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  1. Advice Needed! Anyone have this happen???

    From the color of your brake fluid, my best guess is you had enough moisture accumulation to freeze a valve half open. Didn't mention when I first spotted this picture with the dirty fluid because for this to happen you need to be in the right climate, the brakes need to sit unused long enough for the moisture to separate from the fluid and you need enough moisture in the fluid to plug a port or hold a valve open when it freezes. Don't know what part of the country you're in, but what you're describing here sounds like this could have happened,
  2. Chrysler Maserati TC Wiper motor linkage

    The TC might be a rare car, but there is nothing rare about the wiper mechanism and even though you took the whole thing apart to replace bushings, odds are against your getting the mechanism into the car with something put together upside down and backwards. My best guess is that you didn't run the new wiper motor to the park position before you put it back together. You will need to separate the motor from the assembly, use vehicle power to run the motor to park, and when you put it back together you should be good to go. On questions like this, a picture is all you need to get the right answer the first time and if getting the motor into park position didn't solve your problem, post a picture. Just because the odds are against something doesn't mean that it couldn't happen.
  3. Show me your Foliage!

    With rain changing over to snow predicted for today I was barely able to finish grinding up the remaining fall foliage. I did however get a good top down photo of the convertible surrounded by the brilliant colors of late October in Minnesota.
  4. ABS Brake Book

    Don't know if it has extra info, but the troubleshooting procedures are written for brake shop service and not geared towards factory test equipment dealer service. I only glanced through the 1990 section and probably wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't had (not for 88 and 89) in the title. Knew that the pressure switch was different between the two didn't, know that it is used to visually determine which ABS controller was installed. After carefully perusing the entire GM Tevis section, I found that the GM tool number breakout box is the just a breakout box of a different color, the same pressure bleed adaptor used on Jag and Ford rear wheel drive with Tevis can be used on GM, bleed pressure is different for FWD and the only real difference in 90 brake operation verses 89 is the addition of a 60 sec run flasher relay to protect the pump from overheating, and the all the wiring to place that relay in the circuit.
  5. ABS Brake Book

    Found the 1985 to 1990 Domestic Car Front End and Brake Service manual while cleaning out my garage, has everything Reatta 88-90 ABS brake you could ever want to know. It's a big thick book and over 100 pages just for the 1990 and it will need to be scanned one page at a time. Before I spend hours doing that, can someone tell me how to post something that big into the forum
  6. "She"?

    Bought brand new, slightly used, or classically aged, all my cars and trucks have been "It's" as in "It" starts, "It" won't start, "It'"s broke, "It's" fixed and the ever popular you rotten piece of *#!t. On rare occasion I have used "she" when describing something unexpected. Never named a car, but from my trusty Dodge Shep to my not so trusty truck Hemorrhoid, all my trucks have eventually earned a name.
  7. 1953 Special 2 DR HT with 3 speed Manual

    Looks like hydraulic clutch assist for amputee
  8. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Years ago the Mini's used to race every winter on the frozen lakes of Minneapolis, don't remember what it cost to watch, but considering how tight my dad was with a buck it had to be darn near free.
  9. Inventory of junk yards (please help)

    100 acres of classic cars and they are bound to have something you want or need http://www.frenchlakeautoparts.com/
  10. Trico wiper blades

    Refills not as prominent on the shelves as they used to be so what you are looking for might cost more than replacements and you might have to order. Google (wiper blade refills) and see if any store near you stocks them
  11. Lagonda Rapiers

    All that work and then to have the flange break. Just looking at the picture is a bit disheartening. Have to ask all about the cereal box gasket. I have one half sheet of 1 mil gasket paper left and haven't seen it sold anywhere in years. Obviously this has worked for you in the past or you wouldn't be using it again, so how long does it last? and do you put the printed side to toward the block or the carb?
  12. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    2 door Buick 3 holler as an investment? Maybe. Gold is an investment, or is it? Seems to be today, but if you bought gold back when silver hit $50 an ounce, you sat on that gold a long time before it was again worth what you paid and the price of silver is still less than it's 1970's high. No investment is guaranteed to be worth more than you paid today when you want, or need to divest. When the market is declining, precious metals are easier to sell than precious cars so cars are more like investing in art than investing in gold. With art and old cars you always get your money's worth when you buy what you like and enjoy what you have. If it goes up in value so much the better, if not you got to enjoy what you had while you had it.
  13. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Nothing wrong with a Chinese trap that a 5 gallon bucket of ice water and 25 feet of air hose won't fix. Build yourself a poor mans condenser between the compressor and the first water trap by putting a coiled length of air hose into a bucket filled with as much ice and as little water as possible. Don't let the first water trap get more than half full, keep the water in the bucket ice cold and your airline will stay dry.
  14. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    Abandoned vehicle or even buying a title works for some cars, but it will stand out like a sore thumb on this car, especially if the car is what it looks to be. This is an estate deal, estates have stated values and states take a percentage when probated. Probating an estate creates a paperwork trail and if this was a $7,500 retail car, odds are nobody would take the time to look. If this car is what it looks to be and sells for what it could within so many years, that paperwork will eventually be checked. This thread should have been titled How do I get the title not Creating a clean title. The OP stated he is executor to his brothers estate, that the car had Minnesota collector plates, that his daughter inherited the car and that she now wants to sell the car. We don't know what state his brother was a resident of when he passed, all we know is that the car had Minnesota collector plates and from the posting we can assume that the car is presently in Florida.
  15. edwardsfrank66@gmail.com

    When you get or see something like this and you've decided to take the time to post here, please take the time to report this to the FBI. This is called Wire Fraud and it's a Federal Felony, when the offer includes shipping parts across state lines it adds Mail Fraud, another Federal Felony to possible charges. Sure it takes time to report this and when you do, for all outward signs it will appear that the FBI does nothing more than answer the phone and take your report. Believe it or not this is a very important part of getting a Wire Fraud complaint prosecuted. Eventually somebody somewhere will get scammed out of money and even a thousand dollar loss by wire fraud isn't enough to get the scammer prosecuted, but attempting to scam one dollar from a thousand people is. The world has a lot more crooks than it has cops and courts, so the US Attorneys Office won't prosecute Wire Fraud for a single incident, add a couple hundred reports of un successful wire fraud postings and contacts to a theft report and it's not an isolated incident. So help raise the cost of getting caught trying to scam here and make the report.