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1924 Buick Model 24-44 identification


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This morning I spent a couple of hours checking out what is advertised as a 1924 Buick Roadster.  Seller has a clear NJ title for the 1924 in his name. Included in the package is a 1928 Buick chassis with operating engine and transmission with a cowl, hood and fenders. I'm not familiar with the intricacies of the 20's Buicks. I took some pictures to try and identify what I'm looking at.


The 1924 body and chassis. Body- no rust apparent, but who knows under the paint, wood all appears sound and intact. There were no tags left on the cowl. The interior- no seat, no gauges, there are no top bows or side curtains. No rumble seat or framework. The seller does have the windshield frame. He has only one headlight. He does have the radiator and grill shell. He does not have a hood. The wheelbase measured 120". Engine has no intake or exhaust manifolds, carburetor, heat riser. Engine does have starter/generator, distributor, water pump. Engine- valve train appears to be intact. Crankcase seems to be aluminum. Unknown if engine is free. Brakes and linkage are present and did not appear frozen.


1928 - chassis  wheelbase measures 128" with cowl, hood, radiator and grill shell - chassis yard drives, transmission shifts and doesn't make any unusual noises, brakes were free and functional.


The seller obtained them as a package with the intention of swapping the engine and transmission, using the brakes, wheels and hood from the 1928 to complete the 1924.  According to the info I could find the chassis and engine number of both cars fall into the range for the years advertised. As I understand it, the '24 was the first year for the six and has a 255 cid engine and the '28 has a 277 cid engine. The '28 apparently was the first year for the standard shift pattern transmission. Would the engine from the '28 bolt into the '24 without modifying the car? Would the hood fit the shorter wheelbase car? The seller is asking $2800 for the whole package. Do you guys think there is enough here to put together a drivable car? Please comment and share any insights into the potential project.

1924 Buick rear quarter.jpg

1924 Buick Roadster .jpg

body tag 1924 located on seat frame.jpg

chassis tag 1924.jpg

engine tag 1924.jpg

interior-spare tire carrier-splash pans 1924.jpg

left side 1924.jpg

steering wheel and dash - no gauges 1924.jpg

1928 chassis 128 wheelbase.jpg

1928 chassis right side.jpg

1928 dash and steering column.jpg

Buick tag 1928.jpg

chassis tag 1928.jpg

engine tag 1928.jpg

Fisher body tag 1928.jpg

rear view 1928.jpg

1924 right side engine.jpg

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If you are not afraid to dive into the woodwork, then go for it.   There is a thread here in Prewar by Kyle Sliger (sligermachine) that details his work to build new wood for a 25-44. 

 This 24-44 that you looked at appears to have more original wood than Kyle's car had so should be easier to reproduce. 

The horn hole in the firewall confirms the body to be a 1924, plus the body serial number on the seat riser is also in the correct range.  There are a lot of extra holes through the dashboard, not sure why so many. 

Parts that will freely interchange from 1928 to 1924 include hood and roller lifters.   1928 front wheels can be installed, however all that will interchange from a 128" wb rear wheel is the rim.  Rear wheel could be respoked using 1924 rear hubs and 21" rims from the 28.   1924 rear wheels used a double race bearing, 1928 rear used a single race; 128" wb used a larger diameter bearing.  

1924 & 1928 engines will not exchange without some major surgery.  

Most of the obviously missing parts can be found except for the top bows.  Those might be harder to find.  

I have an intake manifold for 1924.  Larry Dibarry might have a few of these parts. 

If this were near me, I would buy it then try to figure out where to park it. 


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As far as swapping the powerplant, anything can be done but it may be a bit of work. The motor mounts are different - 28 having a rubber in there. The length could well be different but you will need the tape measure to confirm.  I think the rear axle will work with the later trans. The 128" car has a longer torque tube. . 

So: if the nose to tail length of the engine and trans setup is close , and you can figger out a mount setup, it  would be hopeful.

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