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1987 GNX

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I don't think there is a lot of GN and GNX activity here but I am trying to find some GNX information. 

Buick was going to build 500 GNX cars.    They built 547 to include cars for the Select Sixty Dealers. 

I am trying to determine if there is a code on the Service Parts label that will tell us which cars went to 

Select Sixty Dealers. ]

I have talked with some of the heavy hitters in the GN world and there does not seem to be much interest in 

helping me.

I want GNX owners or anyone that know about a GNX that can take a picture of the Service Parts label (on the underside

of the trunk lid) and send it to me,   I will compart the codes with other GNX and see if there was a code added for the 

Select sixty Dealer cars.

Buick did cars for Select Sixty Dealers in 1988 for the Reatta,  1990 for the Reatta and we have the code for those. 

They also did the 1982 Riviera Convertible which I have yet to tackle. 

If you can help send me a picture of the Service parts label of a GNX

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One month update...... I have yet to receive a single picture of a GNX service parts label.

at this pace this exercise is dead in the water.     

Yes,  Clark, Kirban and GS club were contacted.

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