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  1. Digger914

    Knock-off wheel removal

    Matt, trust your fingernail for direction and don't be timid about changing directions every couple of whacks with the hammer until you get something that resembles movement. Even anti seize doesn't last forever and if the tires are old enough to have come with the car getting the spinners off could be the easy part.
  2. Sounds more like you pinched a wire or two with the switch replacement and blew a fuse or two in the testing. You wouldn't be the first to do this.
  3. Digger914

    Trade advice,comments

    Apples to oranges the MGB has driver side leg room to spare for drivers over 6 feet tall, not nearly as much on the passenger side which is about equal to a Model A truck. The Model A truck has more head room than an MGB roadster with the top up and the Model A windshield frame doesn't block the vision of a six foot tall driver. Gravity helps driver and passenger get into an MGB, gravity helps them out of a Model A. The Model A has a very narrow bench seat, driver and passenger are constantly banging elbows. The MGB has bucket seats with a narrow center counsel where driver and passenger are constantly banging elbows. Should you encounter one on the highway at night, the Model A will not fit under the belly and between front and back legs of a full grown horse, the MGB will. The Model A will provide considerably more driver and passenger protection should you encounter a large dog or small deer. The MGB has a better brakes than the Model A and the headlights being closer to the pavement than the Model A do a better job of illuminating big dogs and small deer in time to use them. Both vehicles have 4 cylinder engines, neither has adequate room for mens size 11 boots to easily operate all the foot controls. Trades are very seldom equal, but they should always be fair. The last chrome bumper MGB is probably not an equal trade for a Model A truck, but an MGB that won't go over 65 isn't an equal trade for a good running MGB and even a good running rubber bumper single carb with catalytic converter MGB does better that 65 on the open road. The Model A can easily reach speeds in excess of 65 on a long steep downgrade, but may also need to be driven in reverse to traverse a long incline. The MGB can maintain a speed of 65 on a steep incline and are great hill climbers. People always smile when they see a Model A in a parking space, they usually don't notice an MGB until they try to use the space.
  4. Digger914

    My UPS driver did this

    No facebook for me, no twitter either, my cell phone has an off switch and life is good.
  5. Digger914

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    If you don't have a bad wire connection and pulling the MAP plug doesn't get you started you might just need the ECU and luckily the car is old enough that the ECU doesn't need to be programed to the car so you don't need special tools and software to install a remanufactured or good used part. This might help and it could be a wild goose chase. A few years back, more than 10 less than 20, I got a rust free 85 Firebird V6 out of Nevada, everything that baked in the sun needed to be replaced. The car was low mileage, the air blew cold and it ran like a champ until it did about the same thing to me as your car is doing to you. I was in a parking lot, no code from turning the key to count light flashes and pulling the MAP didn't get it started, but it seemed like it wanted to start. Eventually I got mad and put the gas peddle to the floor and cranked the engine like it had a carburetor. The car started, it ran like crap, blew black smoke out the exhaust and I had to play with the foot feed all the way home. I checked for vacuum leaks, replaced the MAP, then the throttle position sensor, then checked every wire and cleaned every connection After I replaced the engine computer I had the car towed in to Pontiac. $1.50 in parts and a couple hundred dollars in labor later, I got the car back and it was running like a champ. A vacuum T was melted almost closed on one end, you couldn't see it with the hose on, it wasn't laying on the engine block or exhaust manifold and the mechanic that handed me the bad part couldn't say for certain what caused it.
  6. Digger914

    '95 Riviera engine races

    IAC and or vacuum leak would be my first two best guesses for things that need parts to repair, but I do suggest cleaning the throttle body before chasing phantoms and spending money on parts.
  7. Digger914

    Brake lights on again!

    Expecting a 54 Pontiac to be wired like a 54 Chevy, I can only suggest disconnecting the brake switch to eliminate a possible steering column / turn signal or harness short before tearing the brakes apart.
  8. Digger914

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    @Caddy59, With mechanical distributors the 9 volts isn't exactly set in stone, and at 10 years old some controllers didn't work at 10 volts while others worked well enough to get you home from 20 miles away with a fried alternator and a battery so low that turning on the headlights, or even pushing in the cigarette lighter drew enough power to kill the engine. Spritzing is the English spelling of spritzen, und ich nech seir gut spell auch Deuitch
  9. Digger914

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    With world wide parts sourcing, programing software for computer controlled cars is the only real mystery that manufactures have to protect parts sales and service. I have recently discovered that marine propulsion has its own illuminati as I purchased an old boat to get the 1971 black Mercury 650 and it is nothing like the little red headed Scott Atwater that I kept running for years and years and years.
  10. Digger914

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    The multiport defaults to all spritz on start because the engine doesn't know which cylinder is next to fire until it gets position signal. Choke on starting is a computer thought process that considers sensors from throttle position, engine temp and air to feed the injectors. If the engine controller doesn't see crank signal it stops spritzing fuel. Pulling the MAP forces cold default start readings and with spark moving from plug to plug as you've described you should get a good spritz of fuel. Be careful with this, tube your injectors to a safe collection location, spritzing fuel with sparking plugs, can cause explosive flash. As you have fuel pressure, if you spritz no fuel you are looking for wire connection or engine controller.
  11. Digger914

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    OBD1 has a habit of deleting codes that are not hard engine threatening codes when the ignition is shut off and my favorite first roadside trick for this specific failure is to make sure the butterfly in the throttle body isn't stuck closed, the air filter is clean enough to pass air then unplug the air sensor and if the engine starts and runs replace the sensor before you ruin the catalytic converter. More than a dozen things, some common and some you have to be kidding kind of odd can cause these same symptoms, a couple of the more common causes have already been covered. Unplugging the MAP forces default readings and if the engine starts you've found the problem, if not it eliminates one of the you've got to be kidding odd problems.
  12. Digger914

    capital gains taxes on old cars

    The advice my accountant gave me is "declare every cent you make and take every write-off you can. Tax avoidance is your right, Tax Evasion is a crime." Capitol gains is reportable with any property that you sell for a profit and collector cars are no different, but they are bigger than a bread box and they don't stack and store while you wait for them to hatch. A good sharp pencil and you figure out everything it took to create, maintain, even store the car, down to the percentage of utilities and property tax per sq. ft. of space over the period of years. By the time you deduct every paper towel and drop of glass cleaner used to keep this "collectible" in the kind of condition necessary to create the impression of profit, you might just document a capitol loss. When it comes to estate planning, the larger the estate, the more documentation it takes and a Living Revocable Trust, when properly and carefully funded can be a tremendous instrument.
  13. Digger914

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    Something about the sound of an old VW that reminds me fun, but figuring out if the car is a good buy at $5,500 takes some number crunching. A perfect VW pan, motor and running gear is a couple grand worth of good parts. Wheels and gage set adds another couple hundred bucks and that gets you to about half the asking price. Safe reliable transportation is always worth something and good on gas is a plus. VW's don't cost much to run. The car looks good, but it's a knock off, from a distance and at the right angle a look alike, not a real 1929 Mercedes SSK. Real or not, it is an eye catching, stand out from the every car looks alike crowd and like knock off designer purses and counterfeit watches, there is always someone who can't afford the original who will buy the copy and that means the replica body in great condition is worth a couple grand to someone. Personally, I don't think the car is a good buy at $5,500, but if it runs as good as it looks it's a fair asking price and somebody, somewhere, will pay that much to have that car.
  14. Digger914

    Engine scanner

    For light weight, hand held, easy of use, my Autoxray 5000 is still my go to engine and tranny scanner and with the updates added over the years it is the 6000 with a 5000 label on the face. There are still some new in the box Autoxray 6000's available, I wouldn't get the 7000. Autoxray got bought by SPS and they did a terrible job of supporting what should have been the best all round and affordable hand held scanner on the market. The 6000 comes with generic OBD 2 and extended code set for a dozen manufactures along with the backwards computable OBD 1 for Ford, Chrysler and both OBD 1 ALDL GM connectors. It does not do ABS or SRS, for those functions along with OBD 1 & 2 engine and powertrain. I think the OTC 3211 and for a couple hundred bucks it gets you a very versatile hand held OBD 1 + 2 scanner that does ABS, SRS and it's not the scanner that I bought when I upgraded. Replacing parts in late model cars even tire pressure sensors, requires a tool for system programming and that means having a tool that is factory software updatable..
  15. Digger914

    1983 Buick Riviera w/32k original miles value

    Customized; the car is dead in the survivor and classic market, but a 35 year old car with 32K miles still has value as good transport and if one of the music videos goes viral, you enter a value added niche market.