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  1. I have a pair of Franklin 130 fender lights. Yes, they are smaller. I am out of town until Sunday, May 2nd. Send me PM with your email and I will send photos when I get back home.
  2. There is a 1935 Pierce Arrow Radio Grill on eBay. Are the speaker grills for 1936-37-38 the same or different from the 1935 speaker grill?
  3. Ed, Did your switch look like either one in the photos?
  4. Thank you for the photo. This is supposed to be one but it looks much different from yours. How does it work? Is there one vacuum line for each half of the windshield or something else? Also, the knob or piston appears to be missing.
  5. Hi, Does anyone out there have a good photo of the on/off switch used to control the Trico Visionall Wiper? Thanks.
  6. Jiffy Tire Tool Does anyone know what this tool is and how is it used? Thanks.
  7. The water was pouring out all of the way around the bottom seam. With the inserting of the box cutter into the space around the bottom edge I have gone too far to try to patch what was there. if that was even possible. I bought the O-rings and rubber cord from Grainger. They have a store near my shop. I will get some diesel oil and try that instead of the Kroil. Will the stuff that dissolves aluminum oxide do any damage to the rest of the water jacket? Thank you all for the suggestions and interest. Steve
  8. I have been using Kroil but it hasn't loosened anything yet.
  9. I haven't posted anything for a while so I thought I would post a progress report. I rebuilt the oil pump with a new gear from Mark Young to replace the pot metal one that had disintegrated into a thick paste. I cleaned the pan and repainted the inside with Glyptol and reinstalled it. After filling the crankcase with oil, I started the car for about 10 seconds and found that I had oil pressure in the lines but nothing registered on the oil gauge. I will have to deal with that later. I put the radiator back on the car which had been off since I bought the car. As I started to fill it with wate
  10. In 1963 California began issuing the black plate that everyone seems so enamored with???
  11. Stan Lucas of Lucas tires has several Dobles. He worked for Abner Doble in Oakland California when he was in high school.
  12. Mine has 27 louvers, too.
  13. Stan Lucas has tubes. I have bought from him recently. www.lucasclassictires.com
  14. Ned, Here are some photos of one made out of muffler pipe. I believe the original one was cast iron.
  15. Lynn C. Buxton also sold Stutz and Franklin automobiles. I have a 1926 Stutz sales brochure stamped with his name and dealership info and a 1929 Franklin with a plate saying sold by Lynn C. Buxton. Mark, I was looking at the photos that Ned posted and am wondering if the hotspot cross-over tube is the same on has car as would be on my 1927 Model F? It looks the same but is it the same size?
  16. Sacramento Union, Volume 188, Number 5, 5 March 1916 Willys-Overland Head to Visit Distributors J. W. Leavitt to Take Ten Per Cent of Factory’s Total Output. Harry T. Dunn, vice president of the Wlllys-Overland company, Toledo, 0., the second largest producing automobile factory in the world, arrived on the coast last Monday, is expected in this city by the local Overland organization this week. Dunn is now in San Francisco in consultation with the heads of J. W. Leavitt and company. Pacific coast distributors of Overland and Willys-Knight motor cars. Dunn, who combines nis off
  17. I guess I have a ways to go. Also, sports fans (which I am not) please note that 12th and Figueroa is now the Staples Center where the Lakers play and I don't think there is a 1620 Figueroa anymore. I think 1620 is under the Santa Monica Freeway.
  18. Yes, I think you're right.
  19. I have been working on my oil pump problem for the last few weeks and with a lot of helpful advice and a new gear from Mark Young I am almost done. The bolts at the back of the pan are hidden behind a cross-member. Mark said that I should remove the cross member. I was on my back under the car. The caps unbolted and came off easily but the cross member wouldn’t budge. I hit it with a rubber mallet to no avail. Finally, I got out from under and while looking at the engine from above I realized I could see the cross member peeking out just behind the engine splash apron. Using a tire iron press
  20. Here is a photo of my 1937 Pierce 1702 coupe. The gear shift is quite different from the Stearns.
  21. I had the leather repaired and have been using every kind of leather conditioner available. It worked on the back of the seat, door panels, and ceiling but the bottom cushion was beyond help. Every time I got into the front seat it would crack or tear some more. I got it reupholstered but haven't taken any photos yet. The new upholstery looks...well, NEW. I hope with age it will look more like the rest of the leather.
  22. Here is a photo of the dash and gear shift on my 1929 J Limo.
  23. Here is a photo of my restored GE charger for my 1921 Milburn Electric mounted on a cart for easy movement.
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