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DELCO-REMY DISTRIBUTOR 663-Y REBUILD (Step-By-Step photo guide to the 663-(?) Distributors)

Gary W

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57 minutes ago, black89lotus said:

I would think that my distributor would pull right out after the hold down bolts were removed..but no go! 

Are there two of them, like on my '38 Century?  If you have all of the bolts out it should pull straight out, so long as the shaft is able to rotate a few degrees to follow the spiral gear teeth.  Sometimes sludge and other accumulated goo accumulates around the gasket and interface between the distributor flange and the block.  If it's stuck you can try giving it a quick 'pop' with a small pry bar or large screwdriver.  Sometimes rotating the body back and forth a few times will help loosen it.

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18 hours ago, black89lotus said:

Stupid question.but here goes..I would think that my distributor would pull right out after the hold down bolts were removed..but no go!  Can anyone think of a reason why it wont pull right out


What year car ?  Does the dist turn if you twist on it?   

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On 10/12/2022 at 12:37 PM, Bloo said:

Dwell that does not come out as it should at the specified point gap is usually a different problem, points cam wear. Think about it, for the right amount of "on" time, the rubbing block on the points needs to open the points by contacting the cam at the right place on the lobe. When we set the points with a feeler gauge, we are not using that same point on the lobe. We are using the highest point on the lobe. The highest point probably wears down the fastest with use.


If the lobe is worn down, you would need a narrower points gap to wind up with the correct dwell. Within reason, this is OK. If the cam wear is too much, the gap will just not be wide enough when the dwell is set. You get the same sort of symptoms as you would get by setting the gap too close, like points arcing, points burning up too soon, lousy idle, etc. If you instead set the points gap to spec with a feeler gauge, the points will come into contact with the cam early. They will open early and close late and there will not be enough dwell. That translates to not enough coil "on" time. The main result is a weak spark at higher RPM.


I think 3 degrees is probably in the margin of error and doesn't necessarily indicate any problem. You also seem to be off in the wrong direction to blame it on wear. If the dwell meter is doing what it should, I wouldn't be too concerned about it.



The Buick manual says you can expect a 2-degree change in the cam dwell angle when using new points.



On 10/22/2022 at 8:03 AM, Rock10 said:

Does anyone know what the end play on the distributor should be?


The manual specifies .002 to .007 end play of the shaft.


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