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  1. Will some helpful soul save me some time?? Std cat sez Auburn used some Rutenber engines in some of their 1910-17 30 to 40+ Hp models... Was one of them a 43/4x5--354.4 engine?? Many thxx for enlightenment...
  2. Have to give up for now , but it does seem this engine was fairly well used in cars; didn't verify any trucks and never got to marine. Too many questions, too little time.
  3. RO: So far i have almost 60 names on my Rutenber list, including that Wiki list, altho not all verified. Rutenber himself left the company, the new owners reorganizing and renaming the company Rutenber Mtr Co to retain the reputation. After being passed around, probably in financial deals, they were absorbed by/became a part of/merged/were engulfed by??? Indiana Truck (it's confused; I never took the time to pin it all down)... That Lexington motor may well be our 43/4x5, as classic car database has a 354 for the "A" and "B" series, which're in the right timeline... Somewhere in my scribbles there's a 354 that could be a Rutenber, but it's apparently in pairs, and I wondered if they'd produced the same engine for awhile in "more modern" pairs instead of separates, altho separates seem to've lasted longer in marine applications...fascinating... LAYDEN: Oh, yes, wonderful old example of advertising people running amok; I remember that illustration from some of their period advertising when I got into Rutenber several tears ago...if I'm counting the manifolds correctly that's probably their introduction of their new six...very nice piece to acquire...
  4. While I'm not really into the old horizontal-opposed (flat) 2 and 4 Cyl auto etc engines, I 've noted that, generally, their bore is larger than their stroke...while almost all inlines are tho opposite: their bore is smaller than their stroke..(a few "square", and even fewer "oversquare" inlines are out there, but they're unusual and rare)... Is/Was there some technological reason/s for this difference??
  5. WHAT A GOOF---THAT'S 43/4x5...another senior moment... Many thxx for comments... So far the Clark seems to've had a smaller Rutenber (41/2x5=318) one of their then advertised sizes... However, the Glide did use the 354 engine in several models; or appears to, the b/s matching... GROAN--(edited)--another goof---half marked off Clark until thought this AM to finish checking--right there in Std Cat, which should be first check, are 30HP fou and 40HP four---the 40 could well've been our 43/4x5, often listed as 40-45 HP (I think one source said it could develop 50)...
  6. Rutenber was an old-time once quite successful engine builder; auto, launch, stationary per old ads... One model was their 4cyl 43/4x5 (354.4) offered to the trade in the pre-teen and teen years; used in the 2T and 3T, and some of the 5T Avery Farm and City Tractor models (a combination farm tractor/road truck) now avidly sought by collectors, I wondered, as idle curiosity, what else this engine may've gone into... The Jewel advertised this engine, but it was quite short lived... Does anyone here know of, or have , a list of the early cars/trucks/boat builders that used Rutenber engines?? My own list is made from my own catalogs (very weak on this early period), the Std Cat US cars, Mroz's Truck Ency, Lou Phillips book and random comments from old forums.. I have some 60+ makes listed, most their later 6s, not all verified. This may be Rutenbers model "U" engine (the ads showing the model U as a six do not match the engine list in those ads, and I think one squib stated the "U" was 41/4))... Any references or comments appreciated...
  7. A good charged up 6V battery should run and start the average midsize 6 cyl inline easily normally, several times a day, even without ANY generating, unless you're running lights, heater and radio full blast, OR unless you/ve got a big heavy V8.. I know this because I've run these on nightly battery chargups when I couldn't come up with he money for generator work until next payday (and maybe not then)...just get home before full dark... If a big V8, as mentioned in earlier posts above, hot hard starts are not unusual when everything's not tip=top, and sometimes even then...my brother was a longtime member of the Cad club, had several prewar Cads, and sometimes just shrugged at slow hot starts...
  8. Catalogs are spotty on this; only a few mention the Austin engine/s?? 33 Perf Circle rings--1933---Austin 2.2--4 5/32 oil rings, 8 comp, no size given 34 Hastings Flat Rate---1933--Austin 2.2--4 5/32 oil, 8 5/32 comp 1934--Austin-Stutz 2.2--4 1/8 oil, 8 3/32 comp 1946 McQ-Norris---1934/35, all models---Austin 375, 475 engines, 2.2---4 1/8 oil, 8 3/32 comp 1949 Hastings--1933 models A, B, 16--Austin 2.2-- 1934/35 models A, B, 16, 18----tAustin-Stutz 2.2---this catalog only gives ring groove sizes, seems to agree with 34 Hastings above. A 36 King Products catalog indicates Austin changed from the original pistons using all 5/32 rings to an all aluminun piston, using 1/8 and 3/32 rings, starting at engine #16970
  9. Don't know if Cont'l timing marks more or less same on all engines, or if differ per engine.... If differ might help to know which engine you have (my old catalogs differ on 28 6cyls)...9L?? 9LA?? 14L?? 15L?? or ??
  10. There's also aths.com , justoldtrucks (these two are heavily into more modern stuff, but there are older truck collectors there) and the Antique Cars/Trucks forum on smokstak...it would be nice if it could be saved,,,
  11. If you've posirively ID'd the engine as some Cont'l, it's almost certainly a replacement for an original K-S in-house built engine, introduced in 1912 per Mroz's Ency, which states proprietary engines were not introduced until 1925 (one of the K=S engines was used until 1929, when the company died)... OOPS...are you sure about your date?? Tad's truck spotters guide shows the K-S as a shovel=nose (radiator behind engine) until 1924; the pic above looks very much like his illus for 25-28...maybe meant 1926 instead of 1916??
  12. If you're still looking for NOS/NORS a 36 King catalog says your 6E shares piston assemblies with Cont'ls 6M, 8R and 2P...the 8R being a popular engine (in lots of makes)...
  13. I do hope you're not recycling the originals...our "forever" internet is only "forever" as long as the correct technology is there to retrieve it, and the correct power to run the technology...and someone cares enough to transfer it to a new technology...
  14. One of the not often thought of things when cars run hotter than normal is whether the radiator is having trouble with air flow, especially when not a daily driver.... After dark put a light behind the radiator and look in from the front; you may see some clogging from bits of leaves, old spider webs, etc., that may be affecting cooling... And it's free...
  15. Just out of curiosity reviewed my old period catalogs to see if I'd acquired anything pertinent since '16, but nothing new... However, I noted a comment in the thread above I should've commented on in '16---the differences between "Official" model designations (per Std Cat, which I assume to be as Official as it gets) and the models listed in parts catalogs---lots do match, but lots do not, and sometimes they have no relation at all, which is awkward when you're trying to ID which engine was original... Bell models that don't match are 4-18 (probably the 1918), the 4-32 (Std Cats 36HP found overoptimistic when checked?? ), a "Special 4"with the H-Sp 7000, and a 6-60, almost certainly Riess's 6, rounded up from 57HP, sold as a Bell. The years listed are another tangle that don't seem to fit, also not unusual, but we use what's available......