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  1. Herrmann Engineering CO V8, 1915/16???

    Herrmann Engineering was well known in the early teens as builder of the Little Aristocrat marine engine, later also sold a a stationary engine for yacht light plants etc., a 21/2 x 4 l-hd 4 cyl.... An ad of the period states their little 4 cyl, apparently the same engine, was installed in 16 CycleCar makes... An8ouncements, with some specs and line drawing illus, appeared in 1915 for the Herrmann Engineering Co V8, apparently two of their 4s made into a V8.. Does anyone here know if that V8 ever got off the drawing board??? Any mention in any old engine or odd engine books??...Googling no help (lots of stuff on the " Liittle Aristocrat", sometimes called just Aristocrat or The Popular Aristocrat).. Herrmann was reorganized in 1916, became Carson Motor Co, who a;so sold the "Carson Aristocrat".; some Goog;ling found no mention of ant Carson V8..Many thxx for any comments... (also posted to oldmarineengine)..
  2. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    Oh, definitely curiouser and curiouser.... So the property manager was surprised Karr was occupying the premises in May, apparently having been advised the property was vacant since January...and then felt she'd said too much... To someone who's wondering just what she'd felt ske'd overspoken, it could be there's a statutory time period of "abandonment" before this Code section auction can be used---that "vacant" since January was good, but vacant from June is not good, which could mean the auction was irregular/subject to attack or even legally void...this would fit any concern about new claimants suddenly appearing... Property owners don't like their property managers disclosing possible problems, nor would she want her other clients to know she was involved (if she was involved) in a questionable auction per her not making inquiries personally... And, what "Trustee"?? Does this statute require the party holding the auction act as a trustee in handling any monies or values obtained, in the auction?? Was Karrs trip to his atty to file Bkcy,. and the auction was held by the Trustee in his Bkcy?? If the property manager passed on erroneous info, and the Trustee in a Bkcy acted on it, that could be embarrassing (Bkcy seems unlikely: it's a Federal procedure, and the Notice published seems too Mickey-Mouse)...
  3. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    My apologies to TVC15 et al---i failed to review whole thread, and'd forgotten he'd already published the Notice, and that it'd been referred to by others...(mouth in high, brain in low)...... As stated above, it was most likely an auction by Declaration, by the property manager or someone connected with the landowner, no professional auction company involved, just standing on the sidewalk and announcing, verbally, the auction was taking place..... Assuming a professional appraiser was involved, to give landowner legal cove re' code sections, he/she may not have considered Karr to be a going concern, the eqpmt obsolete, and therefor of little or no commercial value... Whether the newspaper would divulge the party placing the notice is another question... KLUGHTERFO---can you get anything specific from your uncle---date of last contact, any names/addresses???
  4. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    Fascinating, just fascinating!! Per my admittedly out of date legal recollection an auction of " abandoned eqpmt", or eqpmt sold to pay rent etc, would have to have a legal notice published in a local newspaper of "general circulation"...this is to give other unknown claimants notice of the auction so they can try to protect their interests/claims... That would be the local paper, or one of them if more than one, OR in the local "legal newspaper" if there is one... Cites of enough size usually have a "legal" paper, which is one circulated almost wholly to directly interested parties--business people, attys, etc---set up to avoid giving the general public as a whole notice (in direct opposition to statutes requiring notice) but accepted by the Courts as sufficient (another "legal fiction)... That notice, usually published at least once a week for four weeks, has to identify the auctioneer, etc....
  5. Another possibility would be to investigate whether, on engines that were produced in both the "poured" and "inserted" days, inserted rode were made available to replace the poured ones... My only direct knowledge is of a widely used industrial/tractor/light truck engine, the Waukesha FC, but it seems unlikely that would be the only case in the indstry...
  6. Devaux cars

    I've wondered if any of the Hollander Inerchanges covering the 20s/30s also covered other than mechanical parts... Some 30+ years ago, when I was disposing of a longtime collection of old paper, including a fair bit of old car paper, I had and sold what I recall as a Peterson/Petersen (?) Interchange manual covering 1920s/1930s cars... A quite large book, hardcover, about as thick as one of the old Sears catalogs but more the size of a Wards, I recall looking up some Marmon transmission part for someone...yet I've never heard of others and googling brings up nothing... The Hollanders, of course, are priceless for mechanical parts... On old replacement parts catalogs---I understand at least some of the larger companies were adept at taking OE parts with slightly different specs and designing their own more widely usable version that performed adequately but would not be considered correct for judging...nor have I had the opportunity to compare a parts catalog "interchange" with a Hollander listing...
  7. Devaux cars

    Just out of curiosity dug thru some of my old parts catalogs, just to see what was shown (not much)... But a question arose about appealing for parts/info on orphan cars... With these all or part "assembled" cars, I seldom see appeals listing other more popular makes that used the same parts (at least, per my old catalogs)... 31=32 6-75, 6-80 piston assemblies---raft of other Cont'l engines and some 28-30 Dodges....two different pistons are listed, probably per a ring change shown in a 33 Ring catalog... 31=32 6-75 tie rod ends ---var ChryCptn and Independents; Intermediate rod a couple Nashs... 31-32 6-75 Silent U Shackles---some 33-35 Chevs... I don't know if this holds true for gearbox etc, but seems quite likely, and I assume all sucj info is in the Club records...... Wouldn't one get more attention/replies if appeal referred to other makes parts that presumably would fit???
  8. 1948 Dodge brakes

    Classic textbook case reminder not to trust a statement that car siting for awhile has been serviced, checked or inspected---EXPECT the seals and brake cyls to''ve been overlooked, and check them yourself or have them checked/replaced by someone RELIABLE.....
  9. A replacement piston question

    Just out of curiosity, checked some of my old paper piston catalogs...found they all (1924, 29, 32, 36, 44 good at listing dimensions... Had cyl #, diam, length, comp dist, pin diam, type and length,..only a couple older ones listed if had set screw and distance between bosses... Don't know if more modern paper catalogs listed such info, but would seem likely... Unfortunately, none had dimensional tables, but it would'n't take that much time to eyeball some more modern catalogs for your diam and see if anything comes up ..I'm surprised such tables aren't online..., ..
  10. Karr Rubber Manufacturing - California.

    City Directories, usually issued annually and available in the main public library, would have listings for the business in the businesses section, generally together with the owners or an officers name... John and Craig Karr, together with anyone else disclosed, can be checked in the individuals section for a home address and possibly a telephone number, for further imquries... The City of El Segundo should also have business license records showing current owner/ Officer if Incptd/contact atty... A couple business=contact sites give Craig Karr as owner, but those sites gave no date info was provided...they also said firm had 6 employees... If John Karr was founder/original owner, and suffered health/medical difficulties, business may've been passed to son? brother?relative? Craig Karr...or "John" could've been primary employee who dealt with customers, who naturally assumed they were dealing with John Karr... All too often these firms are "labor of love" (non profit or even annual loss) operations that do not survive the disability or death of the founder/operator, despite efforts of family etc to maintain operation, but who (as naturally) lack the dedication of the founder......
  11. Scratched windows?

    I dimly remember people talking about "jewelers rouge" for de-scratching glass, including windshields, if not too badly worn... Does anyone know if the "jewelers rouge" is the cerium oxide described above?? I've also used common toothpaste (and elbow grease, it's slow) to clean up/polish minor glassware clouding and minor scratches, but never tried it on a windshield......
  12. 1930 Erskine

    Wenche, please be assured your english is far, far better than my Norwegian, which is nonexistent,,,, I assume you know your Erskine was built by Studebaker, one of the fine old names here, so I'd also suggest you also join one or more of the Studebaker products clubs; the largest, to my limited knowledge, would be the Studebaker Drivers Club, and probably the most likely to have affiliated clubs on the Continent and/or your area.... Stude had a robust export policy. and the Erskine was apparently more popular in Europe than here, having been introduced in Paris and London... You're also lucky, in a way---the 1930 Erskiine was, at least partly, a Stude,, sharing it's engine, and at least some front end parts with various 29-32 Stude models, which may make searching for other parts easier...however, I' d be surprised if the dashboard and trim would match... The SDC will be able to advise exactly which Stude parts would fit...Good luck in your restoration......
  13. 1957 Desoto FireFlite help

    Forgot to add, had one, a Fire-somthing (one step belos top of line, I think)---a really sweet car to drive. Be sure to pull valve covers, make sure no accumulated gunk as it had a habit of plugging oil return holes. Result oil in valve covers, runs down valves, overnight billowing (fog the neighborhood) oil smoke, "mechanics all telling you "worn rings", as if rings wore out overnight...
  14. 1957 Desoto FireFlite help

    While all the comments above're right on, the most helpful ones (to me) are to join a DeSoto or Chrysler Cpyn/Mopar local club and try to fine someone experienced with "old" technology of the period, which club people would know of in your area... The fact you're driving it around once a year without oil pouring out shrunk seals and brake fluid squirting out shrunk wheel cylinders is a good sign... Opinions will differ on what to do, ie, how deeply to delve, as delving=$$$. For basics, Google things like Starting Unused Car---you'll find comments from tearing EVERYTHING apart to get fresh gas, change the fluids, and drive it Cars are all different: one will sit for a year or two, fire up and whiz off, while another will sit a few weeks and be a bear to get going again. (29 Graham, in a shed so long tires and whels'd sunk into the ground, engine frozen. Found gear driven water pump frozen, changed the oil (had poured engine full of kero to unfreeze), pit in freah gas tires ant whizzed right down the road...bought 29 Reo we know hadn't set for more than a month, did everything to that car except dynamite ie, finally sold it-still not running)......
  15. wanted : Crank shaft Pulley 1923 Moon 6/40

    Just out od curiosity, is 640Y cleat on your engine tag??? Catalogs show a Cont'l 6Y for some 23 Moons, apparently superceded by the 7U, but I've not heard of a 640 Y designation before (not hat there arem''t lots of things I've never heard of)...;.