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Pontiac touring 1933


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Hi everybody my name is Ruben and im from Mallorca - Spain. I just get a pontiac that the papers sais is from 1928 but all the pictures that i see looks like from 1933. Is more or less dificult to get info in europe, and in spain imposible. I entry in google unknown and i see you forum.


I show you a picture from the car and a video where i run the engine. the car was 40 years in a garage stoped.




Can you tell me where i can get info about this engine? i need to start buying parts like waterpump, or petrolpump, exhaust, etc and i need to know the model, year, etc. Thank in advance. Also where do you buy parts??


Thanks again


Best regards






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Your car is a 1934 Pontiac, not 1933. The hood side trim is 1934 only.

Bloo is correct; a 1934 Pontiac should have a straight 8 engine.


You will need to identify that engine before you can order any parts; it does not look like a Pontiac 6 cylinder.



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looks like mine that engine Bloo. thanks for the info i was finding some books from pontiacs engines and now i will change on Hupmobile Century Six. 


Here there is more pictures from it.


Another question, where i can find the "chasis number" i see the engine number on the cilinder section but the car not.





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The chassis number is stamped onto the top of the left front frame rail, just rearward of the front axle.

There should also be an aluminum frame number plate riveted to the outboard side of the left frame rail in that same area.


This picture shows the aluminum plate on my 1933 Pontiac frame.



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