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Production numbers reported to the NACC 1928-1932

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Hello all, 


I've been working on attempting to find proof of Dodge and Graham Brothers production numbers and have ran into a dead end at every turn and am asking for some help.  I'm trying to summarize the best I can with a 10th grade education so forgive me if I am outlining incorrectly and/or my poor grammar.


I've found throughout my years of research (about a decade now) that the Dodge truck models do go in a chronological order according to frame #. However, the production totals for all DB and GB models are nowhere to be found as they always seemed to be lumped together in the totals reported to the NACC in such sources as Automotive Industries, Wards Yearbooks, Facts and Figures etc... during the years I'm studying which are 1928-1932. This four year period was considered the "transition" years after the Chrysler buyout of Dodge and has always been unclear to many truck owners due to the complexity of information being in so many hands and the fact that there was no structure per model as they were all built along side each other randomly without any clear pattern other than the frame #'s being in chronological order. You sometimes see a 3/4 built with frame # 231751 may have had a 6 cylinder engine with a 3 spd transmission then the very next truck could have been a 2 ton with frame #231752 with a 4 cylinder engine and a 4 spd transmission hence, we may never know the totals per model but I'd like to find out if we can at least get an idea of the overall numbers produced per year under the Dodge Brothers Division of Chrysler at the time. 


Using a "Facts and Figures of the Automotive Industry 1931 edition" I am showing examples of how the production numbers were presented in the publication. Using these pages you can see that there is no clarification per manufacturer as they were again, all lumped together by weight rating and other factors such as "produced in Canada" and "US and Canadian figures combined" and of course all the "Foreign Assemblies" as a seperate figure in the overall lumped together totals.


My questions are many, but I will attempt to keep it as brief as possible.

Out of all the vehicles that were reported to the NACC, I've found nothing showing the totals for each manufacturer. 

Question #1) Does anyone know where these figures reside so I can find the Dodge and Graham Brothers production totals from each year individually from 1928-1932 (if there is such a publication). 



Below are examples of how the numbers are lumped together.



Starting on page 229 of this link:

#230 - Automobile facts and figures. 1929-1931. - Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library





I did find a name in in the Daily Consular and Trade Reports of AW Childs who was the Chief of the Automotive section and I assume his office may have had a role in finalizing the world wide numbers as they were reported to the NACC. 


See page 8, A.W. Childs is listed 3rd from the top left.

#7 - Daily consular and trade reports. 1931:1. - Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library


Question 2) Am I going about this the right way in order to meet my objective of finding production totals per auto manufacturer?


Appreciate any and all help



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