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1957 Cadillac Battery Hold Down


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Good Afternoon All.


Have a 57 Cadillac Type 62 (see pics).  I'm laid up (elbow surgery) for a month or more so figured I'd start doing "small" stuff in making her better every day.  


Looking for a pic of an original battery hold down for this vehicle.  Or better yet if anyone has one for sale or a line on one for sale.  Just crossed the line from original only by putting put a repro fuel tank (danged if I could find a real one anywhere) in so while I was trying to stay nothing but original, a repro would be OK at this point.




Any info would surely be appreciated.  





1957 Cad T62 Driver.jpg

1957 Cad T62 Front.jpg

1957 Cad T62 Pax.jpg

1957 Cad T62 Rear.jpg

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If this part is not unique to the Cadillac you might want to check with businesses that sell Buick or Olds parts to see if they have one. It would seem to me that this sort of part would be reproduced since it is more likely to rust out.

Lew Bachman

1957 Thunderbird

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