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1930 Buick Marquette sedan $14,500

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Lots of words, little useful information.


what a nice old vintage car. This car has character, and it runs good too. I bought this car, did a tune-up and have been driving it all over town. It is a joy to drive. Even the vacuum wiper works, I put in a small heater under the dash, psgr side.You can tell by the pics that i drive this car, not just 4th of july parades.Seats are in good shape, the wood is all solid, no sagging doors, glass is good and they all roll up and down very well.Tires are almost new.The paint is faded, and wow, what a nice chrome rad grill, Hey, leave me a msg if you have any q,s , new top and headliner by previous owner,,,email: 639f9b577c5638fc96c91d10f31ac991@sale.craigslist.org


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