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What happened to my account?

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I just noticed today that my join date is listed as Jan 4, 2022 and I have 4 posts.  I joined back in 1999 when I bought my '37 Studebaker.  My user name back then was 37Dictator.  When you all asked that we all switch to our real names I changed to GeorgeCagle.  All the posts that I had connected to my account are gone.  What happened?



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New members with only a few postings can’t PM to prevent spam and suspicious conduct. I’m not sure how long and how many postings it takes for it to expire. The easiest way to contact somebody while this is in affect is copy their post using the QUOTE link, and ask them to PM you in the open. 

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JFranklin, my old login is my only login.  I still have the same email address and password.  All that changed was my screen name and that was many years ago.  Eds post above was to a guy that was hijacking my thread about his problem with PMs.  Evidently a moderator moved the hijack post to its own thread.

I did a search for some of my old posts and found this one from 2015.  I was using the same user name then as I do now.  I just want to know why my account was reset.



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The admins asked us to change our screen names many years ago and I did.  I was 37Dictator and after the change I am GeorgeCagle.  Another user took the 37Dictator name so I can no longer use it.  My login information has not changed and still works.  The only problem is that someone changed my "join" date to Jan 4, 2022.   I have lost access to all my old posts.

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This is your ONLY acct and it was created by you on Jan 4, 2022.

There was an OLD acct "Guest GeorgeCagle" that was terminated for whatever reason in the past (I have no records as to why).  (Typically because was either requested to be terminated, of the acct had no activity for over 5 years)

There is NO way to revive your old acct.

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