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  1. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    I also ordered carb. rebuild kit and installed it., here are the pic of the finished product. When I come back down in the fall, I will do some clean up and paint to the engine compartment.
  2. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    Well after looking for about a year I found the car my friend the car he wanted, a fine looking 1925 3 dr. Hupmobile.. This was the last year Hupp would make a 4 cyl. car The pic is from my phone when we were in transit from Mass. to Fl. I will have more pic when I rest up from the trip.
  3. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    After cleaning it up and soldering 2 tiny rust holes making a new gasket it I reinstalled on the Hupp and I made it to the NAPA paint store. Driving that car is a hoot. Add this Hupp to my list and I have driven 7 different models. Only 11 more to go. I did not think to take a pic but will do so.
  4. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    When taking the 25 up to NAPA to have them match the paint so I could do some touch up, within sight of the store, it died. long story short the pic will show you why it died.Will clean it up and see if it will be ok. If not I have another that I can install. See Pic.
  5. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    The R 8 and R 10 were produced from 1918- to early 1923. On the 1923 cars R11/R12 models, the wheel base was increased from 112 to 115 inches. Also in some of the sport models had a nickel plated radiator shell, radiator cap, cowl lights and drum headlights. Yours being an R=12 . Your body was larger than the R-11 by an inch.. This was also when Hupp introduced the 3 Dr. sedan. Now the answer to your question. Yes, the majority of the 1923 R model Hupps were R-10
  6. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    Adding one thing, the circle H is the hood ornament . It is bolted to the car. The radiator cap is under the hood. Please do not think that I am a smart A------ for explaining this as I have owned 2 cycle fender Hupps.
  7. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    Should have showed this first. He designed the Cycle fender Hupps as well as the Aerodynamic Hupps
  8. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    The 2 scans will tell you the connection. Raymond Loewy was a member of the Hupmobile Club untill he left this earth. He and Henry Miller one of the founders of the Hupmobile Club were good friends.
  9. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    In 1978 Automobile Quarterly Vol. 16 # 1 had a article on Hupmobiles. Page 85 shows a great pic of a look alike of your model car. As far as rims offered, they were wood spoke, wire or like you have. Your engine is 90 HP.
  10. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    I was looking at an old 1971 Hupp Herald and came across a Bob White who was a member of the Hupp Club. Is that your grandfathers name?
  11. My "new" 1933 Hupmobile

    Welcome to the Hupp family of fine cars. Well looking at the 4 hood doors, I though it was an F or I 8 cyl. instead, its a Model K 6 cyl. Being a charter member of the Hupmobile Club started in 1970 in Cal. I would encourage you to join us. We have tec. advisors that can help with questions you may have. A great library of Hupp literature , parts locater and a club magazine. Just type Hupmobile Club on your search engine and you will find all the info you need to join.
  12. Hupmobile 1925 3 Dr. Sedan

    Well I will get more pic when we take the car to a show. But you can get an idea of how good this Hupp is for a 93 yer old car.
  13. Saskatchewan hoard

    All I can say is HE WINS, the most toys.
  14. 1930 Hupmobile Model S

    Just goes to show some do not have a clue the valve of the car they are selling.
  15. 1930 1931 1932 Hupmobile Headlight lens!!!

    If you would like to sell these lens, you will need to include a part # as Hupmobile produced 8 different models in the years you mention. The S,C,H,L,U,B,F and I. Most of them are not the same size. Just want to help.
  16. NO asbestos, just wood pulp better known as paper.
  17. I would like to publicly thank Terry for the fine book. It is all I m expected and more. . Thank you Chuck M
  18. 1932 Hupmobile Portland OR craigslist

    This car is a 1932 Hupmobile Model B First series. It was the first year of the fuel pump being attached to the side of the engine. Also the first of using a down draft carburetor. These cars were built in the Cleveland plant. Production on the car in 1932 was 3, 581.
  19. Looking to purchase a Borg & Beck clutch and pressure plate Type 9A1 Model 530 preferred but any Type 9A1 will work. This assembly fits many different vehicles. Thank you for any help. If you have 1 to sell, I am buying. Just post if you have 1 and I will get back to you with a PM to keep out the scammers
  20. Two weeks ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go up to a town near Chicago to look at a 1927 Pierce-Arrow limo that he was interested in buying. After looking at this car, I was truly in the presence of one of the most prestigious automobiles in my opinion ever produced. Chauffeur driven, divided window the passenger compartment door handles and foot rest are gold plated.This car is a piece of history. At this time the car is in transit to its new home. My friend purchased it. I t will reside in a heated, air condition, dust free environment. Here are a few pic.
  21. Transmission and Differential oil

    Looking good on the side water jacket plate, I caution you not to use a flat plate of metal. The original one is embossed for better cooling.The 1929 Hupp model A which your car is and the one I just restored I had a heating problem. The radiator is honey combed. It can not be rodded out like the 1930 Model S that has straight tubes. I had the radiator boiled out and that helped quite a bit, but what really cooled it down was the pitch on the fan. Before I changed the fan, I set an electric fan on a chair and introduced more air to the radiator. The temperature gauge stayed at 170 Deg. The temperature outside was 90 to 95. I removed the fans off both cars. In matching them up, the 1931 Model S fan had a more aggressive pitch. After changing the fans , problem solved. I then sold the car as I knew it would be ok for the new owner. Hopes this helps and if you have a question, if I can not answer it, I know other Hupp technical advisors that can.
  22. Transmission and Differential oil

    How about a pic of you Hupp?
  23. Transmission and Differential oil

    One of the Hupmobile manuals I have says 70 weight gear oil in the summer , 50 wight in the winter. I have a number of old cars and w-80-90 works well. I would not use a synthetic as most of the early seals do not like it.
  24. 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Limo

    Well worked on the string to see if I could free it up a bit. It feels a little better. We are taking 4 cars to the show this coming Sunday. I will be able to tell if the steering is any easier. If not I have to bit the bullet and pull out the whole steering column. As this car is a super restoration, that will not be and easy job. I may wait till before I head north so I can fabricate new bushings and check the cams in the steering box. I have tried taking the steering box apart in the car and could not find out what I need to know.