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  1. Bud Tierney

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    Interesting point---somewhere online is a fascinating piece about possible alternative firing orders, but all I find in my notes is one small note, that late 1920s Buick 6s were 1-4-2-6-3-5, and that Wisconsin water cooled truck/ind'l 6s were the same... Can't comment re' the Buick, but have a little Thonpson "manual" (more like a pamphlet) that verifies the Wisconsins...
  2. Bud Tierney

    Need suggestion for a mysterious coolant leak

    I'm inclined to a head gasket leak, unless this has some modern/exotic plumbing I'm not familiar with where coolants getting in... On the stop leak, in my jalopy days we lived on stop leak and block seal, and while I remember people saying it'd stop up the radiator instead of the leak, can't recall ever having such problems---that being said, radiators, main and/or heater, may be quite different designs now...
  3. Bud Tierney

    1890s-1922+ Research Helpers

    (Sigh) Offline for a bit, noticing changes in format... One thing I miss is the little few words of last posts in the Orphan Cars forums...I don't have the time (or energy) to open each forum, so scanned those "teasers" for anything interesting I might be able to help with or learn from... Oh, well--in the beginning was the word, and the word was "adapt"......
  4. Bud Tierney

    1890s-1922+ Research Helpers

    Posting in another forum reminded me not everyone familiar with fact that many of the old auto/truck/ag trade journals ( Horseless Age, Motor, ATD and ATJ, Commercial Car Journal, The Commercial Vehicle, The Motor Truck ad nauseum) are available in full view on hathitrust, and are searchable for words or combinations of words...nice for searching things like Sterling Motor Co, Detroit... Many later issues of same or later journals are also available on a limited basis that I'm not familiar with...
  5. Bud Tierney

    Auburn Tie Rod Ends

    Interesting...my 36 King Prod catalog lists just as above, except the ET40 is also listed for that 33 Buick 3350 to that frame number, and shows the Huoo fit as 34 models 417W and 421J...
  6. Bud Tierney

    1929 Peerless 6-61 Contenital 11E motor waterpump wanted

    You didn't say whether finding a casting was mandatory (no pump, shattered pump) or whether parts'd be sufficient for a rebuild...yes, I saw "...looking for a pump..." but that doesn't preclude considering a rebuild (cost etc)... The March 36 (the same numbers/format repeated in May 1941 McQuay-Norris catalog) shows the up to #4075 shaft, impeller (blank for front busing) rear bushing, packing nut, packing unit, and "M" parts (woodruff key, impeller pin) were used on total runs of four Cont'ls and partial runs of three others besides yours.... After 4076 the shaft is only listed with Cont'l 11E and 18E.. Probably no help if it's the casting that's needed These catalogs are sometimes hilarious___"...to eng #4075...", followed by "...after # 4076..." techicaly (gtammatically??) leaving out #4076....
  7. Bud Tierney

    1929 Peerless 6-61 Contenital 11E motor waterpump wanted

    My catalogs don't show Peerless water pumps, but, FWIW, under Cont'l 11E it shows a change t engine #4075... To 4075 it lists a number of other Cont'ls and a batch of Reo cars/tks for the shaft, impeller and bushings... After #4075 it lists the same shaft, blank for the impeller and bushings, and lists different packing nut and complete packing unit...... Maybe the Peerless people will know if Peerless used own punp or the Cont'l pump Catalog doesn't show any complete pumps, only parts....
  8. Bud Tierney

    1923 Model S

    In cleaning the points and the tip of the rotor don't forget the spark plug wire contacts both inside and outside the dist cap... And if you have one of the Lycoming motors, probably K or KB, treat it carefully; Lyc parts, reportedly, are quite difficutl to find...
  9. Bud Tierney

    1937 3620 Pistons

    (1) Bloo---how far afield can you go on weight (lighter pistons, easier on bearings) without considering balance problems?? (2) rcull---if you've looked for NOS/NORS pistons, are you aware your pistons came in models up to 1940 and possibly later (1940 catalog listing)? That catalog shows a piston change in 1937----"oldstyle engines" 1934-36, change 1937 for 37-40 engines...
  10. Bud Tierney

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    Hey, y'all---I've finally perfected mu Perpetual Motion machine, now all I need is a little money to develop perpetual bearings to tun it on...
  11. Bud Tierney

    1915 Hudson kingpins needed - who would have these?

    UPDATE---Those Timken axles noted above were (per that incomplete catalog) also used in some 20-25 Paige and the 16-19 #56 8cyl Peerless cars, AND some 19 or so truck makes (looks like 3/4 to 11/2 ton models)... The HET people should have a catalog that covers 1915; you might have a similar situation, and might find some by posting the Timken axle number...
  12. Bud Tierney

    1915 Hudson kingpins needed - who would have these?

    Just out of curiosity looked in an old catalog---it only went back to 1917, but it noted : "1917-24 Super Six (apparently to #526857) use bolts and bushings listed under Timken Axle 1216, 1218, 1250'.. If your 1915 used a Timken, and you prefer OE or NOS, your Timken axle might've been used in other then popular makes as well as Hudson, so you can broaden your search... Again out of curiosity, eyeballing that catalog finds those three listed for 1924 Armleder, 24-27 Chicago, 23-27 Cl,inton and 26-29 Clydesdale 1-11/2 Ton trucks, implying your axle, if Timken, also might've widely used...
  13. Bud Tierney

    1948 Diamond T

    Without looking up pix I'd GUESS that one was late 30s, with that squinty little windshield, but I'm gueessing...
  14. Reading thru a thread here that includes tracing the history of a vehicle triggered a faint memory from my brief old-car owning days... We'd acquired a 32 Hupp, and I dimly recall looking thru some very large, heavy and thick books---but I can't recall if we were looking for past registration info or for other Hupp owners at that time...and the name R L Polk & Co comes to mind... Google (Wiki) says Polk began issuing passenger car registration books in 1922, the first volume covering 58 makes and 9 million+ cars---are these any good for tracing the registrations of a particular car???
  15. Bud Tierney

    1948 Diamond T

    Goo luck with a Diamond T pickup parts unit; these are considered highly desirable (mouth watering) units by truck collectors... Last time I tried diamondtclassics it seemed moribund, if not deceased, but I believe there's a facebook or such group ongoing that should come up on Google... This should really be in the Commercial vehicles section here, but that section doesn't get a lot of traffic compared to here; you might put a note there to please see this post... If nothing turns up here you might try posting on aths and justoldtrucks; both are heavily into later stuff but some older and many DiamondT guys there... The Antq car/trk forum on smokstak is also a good place for older stuff. justoldtrucks has a list of obsolete/NLA parts suppliers in their Vendors and Restoration Services section that might include a front end outfit. Google will probably bring some up.....