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Wanted: 1927 Buick in-tank fuel gauge/float assy

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I am missing the entire in-tank fuel gauge/float assy for a 1927 standard roadster 27-24 with the oval rear fuel tank. This is the mechanical style that mounts into the fuel tank. I saw the post on the parts needed just wondering if someone has a gauge/float assy I can use to rebuild. Thanks Tom

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 My gage was missing on my 1925-25 Standard Touring. I had to buy a complete 1927 tank just to get the gage. Others have done a better job of restoring the gage face. I used the nitrophill float from a Model A Ford supplier.




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    Fuel sending unit parts are very hard to find.  Read thru this posting regarding restoring or building a fuel sending unit.  They are not that difficult to build.  1925 thru 1927 Standard would be the same.  The two drawings will show you how to make the parts to build your own fuel gauge for a Buick Standard.  The link will explain where to get the float material and other parts.  Myers Early Dodge also sells the parts for a 2" fuel gauge.  Note that the Buick nickeled cap is a different thread pitch than Dodge uses, but Myers made a run of these for us.  Hugh    




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I have been working on a Master fuel gauge which is slightly larger in diameter than Standard.   I machined a stamping die to form the domed gauge faceplate but the tricky part has been cutting a slot and adding the fractional numbers.  Something always gets screwed up.  I will keep trying until one comes out good enough. 


9 faceplate stamping die.jpg


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