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    Presently---which US proprietary engines (Buda, Cont, Erd/Chief, Herc, Milwaukee, etc) ...got into which US car/truck makes
  1. John N of the Velie Register very graciously replied to my admittedly inconsequential inquiry, but, alas! had no additional information to offer re' Velie's motivation. It would appear, though, that there was no obscure Mr Biltwel/Biltwell , So many questions...so little time... Again, many thanks to all for comments and sympathy...
  2. As very kindly suggested above, this AM emailed John the Velie Guru; will post any reply (unless my email arrives at a bad time, and out of exasperation he shoots back "Get A Life!!)... Again, many thxx for all replies
  3. Many thxx for interest, and my apologies for being obscure... I've been making up, just for fun, a list of the US car/truck makes using the US Continental Motor Mfg Co, Muskegan etc engines as listed in my old parts catalogs and as listed in some of the old auto periodicals that published specs for a certain years vehicles... Going thru a Dec 1916 Automobile Journal (Googlebooks) I noticed Velie for 1917 was listed as Velie-Biltwell Checking classiscardatabase I saw they listed just the 1915-17 Velie models as Velie-Biltwell, before and after that just Velie... Standard Catalog US Cars 1805-1942 (Std Cat) under Velie doesn't mention Biltwell, nor does Mroz's Ency US Trucks(Mroz---Velie built trucks for awhile) and a Wikipedia Velie entry (very brief) doesn't either... I hoped someone might have a book including a Velie history that might mention Biltwell, which sounds like a marketing slogan tried out and dropped...
  4. Barnes Mfg, Sandusky, Ohio, built two cars in 1907---the Barnes and the Servitor (Std Cat)... Under the Barnes thumbnail the engines for both cars are described as fours, air cooled... Lou Phillips (Cars) lists the Servitor with a six cyl air cooled Continental...my time'd run out so I couldn't see what he said about the Barnes... Did Continental (Autocar/Cont'l of Muskegon etc, THE Cont'l) build air cooled fours (could be opp or vert) for cars??? I'm wondering if this could be the "imitation" Cont'l (Continental Engine Co of the Fisher Bldg and later corner of Kingsbury and Huron streets in Chicago, works allegedly in Dallas City, IL) A Gas Engine article on Cont'l Engine Co in Jan 1905 includes mention of their "A", a 4 or 6 vert in pairs, their "B", a 4 vert, their "D" a 3 or 4 air cooled, both 31/2 x 41/2, as well as double opposed and small marine types...other ads refer to their engines, or at least some of them, available as either water or air cooled...
  5. Going thru some old specs to update my Cont'l-makes list and noticed Velie used just "Velie" up to 1914...1915-17 it apparently used name Velie-Biltwell, reverting to "Velie" in 1918... Standard Cat/Mroz/Wiki etc (on cursory Googling) don't mention. Anyone have a Velie history that mentions this temporary change???
  6. "Owner had car running but never registered it"---if that meant it wasn't driven, or that the engine run for only a few minutes at a time, that the car mostly sat, you might ALSO shine a light thru the radiator, at night, to see if radiator partially blocked by insect nests, spider web caught debris etc...
  7. Disconnect??? You really sure you want to do that??? You don't think that when the signal stops a computer somewhere will look for accident/wrecking reports etc, and if it finds no valid termination of the vehicle will note it in "suspicious vehicles"?? To intelligence people, if you disconnect you obviously have something to hide...it's like putting lots of bars on your windows: everyone wonders what valuables you're protecting...and your insurance company may well have questions...as well as probably immediately cancelling any factory guarantees as they can't tell you're not abusing the vehicle Welcome to the land of the paranoid (even if you're paranoid it doesn't mean they aren't really watching/listening...
  8. Am I the only Hudson fan who'd never heard of the MIT professor who built and sold steam cars (1926-42 per Auto M'f'r's WWide Registry, 1948 per Wiki) using largely Hudson components (chassis, bodies, etc)??? I knew about the Railtonand Brough cars, the exports to the UK etc and the Safari wagons, but this one was new to me.
  9. If you're asking haw many different designs, the above is correct... If you're asking how many different MODELS of their Highwheeler, Std Cat lists several... G---the basic vehicle H---plus fenders and top J---fenders, top and runningboards K---the "J" but with "cushion tires" L---the "K" with pneumatic tires M (1911) was only described as having as having a "cozy coupe top" The car was supposedly successful except for the minor problem that Sears was losing money on each sale... I'd always understood the Allstate was a rebadged Henry J... Allstate was Sears longtime brand name for it's auto parts and accessories...I've still got an "Allstate" 6V battery mouldering in the basement, should have a grease can or two, and just saw two-three Allstate Auto Parts catalogs upstairs.
  10. Sorry, cain't help... Aren't you attacking this from the wrong end??? You have dimensions of your Chev rods---or if all gone the Chev forum here, or any Chev site, should be able to give you exact dimensions needed, then you can find someone or some parts co with a rod catalog to see if there's a match available. Thursday note: I don't follow mainlines (Chev, Ford etc) so didn't think ---Chev 4s only seem to've used two rods; as many of these as must be around, I'm really surprised that everything to rebuild these, from the basic block on up, isn't being fab'd. by someone or several somones....
  11. Insufficient data---no forging numbers?? How about pin length and how secured--anchored, floating-oscillating, full floating??? How precise is your measuring?? Catalogs list 7 or 8 engines for Star, a couple show pin diam of .859 (55/64=.859375) (Sigh) Catalogs that show pin data have bearing sections, but no journal diameters...do have some bearing catalogs to check after have rest of pin data....
  12. Forgot to ask a question about these dist's I've always wondered about... 658s seem to be on 8s; my little Shurhit catalog shows 658-C, J, U, V, W, Z (Kissel not in may catalog)... All take the same Shurhit points EXC one Stude All take same Shurhit roror EXC Cord... All take same Shurhit condenser... The six dist's are paired with 4 different coils... It's understood Shurhit parts may be NOT EXACTLY same as original, but "universal" enough to fit several distributors... QUESTION: are these 658s basically the same distributor, probably with different drive shafts for the different engines, that could be interchanged with replacement of points etc mounting plate or such???:
  13. If you're eventually reduced to contacting the profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers for parts, there's a fair list on justoldtrucks in their Vendors & Restoration Services section; engine parts are way down on the page If you start down that list let me know; I may be able to add a couple more...
  14. Per Shurhit catalog #81 658-U came on Stutz Blackhawk 29-31 8Cyl... Unfortunately cannot comment on Caddies as Cadillac section begins 1928... Various other 658s were on Marmon/Roosevelt and various other Studes of the period, all 8s... Little catalog doesn't cover proprietary engines so can't comment on those...
  15. Got mired today in my Cont'l file, looking for something I couldn't find; noticed a page i'd run for someone on 6Y, 7U and 10U engines... Familiar names with Clubs include Auburn (6Y and 7U), Davis? (both), Elcar (7U), Henney (Ambulances, Hearses 7U) Moon (both) Roamer? (7U) and your own Star (6Y and 7U in 22-24 period)... These old catalogs are seldom complete and sometimes erroneous, but it's a place to start. Several of the listings imply the 7U superseded the 6Y. It's also possible your rear main setup may be similar to those or the W5...