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  1. Bud Tierney

    Rebuilding 1951 Dodge

    By all mean pursue that oil leak---supposedly burning a quart every 40 miles or so should belch out clouds of smoke.as well as foul some of he plugs, if not all... Plus, as mentioned, you may've been replacing that first quart that some of these engines habitually blow out of he engine Look under it for evidence of oil blown/leaked out of engine, back on trans, underbelly. Does it drip where parked??? Undoubtedly it's burning some; if you do rings it's considered good form to do bearings. The theory here is that if rings worn , engine has enough miles to have some bearing wear, no problem as reduced compression lessens strain on bearings---BUT, beef up compression with new rings, that extra power is beating on worn bearings, not good. And (sigh) as mentioned above, while it's apart you might as well do the valves, or at least check them, ----that's always the quandary: how much to do when its apart, considering proposed use, financials etc...
  2. Bud Tierney

    Ruggles Truck?

    If you're anywhere near a decent public library, they'll usually have reference copies of one or the other of Georganos' World Trucks---a comprehensive reference work Mrozs' US Truck/Comm'l Cars Ency--very good on US stuff---either very handy for looking upinfo on long gone makes Georgano also published a little World Truck book just listing names, addresses, years of prod, type and country of origin but no thumbnails...
  3. Bud Tierney

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    Did they have the little front vent windows as early as 31?? Well, fools rush in---is something that goes thru the circular parts clamped when the handle pushed down?? If so, extyerior trunk tie-down clamps?? Didn't google for pic; more fun guessing...
  4. Bud Tierney

    Lycoming 4 Cyl engine

    Reviewing this thread again, I can certainly sympathize with Rusty...a few points: Did you verify you have a CE (engine tag, stamping?)...something else might've gone into it at factory or later... Did you verify any reciprocating parts replaced were same weight as what came out (same material not reliable for weight) this is a major requirement... Was Club able to verify parts pulled out were original (if vendor replacements car might've had vibration before parked)... You keep hoping some kind soul will call in with a cure, but remember what the Russian fisherman say about being caught out in a storm--"pray to God but row towards shore"---you must actively post around, asking for help---I don't see you on aths, justoldtrucks or smokstak (can't get into oldihc.org)...my apologies if you're on other sites..;. How about your race car rebuilder?? 30 yrs only goes back to 1988, and you've a 23. This's not an intimation of incompetence, but the possibility that if he has little or no experience with period engines, there might be some period (or Lycoming) idiosyncrasy he 's never heard of.. The Club should've provided other owners to contact; since Gardner used Lyc's exclusively, they should know if any vibrating 4s have a particular cause or causes; what did they say?? The Club should be able to name someone familiar with rebuilding Lyc's that you can contact for help/aadvice/sympathy......
  5. Bud Tierney

    Water Pump Plugged in My 49 Dodge Coronet

    I say potayto, she says potahto...
  6. Bud Tierney

    Water Pump Plugged in My 49 Dodge Coronet

    (Sigh) Assuming that poor thing sat long enough to rust up like that, you may be looking at the tip of the iceberg---brace yourself before pulling the head and pan...
  7. Bud Tierney

    Lycoming 4 Cyl engine

    Reviewing this thread, I see no mention of whether the car ran before the overhaul and, if so, whether the vibration only showed up after overhaul. If purchased non-running, any previous owners statement that "it ran fine until" might've been, well, marketing... If purchased non-running, did engine show any evidence of recent work?/ (someone may've attempted engine work/overhaul, goofed up something, decided to dump it)... Nevertheless, Gardner was a quality car; it's highly unlikely the car came from the factory with vibration strong enough to be worrisome... Have you been able to contact any other owner of a running CE or any C-Series engine?? If so. what was their opinion of their engines? While the Cs only got into a few cars per my old catalogs, they went into at least 15 truck makes, so a few should be around running for comparison... :
  8. Bud Tierney

    Torquing bolts/studs

    A recent inquiry for pre-war torque specs reminded me of an old question. My experience was all from the pre-torque wrench days---we just snugged 'em down, warmed 'em up good , snugged 'em a little more and watched for leaks, trying again after running for a few days, always keeping in mind we seldom replaced any nuts, bolts, or studs. that everything was old.... So==what's the "understood" conditions for the torque settings in the various bearing catalogs...just as the nuts/studs/bolts came off/out??---nut threads eyeballed, studs hit with a wire brush, bolt block threads "cleaned", blown out?---all really, carefully cleaned?---not all bearing catalogs list torque; in those that do I find no such info/recommendation... We did try to remember to look for pulled or poor threads when something'd blown a head or manifold gasket (try being the controlling element here)...this was all shade-tree work...... I've always assumed oiling and/or new nuts/studs/bolts also affected torque optimums...
  9. Bud Tierney

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Thjis sounds like a problem for the IATN... IATN is Int'l Auto Tech's Network, a professional membership only outfit which has a forum to which professional techs post their screwy and weird problem not covered, or poorly covered, by factory TSBs/ manuals, etc... You have to question your service people (and maybe ask for some evidence of membership?)...if they say "..oh, no, we have factory reps to consult, we have all the TSBs and Alldata (Alldata doesn't seem to really have All The Data) go somewhere else... I had a sweet little 4cyl Chev Cavalier wagon (letting it go was dumb!!) that developed an engine-racing problem...went to local shop...replaced sensors...raced...shop sent to their computer specialist...replaced more...raced...(would go 40 with foot off the gas) shop sent to dealer, gave dealer detailed time log of performance, prior work...they "consulted factory"" said fixed...on way home...yeah, raec. (I don't think they touched it).. Was lucky enough t0 have friend with relative who modified cars (performance/racing) who coded own car computer systems.....he gave up on it, went to wrecking yard, got three computer inserts (looked like a little comb)...one ran engine fine, but no lights, second everything worked but engine ran poorly altho didn't race, third was charm, everything worked normally. and did until car sold years later... Computer cars are like " the pretty 'lil.girl, with a pretty 'lil curl, right in the middle of her fore'ed.... When she was good, she was very,very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid...
  10. Bud Tierney

    1932 Hupp Engine Color????

    I can only comment on one Hupp, a 32 "I" 4dr 8 we once owned---if that engine ever had any paint on it, every speck of it was long gone by the time we bought it..my faded Cal title slip sez 6-1-59... Wouldn't so comment except for what was obviously an impressive, expensive car outside, its interior was plain to a fault; we'd always assumed the factory was on some kind of emergency cost-reduction program, saving on things like basic--very basic-- upholstery and touches like engine paint... Reminds me of my Mothers old country phrase, something like (phon) Ober Huey, Unten Pfooey (nice on the outside, no so nice on the inside)...in Hupps defense, it was probably built in late 31 or early 32. no time to be spending any more than you had to...
  11. Bud Tierney

    Continental 6E in 1923 Flint - info needed

    SPINNEYHILL---hey, it worked; many thxx!! Only had this computer since 96 or so; got an instruction book with it, probably ought to find it and read it!!
  12. Bud Tierney

    Continental 6E in 1923 Flint - info needed

    (1) Post this to the Durant forum here---Flint was one of Billy Durants cars---'m sure the Durant Club includes it, and will be the best source of help/advice/sympathy... (2) A couple of my better old catalogs imply (strongly) that the 6E was unique to the Flint, quite unusual for Cont'l... (3) Place to start for parts etc Monte's Eqpmt, NW of Chicago, dealer in obsolete Cont'l parts. garradmoon@montes@flash.net (Garrad (Gerry/Jerry Moon) or montesequipment.com.. (4) I have no idea how this script shifted over to italics, or how to get it back.......
  13. Bud Tierney

    Smiths Farmtruck

    There were a number of outfits selling kits to turn your Ford car into a truck or tractor, or maybe both, lots of ads in the trade journals, almost an industry unto itself...had a file of ads at one time, but can't find it, probably gone in downsizing...
  14. Bud Tierney

    1941 Zephyr v12 Will Not Start

    Some Ford products are notoriously cold natured...be very generous with gas when priming... Bought a worn Edsel station wagon once for $100 'cuz it wouldn't start...put a fresh battery in, checked everything, should've ran, but wouldn't...finally dumped a tin can of gas into carb, trying to blow it up...@*!#! thing fired right up...
  15. He probably got tired of original covers disappearing (expensive), and wife disliked bare wheels... Didn't google, but from memory of new car catalog on these I had for years (maybe still do somewhere) rear seems stretched, or was this a special production model???