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  1. Dept of inconsequential questions... Re' a question of the color of an original Cont'l engine in a particular car, Cont'l was famous/infamous for tweaking existing engines for new customers... Does anyone here know of a particular Cont'l engine being different original colors in different makes, or if any particular engine was the same color whatever it went into??? Don't have access to the Cont'l book, so don't know if this covered; some Cont'l car engines were virtually single-make models, while the 6Y, for example, went into at least 8 and probably more.. Any comments appreciated,and, yes, I'll try to get a life!
  2. One of Cont'ls recipes for success was happily tweaking an off-the-shelf engine for a customer, or making up a new one---I don't know if the tweaking included colors, but why not??? Hence your inquiry might get more accurate answers from existing Peerless owners by also posting in the Peerless forum here... Sheesh!! I hate these forums---now I'm wondering if Cont'l actually did paint the same engine different colors for different m'f'r's...now I have to see what else, if anything, got the 17S...
  3. Didn't know about the R&V-Moline Plow connection when I posted earlier--reading up a little on Stephens found thumbnail in oldcarweekly site saying all the 20s 6s were Molines own design...sounds like this engine was designed for, and might've been solely used in the car...
  4. No real help, but can't resist remembering the 50 Commodore 8 my gone-to-his-reward-if-any brother had; I was in southern NM, he was in El Paso, and we spent many sweet hours in that thing on the open roads. A lovely, comfortable road car, they were quite popular in the wide-open-spaces states. It's a car you sit in, rather (driving position) sit on---but the seat can always be picked up if that seems claustrophobic. If you have a long commute on the freeway they love to get out and run!
  5. OK, uou'll need to prostrate yourself before the font of all wisdom re' obsolete Cont'ls---Garrad (Gerry/Jerry/Gerald) Moon at Monte's Eqpmt NW of Chicago, obsolete Cont'l dealers. Seriously, he's always helpful or sympathetic... A 36 engine parts catalog lists the R800 as using the same piston ass/bly as the Cont'ls 14S, 15S, 16S, 18S and 21S, and that set of specs perfectly matches specs for same ass/bly for Reo 8-21, 8-25 31-32... R800 valves are by themselves but match the Reo valves perfectly... Unfortunately no bearings are listed for Cont'l R800 I don't doubt that 977 is actual serial #... So take off all other stamped/embossed letters, numbers and email with tag info garradmoom@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com...but don't expect any parts to be available; those 8Cyl Ss were in stuff like upscale Jordans, Moons (no relation) Stuts, etc, desperatety sought after by restorers......
  6. Very Embarrassing---going thru some scribbled Cont'l notes, found I already had the answers---trade pub article and various ads describe both the two and early 4 cyls as all verticals, the various illus obviously water cooled... Now I'm hung up on why the 1905/06 model "0" 45HP engine is referred to in online Cont'l histories as an aircraft engine (Cont'l aviation engine histories usually say their first aviation engine was 1929) when 06/07 ads that illus the "0" clearly show auto-marine type water cooled engine,presumably much too heavy for aircraft of the day
  7. Replied under the post in the Reo forum---I don't have anything on the R800 at hand, but will dig around a little and advise...
  8. Looks like you both may be right, at least partly... While Std Cat doesn't mention Continental under the Reo 8s, it's not really an engine manual... The R800 was one of Cont'ls oddly designated engines---most of the period followed cylinder number and displacement or the passenger car 15E, 16E, 6Y, 7U type designations... There were a few "even hundred number" engines---A400, C600, K600, your R800, S800 etc...(why, I don't know)... A 1933 Perfect Circle ring catalog does list a Cont (but without any Cont'l designation) for Reo 8-21 and 8-25 models 1931-32, with models 31 and 35 using their own 8cyl.. It may well be Cont'l provided their R800 tweaked to Reo specs...I'll dig around a little and advise...
  9. Ahhhhh...let's have a quiet moment for all the unfairly hollered at parts people, coming up with wrong parts... Jeffs post came on while I was slowly typing, and something didn't match my old catalogs (he lists12K,13K,17S).. 30 McCord gasket---"Straight 8 1929 (would be model 120 per Std cat)), Master/Custom 1930..Cont'l 14K 33/8x41/2 (12K thru 15K was a more widely used 8 series) (1930 catalog so doesn't show 1931).. 38 Victor gasket---Standard 8 30-31 Cont'l 15S 3x41/2.....8-125 1929 (doesn't appear in Std Cat), Master/Custom 30-32 Cont'l 12K 33/8x41/2 These could be because of factory changes after info acquired by catalog co, by Cont'l for some reason substituting sister engine, engineering dept change, just confusion in the numbers in the various series. Engine parts catalogs don't even agree which engines have which bore/stroke!!!
  10. With all things Continental, in your period, the place to start for parts, advice and/or sympathy (most likely in your case) is Monte's, fmly in Chicago but now NW of Chicago, obsolete Cont'l parts dealers.; try Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com... P A Ross Machinery in Dallas, longtime Cont'l dealers, have been mentioned as helpful with obsoletes parossmachinery.com In researching some old Cont'ls noticed Lakeside--or is it Lakeshore??-- Museum in Muskegon has a web page listing old Cont'l records including repair manuals and such available to researchers, but don't know if they make copies of what they have... I'm sure EM above is correct re' scarcity, plus these being used in upgrade vehicles, hence not only eagerly sought but understandably hoarded when found...and by all means follow his and others advice to locate consult with others with experience with Cont'l 8s in case they have tricky idiosyncrasies... Some Cont'ls share parts with many variations of the particular basic engine; unfortunately, yours does not seem to, altho it's hard to tell as the 8s have very skimpy listings in my replacement parts catalogs (a bad sign for finding parts)......if you do decide to email around, just in case some NOS/NORS has been recently unearthed, justoldtrucks has a fair list of profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers in their Vendors And Restoration Services section
  11. A possible additional confusion (as if you needed any) for your project---it's my understanding that at least some states registered (licensed) trucks as models of the year first registered, not models of the year actually produced--- This could skew totals both for near end of year production (being "registered" in the immediately following year) and in cases where inventory was tied up in liquidation litigation, bankruptcy and such (prevalent in the Depression years)... Yes, R L Polk & Co was considered a very reliable source in their years; I recall they published books of pass cars registered by state; don't recall if there were comparable truck books, and no longer recall exactly what info they showed...
  12. Your terminology is both confusing and worrying... Shimmy is a term generally used in describing front wheel vibration (generally quite pronounced) at speed on straight driving, anywhere from low speeds to 50-60... Your clacking on turns, presumably on low speed city street turns, is classic CV joint wear, or, as mentioned above but unfortunately less common, contamination by dirt/debris... If what you're calling shimmy is a feeling the front wheels aren't tracking smoothly in low speed city street turns, that's sometimes described as wheel or tire squirm,,, If you have the feeling of something "locking up",an actual sense of deceleration/slowing instances, that generally means pieces of something are rattling around where they shouldn't be--- get it into a shop PDQ, before a locked wheel pulls you into the opposite lane. with unfortunate, possibly fatal, consequences......
  13. Many thanks to all for leads and comments... No luck so far on whether the Cont'l Eng Co V8 actually existed---they also advertised and had written up marine engines, so I'll try Richard Durgee over at oldmarineengine.com (if it existed he'll have something on it!!) It's always been my impression multi-cylinder development in marine engines was considerably ahead of in auto/truck engines...
  14. Please see my appeals for help with the two---TWO---Continental engine builders in the Continental forum here. Many thxx!! Bud t
  15. Continental Engine Co, usually showing adds of the Fisher Bldg, or at corner of Kingsbury and Huron, both in Chicago, sometimes with "works at Dallas City, IL " but later referring to factory/shops (plural) at the Kingsbury/Huron location, advertised a full line of engines, some of which were written up in trade magazines of the period (1905-08 especially)... Many of the ads stated "our book shows all", presumably referring to a brochure... Engines mentioned in ads included air and water cooled, with some models available either way, from 1 Cyl vertical marine to 150 HP Producer Gas engine going into a dredge, light air cooleds for aircraft use to vertical 4s water cooleds very similar, but discernibly different, per ad illus, to Cont'l Mtr Mfg Co of Muskegon/Detroit 4s, and even a V8 which my never've gotten into production, altho article said was one of line they "built" (not "intended to build" or "available" or some such qualifying language)... Probable high points of the Continental" confusions were (1) Horseless Age apologizing to readers for accidentally putting Cont Eng Co illus in Cont Mtr mfg Co ad, or was it vice versa??... (2) trade magazine issue containing 1/2 page ads by each of the two companies, ON THE SAME PAGE...I had copy, but've mislaid it, and maybe issue of mag they were in... ANYWAY, does any literature collector here maybe have a Cont;l ENGINE CO brochure mixed in with Autocar Eqpmt Co/Contl MTR MFG CO literature??? Any comments appreciated... Bud T