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1917 Buick top bow width

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Anyone that can take some measurments of the width of the top bows for the 1917 Buick D45? 

I just got hold of a top mecanism that has the correct length but it is too wide for my D45, wpuld want it to be as correct as possible when making new bows for it.Messenger_creation_f6bd897c-3e06-4cf5-8bc3-c9c5d8a56839.jpeg.a00485f4acee23f08493d33239db08bf.jpegMessenger_creation_f454d579-e991-49be-b2c5-2173c9afaa2b.jpeg.93dfe077f0cbb209a07f15419a2ee364.jpeg

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I have no clue either since the top I have is from a bigger car, thats why I need the measurements for it to be correct. Usually the mounting ppint is narrower that the top, atleast on my other 20s cabs

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 Most of the touring car tops I had examined over the years looking for the correct set for my 1925 Buick Standard seemed to be around 58" for the rear bow outside width. My 1925 Master is 58" at the rear.

The older (probably a 1922 or 1923 for model 45) cut down top I had on my car.


This top has 58" width bows front to back. Much too wide at the front.


The top shows as too wide and too tall.


The correctly sized new bows.   


 The newly fabricated sockets.


 There should be someone here with a 1917 -1919 which I believe are the same to chime in.



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