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1953-54 4 door shark fin trim clips?

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Hi I am looking for a source for the correct clips or a proven alternative clip to install rear door shark fin belt trim on a 1953 Pontiac 4 door. The ones I have have are long gone or rusted to nothing. Before i start on making something work i thought I would ask if anybody has found a source for the proper clips or has a proven substitution.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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There are vintage old-time universal moulding clip kits called ZipKlips available on Ebay. I've used these kits occasionally over the years when I couldn't find the correct original style clips for my application. You assemble the clips with the pieces provided depending on the size of the hole in the body of the car, attach it to the backside of the moulding and push the moulding into place. I've never tried it on a 53 Pontiac shark fin and I don't know if it will work in your particular case but I've had some success attaching mouldings to all kinds of vehicles with one of these  kits. The metal strips in the kit are 5/8" wide and have a 20 gauge thickness, you insert them into the special tool provided and snap them off to the correct length you need. If certain moulding clips are truly unobtainium this might be worth a shot. 




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