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Wanted: Does anyone have a Riviera emblem for my 1973?

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Does anyone have a Riviera emblem?  I want to put it 

on my keychain to identify the car, so the emblem 

doesn't have to be perfect.  Maybe something out of

your junk box or accumulation?


This way, I can identify the keychain at a glance

and show my Buick enthusiasm.


Ideally, the emblem would be for a 1973, in which

the "R" is slanted a bit.  The studs for attachment can

even be broken, since I'll file them off to make the

emblem flat.  Here's a picture of the C-pillar emblem

from the internet--and just for interest, a picture of my car.



1973 Buick Riviera emblem.jpg

1973 Buick Riviera--mine 2020 (4).JPG

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2 hours ago, MotiveLensPhoto said:

I don't know if you'll have any luck, but Hagerty has a search service for their customers. I haven't used it yet but they claim to have resources to find parts for you. Yeah, they do, but end up calling me for the really hard to find parts!


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What a beautiful 1973 Riviera. One of our family friends had one of these and I remember riding in it when I was 13 (in '73.) I have always loved these cars. 


Thanks for posting the picture.



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