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1979 VW bug convertible

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The last 900 VW's that were built and shipped to the US were all triple black. They were known as the Epoligue Edition and there were 900 VW dealerships in the US and each dealership received one. They were collector items before they hit the dealerships. All of these cars came with Bosch fuel injection. I had looked a long time before I was able to find a low mileage all original one. I purchased this car seventeen years ago and it is still the one I like to drive the most. It has won it's AACA junior and senior awards and has been shown at several Concours events. 









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VW beetles had AFC fuel injection (air flow controlled) 1975-1979. Worked on many of them back then, they run good when you understand how they work. Too many are converted to carbs when techs don’t understand them. 😎 watch out for vacuum leaks in intake boot. This looks great! Enjoy!! 

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