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Milburn Parts Wanted

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Guest EMF-Owner

I can not help you with the meter, but I will keep an eye out. I will help you with some encouragement.

When I bought my Rauch & Lang last year, it was missing the Volt/Amp meter also, as well as the cowl lights, tail light and speedometer. I knew when I bought it that the meter and the cowl lights were going to be "needle in a haystack" items to find. Long story short, I found the meter in about 2 months. I had been to a swap meet the year before in central Iowa and had seen two electric car meters on a venders table and stopped and talked to him for a while. I think he also had some E-M-F documentation. Well, I did not plan on returning to that swap meet because it was a long drive for mostly matchbox cars and sunglasses. After buying the Rauch & Lang, I determined the type of meter I needed and decided to go back to the swap meet last fall just too see if they would be there and if so, if either was correct. Went to the same place the guy was the previous year and there he was with the same two meters amoung his stuff. Lucky for me, one of them was the meter I was looking for (The other was a Detroit Electric meter I think). I did not have enough money to buy the meter, but he insisted I take it with me and send him the money when I get it. Got to love car guys!

As far as the lights are concerned, I was searching ebay one day and had been searching for lights. I knew the brand of Cowl light was "White Mfg" and had been searching with that string. But I thought to myself "If I knew nothing about these lights, and were trying to sell them, how would I descibe them?" I entered "carriage light" into the search string and bingo, 3 or 4 items down on the list was a set of the exact light I was looking for. What are the odds! And, I have never seen another set listed. I was at the right place at the right time.

So take heart. The parts are out there someplace. I will keep an eye out for this also. It will come around sooner or later.

Have a great day. Happy Motoring.


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We have everything for the 1915 Milburn car #15106 in my shop except a clock. It should be a manual winding clock and fit into a 2 3/4" hole in the dash panel. Without further research I can't say who the clock maker was. Any leads appreciated. Thanks. John Worden Green Mountain Iowa 641-474-2313

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