaust pipe. Even though there is over 1/2" clearance between the tire and the exhaust at rest. Must come from tight turns on inclines or declines. I have over 12,000 miles in 3 years on these wheels and tires.
  5. Fairbanks hit 96 in 1969, and the hottest recorded temp in Alaska was 100 degrees June 27 1915. at Fort Yukon.
  6. The Climate has been changing for millions of years without our input. So yes, climate change is real and we are smart enough to adapt to it. Seems like every decade is full of alarmists that talk about how we are all going to die. We were supposed to run out of food a long time ago because of overpopulation. In the 60's and 70's there was an Ice age coming. The was report after report in the 2000's by respected scientists talking about how bad things were going to get by 2012, then 2015. Acid rain in the 80's, Ozone holes, etc... How crazy do you think scientists would get if the drought conditions of the 1930's happened today in the U.S.. We were supposed to run out of oil a long time ago according to scientists of the 60's and 70's Now we have more oil reserves than ever, enough to last more than 100 years. And when we run out we will adapt to something new. People need to be educated on the benefits of oil and how almost everything that makes us live more comfortably comes from oil. The fringe environmentalist thinking has been slowly become more mainstream because of the constant bombardment of the liberal media, and teachers in schools. And no I am not one of the guys that think pouring used oil down a drain is ok or that the clean air act was a bad thing. (Exhaust pollution etc... was really bad in the 60"s and 70's and something had to be done.) No one talks about the benefits of climate change or how we can adapt to it. You can find that info but it's very hard because no one wants you to see it. Heck, There is a free app called "Inconvenient Facts" (Each fact is verified by three sources) that got so popular that Apple stopped all iphone users from being able to get it because it debunks so much of what you hear in the media. You can only get it if you have a Samsung android phone. It's always about how we are destroying the planet and that our children are all going to die if we don't do something. What needs to be talked about is how to use our resources responsibly and in such a way to not impact the way we live. Not all this chicken little stuff.
  7. The only way I know to remove the brake drum is to remove the front hub bearing assembly and the drum will come right off the spindle. You don’t mess with the rivits.
  8. Just wanted to update anyone that's interested. I tried several times, after removing pin on splines to see if all vibrations would be eliminated moving the to the factory spec. location. Unfortunetly, the way my shaft was welded, the spline spacing was about 43 degrees and 27 degrees. (I couldn't get it near the 33 or 37 degrees.) Both of which enhanced vibrations in the 40-45mph area and 60mph on up. So I ended up putting it back at 0 degrees and my vibrations went away. Except for above 70mph which isn't really that bad. This is on a gear vendors, overdrived 64 riviera with a shortened driveshaft.
  9. I will see if that is possible. Got to clean it up first to see what’s what.
  10. If you look real close at the 12 o’clock position between the splines, there is a pin, which I intend to grind out.
  11. Driveshaft your commenting on runs smooth till 70mph. I'm thinking if I phase it right it will work perfect.
  12. I just looked at an earlier post by telriv which answers my question. Looks like I have to do some grinding.
  13. Does someone have a picture of a factory 64 riv. driveshaft so I can compare. My yoke could have been welded on wrong.
  14. Looks like a 64 goes on at 0 degrees and you can’t change it.
  15. I don’t think phasing for the 64 riv driveshaft is required or is possible, because of the 2 cv joints. 4700 series is the riviera. Picture below is the 64 service book which doesn’t mention 4700 series. Maybe I will do it anyway to see what happens.
  16. Telriv, MAJOR mods are needed to add a gearvendors. Trans tunnel was raised an inch which requires cutting an inch out of the shifter bracket so the console fits right. Also frame was gusseted on the outside before removing part of the inside of the frame to make room for the overdrive. Lots of pictures on one of my earlier posts. My car is a daily driver and I would not attempt it on a nice Riviera.
  17. Interesting information on the shuddering cure. I knew I had to get my trans mount as high as I could go since I was adding another 18” to the stock location of the yoke. And since the slope of the stock engine Tranny combo trends downward, I shimmed the trans as high as I could to get the stock angle. And I was sure I could get close since I moved the tranny tunnel an inch higher. Here’s a pic of the driveshaft
  18. Since I caught this post kind of late I would like to add my experience. I installed a Gear Vendors overdrive behind the turbo 400 in my 64 riveria. Stock, this car comes with the yoke in the tranny, going to a carrier bearing then the shaft with the two CV joints. I had no vibrations above 5 mph. but there was a shudder below 5mph under heavy acceleration. After 3 years of living with this I found this was also a problem with Tacoma 4x4's and the solution was to lower the carrier bearing. Very hard to do in a Riviera. So last year or two, I did it. It required cutting the carrier pedestal (for lack of a better word) out of the frame and lowering it. Then I used body shims (currently 1/8") to slowly raise the carrier bearing to where I was just getting a barely noticeable vibration at WOT below 5mph. Moving it there seemed to add slight vibration above 70 mph where I didn't have it before, which I can tolerate. I guess to sum things up, I would think the double CV's would alleviate a lot of your problems as my transmission assembly is quite a bit longer than your 700r4 and I'm not having any issues to speak of. And the Overdrive is real nice. I will post a pic. of the drive shaft today as I currently have it out for its annual lube.
  19. Sunvisors can be bought brand new but are pricey. I think classic industries sells them. I sewed mine back together where they split. Dan Jackson 313-516-1289 in Michigan parts them out so he should have everything you need. Probably better options locally for chrome though as there would be less of a chance for pitted chrome in the southwest.
  20. I daily drive mine to work (64 Riviera) when the weather is good. I have an Electric choke also and it works great. Drove it to work today (40 degrees) and had no problems. I can start and go if I want to (which I did today because I was late taking my daughter to school before I go to work) I never ran the stock choke before so I don't know what I'm missing, but the electric one works great.