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30 day portable clock


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Car clock or household clock?


Maybe one of these? The Fashion Southern Calendar clock my great-grandparents owned is still in Williamson family ownership along with all its original paperwork. They bought it on time payments (no pun intended 😏) in 1877.  My great grandpa George never learned to read or write and signed the payment contract with an X, witnessed by his daughter.




Next, what's your location? Clocksmiths are a rare breed these days but there's someone who can service your keywinder. PM me if you wish. The NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) has chapters in most US states.


To tie this to old cars, there are NAWCC members who can service and repair keywinder car clocks too.

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I have not seen a 30 day car clock. You may want to check the daily rate and see if it runs slow evenly throughout the month or whether it runs a steady, losing rate for the first 8-10 days and then starts to get really much more slow. If the former a clean and regulation may get it right. If the latter then it may need a new spring - which for that would probably be a challenge to find and order. I probably would not want to take it on I'm afraid...

Regarding the Fashion #4 above (I have a Fashion #2) what many may not realize is that not only does it correct for the appropriate number of days per month (e.g. goes right from Nov. 30 to Dec 1) but it also will correct for leap year every 4th year. Amazing for mid 19th century mechanical engineering.

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Is there a case that you've removed? How would it be mounted?  I don't think this is a car clock.  What are the measurements?


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