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Coil pack bolts


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So I did the Delco coil pack upgrade the other day when the Magnavox failed. But it didn't come with any bolts. I thought I found the correct ones online, but when they arrived, they were too big. Since the Reatta is my daily, I had to zip tie them down until I get new ones. Does anybody know where I can find them?

I had one bolt, but the threads were stripped and I don't have the correct size socket for them either (basically a shit show since I moved and my main tool box hasn't shipped from my old state yet)


Also, been debating getting the ZZP coils with 10.5mm wires and iridium plugs, do you think that would be a good improvement or not really worth it?

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Whenever I did the Delco upgrade I had to use an adapter plate. The plate has the 3 bolts out the bottom to mount to our bracket and then the 6 threaded holes for the coil bolts to go through. I believe they cam off early '90s GM cars with the Delco ignition. Depending on the GM brand I guess it would be 1990 to 1994.

The bolt that is used to mount the Delco ignition module coil pack requires a 7/32" socket. I do not know what the bolt diameter or thread size is.

Then a 7mm socket for the ignition connector.

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Did you zip tie the baseplate to the engine mount or tie the coils down to the baseplate? I don't know about the benefit of the ZZP coils vs any other coil. Personally, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on expensive coils, or the large diameter plug wires. Our engines are pretty tame and low stress. Wires that large won't fit any of the factory clips or loom and just makes the routing under the alternator that much tighter. I have a set of reasonably priced coils from Amazon on my supercharged engine, $42 for the set. ENA brand. 


If the bolts referred to are the coil bolts, I matched up socket head screws at the local hardware store in stainless steel.

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