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Garlits Vapor Carb


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First I would like to say hey to the forum members. I just signed on. I would like to share some info that I have never seen posted, in any auto sites. Did you know the supposedly Pogue carb in Garlits museum was never patented under Pogue? Was Pogue involved in the design and manufacture of the carb in Garlits museum? I have not found anything that documents that. However, after all the news publications and social discussion, Pogue may have wanted to distance himself. There are photos of Pogue's 200mpg carb. The 200mpg carb used exhaust heat to vaporize the gasoline. Pogue used exhaust heat in most of his patents except the first patent I believe was on vacuum. However, the carb in the museum uses water, hot water. It would be safe to say it's a hot water carb. Searching many patents on hot water carbs does not yield high fuel economy, such as 200mpg. Then again it will yield better economy and most likely better emission results.

Now back to the carb in the museum. A patent search produces the factual information on the water carb. The owner of the patent is Levi H. Torell of Canada. I know this will hit a nerve. I do have copy of the patent which is exactly what the water carb is. The patent was issued in Canada and cannot be found in the USA data base. 

Without this posting going to great length here, if there is more interest in what I can share I will. But because history has already given that carb a different name, it might be hard to sell the facts. 

Like I said, Pogue may have been involved but heresay does not document proof. I only want to share what I have about that carb.

I have included an article that should get your attention. The patent copy I will post if anyone is interested.


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Here are pics from another water carb. There is explanation to the parts. Note Winnipeg Carburetor Co. Pogue's company name was something else. This is exactly what is in the museum in Florida.

Torrell 6.jpg

Torrell 12.jpg

Torrell 1.jpg

Torrell 2.jpg

Torrell 3.jpg

Torrell 4.jpg

Torrell 5.jpg

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Pogue did an interview for a car magazine in 1954 in which he said claims for super mileage with his carb were greatly exaggerated by reporters. He also said his carb would not work with modern fuel but did not elaborate. I take it, that the heavily leaded gas of 1954 would leave the lead additives behind in the vaporizing carburetor and you would have the equivalent of low octane unleaded gas.


Smokey Yunick built an engine in the 1980s that he called an Adiabatic engine, in cooperation with a Chevrolet engineer and carburetor expert. It used a combination of hot water and exhaust heat to vaporize the fuel. He claimed extremely high mileage.


I don't know the connection between Pogue and the Winnipeg carburetor but Pogue did live and work in Winnipeg in the thirties. This could be someone "inspired" by his work, using hot water in place of exhaust heat. It could also be Pogue's work, he did a lot of different experiments.


I knew an old timer in Port Hope in the seventies who claimed he knew Pogue and that he worked on a natural gas or propane carburetor, and also worked with pulverized coal (not for cars).

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On 1/11/2024 at 6:18 PM, Rusty_OToole said:

with pulverized coal (not for cars).

     He never came up with a reliable delivery system but coal dust is the fuel Rudolf Diesel wanted to use.

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