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  1. MrEarl, Thank you for revisiting this post and for sharing all the new pics. I really enjoy all of your insight and knowledge about Buicks. Your 54 Century is simply beautiful! The 1954 model year means a lot to me as it was the year my parents were married in Birmingham, Alabama. Regards, Greg
  2. buick man, Where did you get the photo on your signature of the man, the little boy and the dog? Is that a Buick ad? What a fantastic picture! Thanks.
  3. lancemb, The FB Marketplace states it is in Stanton, KY. Stanton is about 45 miles southeast of Lexington, KY. Thanks.
  4. Chris, I am just now seeing your post. What an absolutely gorgeous car! Thanks for sharing the photos. Greg
  5. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Matt, Mr. Earl, Yes, that is the car (Sequoia Cream) that came through Lexington, KY for an overnight in the Great Race. It was in the early 90's. The Great Race is coming through Lexington next summer and will overnight here as well. I wonder how many Buicks will be a part of the race? I just joined the Buick Club of America today. I don't see a chapter near here but I am finding some Kentucky folks on this site. Looking forward to meeting some of the local Buick folks in and around Lexington, KY. I currently do not have an antique Buick but had a 1950 Super Dynaflow Sedanet but sold it several years ago. Thanks, Greg
  7. Matt, Thanks for posting pictures of your car. My uncle purchased a 1937 Roadmaster Model 80C in the early 1950's in Jackson, Mississippi. His car was originally black but he had it painted a very similar color to yours. While he was in the Army in Germany for 4 years my parents "babysat" the car for him. They had a ball driving the car during that time and have many stories about their adventures. They took it on many road trips. In late 1959 early 1960 my uncle returned from overseas and ended up selling it in Mt. Vernon, Illinois to a Volkswagen dealer. I have often wondered where that car is now. Several years ago The Great Race came through my town (Lexington, Kentucky) and one of the cars was a 1937 Roadmaster Model 80C very similar to yours. I got to meet the owner and he showed me his car. He was from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Thanks again for sharing your car. Greg
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