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  1. Bud Tierney

    28 continental

    If you haven't already, you might try Garrad (Gerry/Jerry/Gerald) Moon at Montes Eqpmt, NW of Chicago. obsolete Cont'l parts dealer---don't recall anyone mentioning whether or not they have manuals... The 15H is listed in a 1930 gasket catalog and a 38 gasket catalog as truck incl fire truck/bus....the series, taking the same set of gaskets, seems to be 14H-15H-16H-28H- P96 (the P96 is a free standing power unit version of one of them)... garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com. If a specific manual was not issued for the 15H they may be able to advise which manual covers the "series"...( there're presently 400+ on EBay)... With sympathy, Bud
  2. Bud Tierney

    Cameron auto company

    Cameron offered its engines to the trade; I remember seeing various ads in thi trade journals, but I have no real information re' how much penetration they acquired... Do have notes that they got engines, 4s, into the Liberty Light Car (Light Cars were a semi-category between CycleCars during their craze and "normal" size (??) cars---not familiar with actual category specs, if any). Std Cat says both very low prod. Don't know anything about their aircraft and marine engines...
  3. Bud Tierney

    Gas heater

    Oh, yes, remember those very fondly, they did put out lovely heat, at least the one I personally remember did... Never had one myself, they were considered an upscale accessory, reportedly far more efficient than most small car OE heaters and most low cost aftermarket heaters, at least those in the old jalopies we drove... Don't recall the friend who had one voicing any complaints; they were generally well spoken of. I asssume they died out when OE heaters became more efficient......
  4. Bud Tierney

    Europe requiring ALL cars be insured

    At first glace, at least, it appears that the critical word here is "operative"... Granma's car was able to be driven; get in, turn the key and drive off... It'll be interesting to see if later litigation decides that a vehicle unable to be stepped into and driven away--some critical part removed or disabled, one or more wheels on blocks, etc---would exempt from insuring... While it would still possibly come under the "attractive nuisance" definition (the old refrigerator with one way door still attached, etc) it should at least exempt it from road use hazard insurance... Of course, there is Brussel's reputation for being overzealous...
  5. Bud Tierney

    1916 Continental 303 engine help

    Cont'l made numerous engines over the years, and you might get better replies posting the engine ID; there should be a tag on it, often half hidden behind accessories... Cont'l was also very good at public relations, getting technical articles on new engines in the trade journals; Googling the engine ID and year may turn some up on yours, often helpful with unfamiliar engines....
  6. Bud Tierney

    Electric Oil Pump for antique cars

    You have other possibilities ---if you haven't already thought of and tried (1) Many Cont'ls were issued in a kind of "series, in which several engines would share a few or quite a few parts...let us know which Cont'l you have, as it's possible there may be "sister" engines with the same drive gear..... (2) If the gear teeth are worn, gears can be built back up or new ones can be machined, altho may be too costly... (3) For NOS or advice on something that'll work try Garrad/Gerry/Jerry/Gerald Moon at Montes Eqpmt, NW of Chicago, longtime obsolete Cont'l dealers ..garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com.. (4) P A Ross Machinery in Dallas, longtime Cont'l engine dealer, has been mentioned as helpful with old obsoletes (5) Haven't gotten to the Cont'l forum here yet; if not already on it, post which engine you have there too...
  7. Bud Tierney


    Ag eqpmt has a continuing problem with manifolds ---apparently because of off-and-on operation and mice loving manifolds for nesting, their urine being very corrosive... If you're seriously considering welding your manifold, you might check some of the Ag sites for shops that do a lot of it, as in JVP's post above...,,,
  8. Std Cat mentions this engine, designed by Scripps=Booth, as an L-head 31/4 x 5, but refers to later Scripps-Booth cars using a Ferro V8... Without wading through Scripps-Booth early history, does anyone here know if this first V8 was used in anything else?? Many thanks for any comments...
  9. Bud Tierney

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    Dealing with these old catalogs has generated a lot of sympathy for parts people... That 36 King Prod catalog has a specs section ES1---Diam of socket thread 7/8 (.875) x 18NF; Diam of ball 1"; High/Low diam of taper .750/.649, length of taper 13/16 ).8125) thread size od stud 9/16 (.5625)-18... Sadly, no specs were listed for anything after ES49... I mis-spent a couple years of my youth in replacement parts, and can attest replacement parts companies did provide parts that'd been tweaked to fit several installations (but possibly none exactly as OE) yet close enough to be used safely etc, rather than have to stock endless varieties...
  10. Bud Tierney

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    SPINNEYHILL----I'm not doing well on the Reo, either...I have two choices, all agreeing in my 36 and 40 Kings and the 41 NcQuay-Norris (all same format, came part #s)... 31-32 Six, S, 621 6cyl; 821,825,831,835 8cyl their ES1 32-34 Flying cloud S, 38, Royale 75 (all 6s) theirES56 The ES 56 seems to fit others in your column of users, but under a different number (RS26)and I note you headed the list 33-35 (I did not compare specs)... The ES1 shows an array of orphans, incl Auburn and Peerless, late 20s/early 30s, incl a raft of Reos/Reo trks 27-32. These may be hard to find if all snapped up by Auburn and Peerless collectors... All three catalogs note the ES1 sockets and the ET1 intermediate rod MUST BE INSTALLED TOGETHER (NOT required for ES56)... While I don't really think that my catalogs disagree more than they agree, it happens all too often...
  11. Bud Tierney

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    We of a certain age find it in archaic assemblies of the printed page, called catalogs (as SP mentioned above) and books...heavy to store and pack around, but wonderful for exercise, and they can't be hacked and diddled by someone having electronic fun...(that's the good part)... Alas, they do have their idiosyncrasies...one being they don't always agree... April 1940 King Products lists 33-36 var models incl LC/LCX 1/2T, their ES35 ends, no "intermediate rod" (which I assume is the tie rod itself??) listed (unusual)... May 1941 McQuay-Norris lists 1936 All LC/LCX series, 1/2T, (by themselves) their ES57, intermediate rod ET6.. THESE TWO CATALOGS USE THE SAME FORMAT, SAME PART NUMBERS, AND'VE ALWAYS AGREED EXACTLY-----until now.... Only my 36 King has numerical indexes;it shows ET6---var Chryslers 30-33, Dodge 35-36 DU, D2, var Dodge Trks 33-35, incl "1/2T" (BUT NOT 36 LC/LCX OR 1/2T), some Graham-Paiges, some IH trks and Plymouth PJ, P1, P2 35-36... ES35 shows long list CCptn models ranging 31-36... ES57---oops; 36 catalog ends at ES56!!! (Immaterial as you have sockets aleady)... I don't follow CCptn so don't know why discrepancy...
  12. Bud Tierney

    Exhaust smoke and oil consumption

    Concur that's way way too much oil depletion for burning in comb chambers or exhaust without having real billows of oil smoke out behind you... Assuming you're not leaking it out (no puddles in the driveway?? look at the underside behind the motor; don't be surprised if you find your oil liberally coating everything).. As recommended above, sounds like a prime candidate for opening up... If you replace rings, at least carefully check the bearings; if they have any slack at all putting in new rings=more downward force on bearings, and if slack they'll get very slack very quickly..., Forgot these are (in)famous for disgorging the first quart of oil...before disemboweling, if no visible substantial leak(s), try running one quart low to see if reduces consumption...
  13. Bud Tierney

    Need suggestion for a mysterious coolant leak

    Without reviewing whole thread, the "jump in cold car, bound down highway=no appreciable loss, while jump in car, tootle around doing errands =loss, does sound like something cracked, or not sealed, when all cold/contracted, that expands, sealing itself up, when mass of engine/head hot/expanded (already included in speculations above) ... May well require pulling head to find... personally, I'd be inclined ti try stop leak first, in hope will seal during moderate temp periods (cold enough to leak but warm enough for sealer to bond)...
  14. Bud Tierney

    cooling system

    Does yours have the little stub gearshift coming out of the dash??? Had a 4dr in years past; had two vacuum units running the shifters; had to remember to leave it in neutral in the winter as the little shifter diaphragms'd freeze and the car wouldn't start in gear... Nice solid sedan; sweet runner...haven't thought about it for some time; where do the years go?...
  15. Bud Tierney

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    Interesting point---somewhere online is a fascinating piece about possible alternative firing orders, but all I find in my notes is one small note, that late 1920s Buick 6s were 1-4-2-6-3-5, and that Wisconsin water cooled truck/ind'l 6s were the same... Can't comment re' the Buick, but have a little Thonpson "manual" (more like a pamphlet) that verifies the Wisconsins...