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  1. Not all that often that I know exactly where to get something and I was going to attach the link, but Amazon has a better price on 12vdc to 6vdc 10amp step down power converters. Don't know what you did with the radio, but anyone with an old radio will find this link useful http://www.wjoe.com/elect_kits.htm
  2. Novice winching car with no front spindles

    Four wheel dollies are good for towing but they are wider than the average car trailer bed. On solid ramps wheel dollies have trouble where the ramps meet the ground and the bed. If you have a ramp style trailer and a good strong winch 4x4 skids will help you get it on and get it off. Having done the hold the beer and watch this, don't forget the beer. You might just need to get a couple of big crazy people to help.
  3. Convert slides to digital?

    If you already have a 3 in 1 color printer scanner fax you can get a slide carrier that lays flat on the glass and holds your slides in place for a few dollars give or take depending on where you buy it. Then you only need to figure out how to set them in so you don't save them backwards and upside down.
  4. How have you handled this situation ?

    As much as I like dealing in cash, I'm with Mat on this "if there is a branch of his bank near you, you can go together and get a bank check while you wait. That way you know it's good." Even cash is nothing more than a picture printed on a piece of paper and North Korea makes 100 dollar bills good enough to fool the machines in the casinos and clear the local bank.
  5. Trailer Tires

    Looked at this post a couple of hours ago and didn't have time to reply so I have no idea how Weed got into the picture without any mention of its booming sister city Yreka. Now that I've put in my plug for Yreka, I can mention an overlooked cause for tandem axel trailer excessive tire wear and catastrophic tire failure. Alignment and an axel tweaked out of place by an 1/8 of an inch can eat up two sets of tires in a thousand mile trip. Also have to put in a plug for stability control, required on all new cars since 2012. Have stability control with electric brakes for towing a boat on my little Saab wagon and considering that the boat probably weighs as much as the car, I haven't had any trouble with the tail wagging the dog.
  6. 1963 Ford Fairlane trim question

    Go to car-parts.com fill and the blanks and you will find a dozen full trunk lids and you can also find trim.
  7. Mr. Willys got a bath today!

    Mr. Willys looks pretty good washed up, all shinny like he is he should sell pretty quick and congrats on selling the Lincoln. Cleaning out dads place isn't easy, on the bright side his place is in Texas and when you get back to Oregon, you won't be driving past it on your way into town.
  8. Heirloom Tools

    This is the tool for cutting round gaskets, never seen one before and I like it. Gave my brace and bits to a neighbor and don't miss having it around. I still have a star drill and I've used it in the past 20 years, sometimes the old way is still the best way, but luckily not to often. The tool I had and used until it wore so bad that it literally fell apart was a squeeze handle yankee screwdriver, anyone know where I could get another.
  9. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    My biggest screw up was not checking to see if my brand new torque wrench actually worked like it should. On the low end it was way to high, on the high end it was way to low and lucky for me no one got hurt.
  10. SOLD! 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    A bogus website interfering with your sales is something every company needs to know about. The call center is all trained up for handling normal questions and calls. For something like this I find it's best to start at the bottom and If they can't, or won't help, ask them to pass you up to a supervisor and work your way to the top so it can come back down to the person it needs to get to. The call center (866 540 3229) is great for this because they record calls and if there is no procedure for something like this, the call center calls can be used to develop one. If escalating to a supervisor gets you the run around Devin Wenig is the man up top, but his secretary is the better person to talk to and if you need to direct dial corporate, the call center call will be reviewed.
  11. SOLD! 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    I kind of figured the site was overseas and EBay would only need to file a complaint with the search engines to have the site disconnected if they copyright. That would get them suspended, if they come back up without purging all EBay listings they can be shut down forever? Which means they have to change the name. A good wire fraud complaint doesn't stop them either, but it does make knowingly helping the scammer move money aiding and abetting, changing names doesn't change that involvement. It's all a question of risk vs. reward and the US Attorneys Office might not be able to do anything about the people overseas, but it can certainly make it unpleasant for the any complacent financial organization here. See the United States v The Western Union Company.
  12. SOLD! 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Three places to report, two are easy and the third is a ton of paperwork. The three EBay adds get reported to EBay, if they copyright their material they can end this site in a heartbeat. Go back far enough on this site and you will find your original AACA posting and yours isn't the only AACA posting that I recognized while looking through what's available. AACA might not have the resources to pursue this, there are a couple of posters here that could. The third place is the FBI, don't know what you got back from the site, but if they tried to sell you your car, you have proof of wire fraud. Don't expect immediate action, even when you write the complaint in US Attorney indictment format for easy copy and paste, personnel available resources are limited, so investigation and charges take time. The first one I wrote took 9 years to get from complaint to conviction.
  13. SOLD! 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Not sure how this site works, but I've been chasing down Bentley's found on http://topclassiccarsforsale.com and not making any headway, I looked to see what else was listed and found this Lincoln showing up with 3 separate postings all copied from ebay with links to contact seller. So on classic cars, the auction may be over, the car may even be sold, but the add for the car continues to run and who knows for how long.
  14. SOLD! 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car $7500

    Having bid on some ebay stuff and not having won the item, I have been notified that I could still win the item if the seller drops the reserve, for $5 difference between high bid and reserve it's something worth looking into.
  15. How warm is it where you are?

    This winter dog story made the news